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Impact of Technology on Media and Entertainment industry

  • By Hidden Brains
  • April 30, 2020

Media and Entertainment industry

Technologies have shown its immense power in every industry and taken the operations and user experience to the next level. In the same way, a profound impact has been seen in the media and entertainment industries. However, with innovative technologies and solutions the Media and Entertainment industry is growing faster and rapidly evolving with digital transformation. 

It  helps them in several ways such as improving the quality of the video and delivering the content on several preferable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smart TV. Apart from this, delivering of news has turned into a quick and rapid process rather than facing complex stages. Undoubtedly, technologies have open new opportunities for these industries. 

As we enter 2020, it’s clear that the growth of video streaming will continue to explode. In fact, in Deloitte’s most recent Digital Media Trends Survey, more respondents indicated that they have at least one streaming video subscription (69 percent) than possess a traditional pay-TV subscription (65 percent).

In this blog, let’s know how media and Entertainments  IT solutions are revolutionizing the both  media and entertainment sectors. 

Trends that impact Media and Entertainment 

Digital Music Download

In the traditional era, music lovers had to put high efforts to maintain their albums and had to invest high MB for better storage of songs. Now, music lovers don’t have to face any hassle. Apart from this, there are several mobile applications and different platforms, which users can easily access to their favourite songs at any time  and from anywhere. 

5G Wireless Network 

5G connectivity is the fifth-generation wireless networking technology and considered as the future of the tech industry. It will help to boost the speed of the internet connection. Along with this, 5G technology  also plays a vital role in many other aspects such as improved quality of video, better mobility experiences, and stronger reliability. 5G turns easier to target audiences and offer them satisfaction services. 

Video Streaming App 

Now, video streaming applications have turned as a trend, there are several popular apps that have marked their remarkable success in the market such as Netflix and Amazon Price. Video streaming app offers an easy way to connect with the audience and launch your content with the viewers.

Undoubtedly, video streaming apps have replaced the traditional medium and allows users to watch their favorite episodes at any time and from anywhere. These streaming apps have several features that make them more reliable and advanced. 

Features of Video Streaming apps

  • Live video streaming– Online video streaming app delivers live video streaming feature to the users.
  • Real time group chat – To increase user engagement, users can have live chat with each other and discuss about the program including its story and cast. 
  • Smart Search – Users can easily search about the particular video or content with the alphabetical order search. It helps to search the videos with few fingertips.
  • Push notification- With this push notification feature, users can get the updates about the upcoming episode or programs via pop up. 
  • Live Comments:  Users can comment on the live videos, and share their opinions about ideas with each other. 
  • Comments and discussions: With comments, users can discuss the particular episodes and content with other viewers. 
  • Live Sessions – With live sessions, users can connect with their viewers and interact with them in a better way by having one to one interaction with their audience. 

3D and Animated  based Video Content 

With designing tools, content can be enhanced in a better way.  It helps to offer next level design to the users. Designers can add value and creativity with 2D and 3D based animations and effects, which helps to connect the audience with them. High resolution images and voice based effects deliver real time experience to the users. To deliver high quality designs in the app like video streaming, you have to  hire remote web developers for your project. 

Exclude Geographical barrier 

Technology has excluded the geographical region limitations and offers  an opportunity to target audiences across the globe. It excludes all the language and particular region limitations.  The target audience and users reach is highly increased. 


Now, language is not a major challenge for the users. However, with video streaming mobile applications, users can sort out with several subtitles. Users from all over the world can preview the content by simply installing the app in their mobile phones. However, they can watch them with the subtitles feature. 

AI in Media and Entertainment 

AI helps users to deliver high and next generation experience by enhancing real world images, which connects users in a better way. It creates a frictionless and smart environment for the customers. Artificial intelligence offers real experience and an innovative environment, which turns the content more interesting and engaging.

The most effect of AI has been reflected in the gaming industry, players experience the real time environment, with essential effects. Pokémon Go is the best example to witness the success of this technology.  In future this technology is going to be an essential part of both the sectors as in the virtual world, it delivers real experience to the users. However, with this strong feelings such as emotion and actions can be presented strongly with the customers. 

Even hardware solutions such as Alexa and SIRI have also turned our lives more simpler and smooth. Even by implementing this technology the same content can be used twice by different expressions. However the combination of ML and AI helps to deliver the personalized and transparent. 

Cloud Storage 

To store data in a secure and transparent way has always been a challenge for every industry. In the same way, for the media and entertainment sectors, to store a huge amount of data can be a big challenge but with cloud they can store the wide data in a secure and transparent way. It results in increasing their capacity and turns them more secure and helps media companies to handle confidential information in a far better way. 


Media and entertainment industry is rapidly growing and with technologies, it offers next generation experience to the users and helps to sort out many challenges of these industries.

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