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Social Media App and Social Networking Portal Development

Hidden Brains is a leading social networking app development company UK. We specialize in the development of customized social apps that match your project requirements, specifications and preferences. Our professionals make use of suitable technologies and utilize the latest tools for developing social networking apps with unique features. Our innovative social networking apps come with intuitive UI and deliver exceptional UX.

Hidden Brains understands the significance of functionalities in a social networking platform. Therefore, we strive to design and develop Social Networking solutions with an extensive range of functions and unique features, thereby boosting productivity and increasing the workflow. Whether it is smartphones, tablets, laptop/desktop, or smart TV, we build apps for each and every medium. Focused on delivering measurable ROI, our Social Networking Application Development solutions help you enhance your online presence and reach a wide audience.

What we do

  • Generic Social Networking Platforms
  • Professional Networking Applications
  • Intranet Networking Application
  • Social Networks Based on Niche Groups
  • Video-based Networks
  • Review and Feedback Websites
  • Social Media Analytics Tool
  • RSS -Content Syndication
  • Facebook Applications
  • Flagging System
  • Social Media Response Tools
  • Enterprise Social Integration

Social Networking Solutions UK

As an Expert Social Networking App Development company, we provide a wide range of Social Networking solutions like community app development and interest based social network, by utilizing latest engineering advancements and years of experience of our experts.

  • Cutting-Edge Social Platforms
  • Social Interaction
  • Multimedia Sharing
  • Publishing & Messaging
  • Content Management & User Control
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Discussion Forums
  • Interest-based Networks
  • Microblogging
  • Social News
  • Social Media Management
  • RSS–Content Syndication
  • Facebook Applications
  • Flagging System
  • Social Games

Social Networking App Development Company

Social Networking Solutions

Custom Social Networking

Hidden Brains offers several advanced Social networking sites & mobile apps that are the new revolutionary forms of creating personal and business networks around the world.
Social Networking App Development Company

Social Network Analytics Tool

Hidden Brains provides advanced social analytics solutions. We offer analysis of single platform or cross platform benchmark your efforts and compare different strategies.
Social Networking Solutions UK

Facebook Apps Development

Hidden Brains offers services to take care of rendering and implementing all the important features to reach out to niche clientele in Facebook application effortlessly.
Social Networking Development Companies

Private communication

Our social networking apps contain built-in services for secure communication. Users will not go to third party resources and will spend more time in your mobile application.

Community App Development and Interest Based Social Network.

Hidden Brains UK provides Community App Development, and Interest Based Social Network for corporate networking and collaboration. We have an expertise in a social networking app development with integration of all social media analytics tools.


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