Real Estate App Development Company In the UK

If you’re in the business of selling or renting properties, then you know that a well-developed mobile app can make a world of difference. We offer custom-made real estate app solutions that allow customers to browse listings, schedule viewings, and even submit offers – all from the convenience of their smartphone.

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Real Estate Software Development Services in the UK

Being a leading real-estate software development company in the UK, we provide end-to-end real estate app development services that can help take your business to the next level. We have a team of experienced developers who can create custom apps according to your specific requirements. Whether you need an app for listing properties, managing bookings or something else, we can help. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work, so you can be sure you’re making the best decision for your business.

If you’re in the business of selling or renting properties, then you know that a strong online presence is essential. And what better way to reach potential customers than with a top-notch real estate app? At Hidden Brains UK, you can hire real estate app developers ready to take on any size project, no matter how complicated it may be. Your app will not only bring attention to your listings but also provide other helpful resources like search functionality and local data, so visitors can make the most informed decision possible about their future property purchases.

Our Expertise In Real Estate App Development Services

Hidden Brains UK offers some of the best app development services in the country. They work with real estate agents, sellers, and buyers to ensure they all stay connected at the touch of a button. We provide a wide range of real estate development services, including:

Real Estate Mobile App

Our real estate mobile applications come with modern features like augmented reality and virtual reality. Some of these features include an interesting property viewing experience, push notifications or alerts, and a calculation tool to show you what you might pay in interest rates.

Real Estate Web App

Being a top real estate app development company in the UK, we customize applications that help improve the digital reach of real estate businesses. Our real estate web apps have dynamic product displays with AI-enabled product references and more.

Online Property Booking App

Our expert team of real estate app developers creates apps that are helpful for finding, reserving, and booking vacation rental homes, resorts, hotels, and apartments with tons of features to make your next booking a seamless experience.

Property Management App

We offer mobile applications to make the entire property management workflow a lot smoother and easier. It will also help individual societies and firms to manage all the tasks at the same time with fewer errors.

Enterprise Real Estate Solution

Our enterprise solution allows businesses to manage their clients and employees, and streamline the property management process. We provide secure, scalable, and easy management of information that can be easily accessed right from the centralized platform.

B2B/B2B Property Agent App

Our easy-to-use and high-quality real estate apps, with rich data and precise geotagging capabilities, make it easy for real estate agents to find properties on the go and gather important, necessary data on the go.

Trending Technologies Integrated Into Our Real Estate App Development Solutions

Hidden Brains is one of the UK’s leading software development companies for real estate applications. Its developers are some of the world’s most qualified who integrate the latest innovations in the real estate technology.

Cloud-Based Real Estate App Development

We provide SaaS and big data syncing real estate app solutions that greatly reduce IT expenditures on in-house servers by 25 percent. Cloud-based real estate solutions allow brokers and agents to conduct their business operations online completely and have a cost-effective backup for their data. These solutions are an efficient and cost-effective way for real estate businesses. Professionals in the real estate industry need an active internet connection and mobile phones or other similar devices that can access cloud-based storage.

Blockchain in Real Estate App Development

Blockchain technology can do a lot for the real estate industry, from streamlining transactions to making them more secure. If you're looking for real estate app development services that can help you take advantage of blockchain technology, look no further than us. We have a team of experienced developers who are well-versed in this cutting-edge technology and can help you use it to its full potential. Whether you want to build a simple real estate platform or an all-inclusive one, we'll create the perfect design tailored to your needs.

IoT-Based Real Estate App Development

In order to make real estate applications smarter, we embed IoT into them. It can be used for marketing in the real estate sector based on proximity and for data analytics. By storing data from sensors in a location that has the ability to analyze the data, IoT can provide intensive care for the equipment. IoT-enabled solutions provide insights into our daily lives through offering insights from sensors.

Why Choose Hidden Brains UK for Real Estate App Development?

At Hidden Brains UK, we are an experienced and reliable team in software development, capable of providing software developers, programmers, and coders to cater to our clients' specific business needs. Apart from that, here are the reasons why you should hire real estate developers from Hidden Brains UK.

Compliant to All Standards

Our real estate app developers are qualified and are highly aware of what industry standards to abide by and be compliant with.

Complete Transparency

Your idea is safe with us as we take your privacy very seriously. Our employees maintain high transparency levels and strict NDAs.

Free No Obligation Quote

Once you let us know what your project idea is, we can provide you with a no-cost estimate, usually within 24 hours.

No Cost Project Management

We provide efficient and streamlined project management solutions as one of our experienced project managers dedicatedly works on your project.

Regular Updates

We keep our clients always in the loop and make them receive our up-to-date reports via Skype, email, and phone calls to keep you updated.

Flexible Engagement Models

You can hire a real estate expert online on a monthly, part-time, or full-time basis depending on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are some frequently asked questions about app development for real estate. You can contact us if you have any other questions.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Real Estate Application?

With years of experience and a reputation for providing quality solutions, we are recognized as a top real estate mobile app development company in the UK. We expect the cost of developing real estate mobile applications will range between $15,000 and $20,000+. However, several factors influence the price, including features, app type, complexity, platform, location, and many others.

What Are the Integrated Features of Creating a Real Estate Web App?

Our website developers for real estate integrate some excellent features on the website including displays of current projects and current happenings, property rentals and purchases, a display of events and construction progress, notifying visitors of warnings and hazards, displaying property details and ownership, and enabling communication.

How My Real Estate Business Can Get an Advantage From a Mobile App?

With a personal mobile app, real estate businesses can gain a lot. Some of the benefits include excellent, attractive and engaging app designs as well as user-friendly navigation that helps bring in customers. Furthermore, it’s a great way to get to know customers on a more personal level.

How Can I Make Money From a Real Estate App?

Successful real estate app development could entail running an enterprise by offering advertising slots to real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and any other enterprise which needs to get their message out. One may also provide free access to free buyers and sellers.

Delivering Real Estate Software Solutions

We have delivered wide range of innovative real estate solutions including telemedicine systems to our clients – Have a look on our work