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Oil & Gas Technology Solutions

Hidden Brains provides high-performance technology solutions to oil and gas companies, distributors, and retailers. Our technology solutions for oil and gas provide real-time visibility into inventory, logistics, surveillance, tracking, reducing costs of exploration, as well as reducing administrative overhead costs. In addition, we leverage web and mobile technologies to help oil and gas companies deliver information to their workforces, irrespective of the location.

Whether you are looking to support upstream, midstream, or downstream operations, we can help you improve every aspect of your business. Be it health and safety, environment or enterprise asset management, we at Hidden Brains use the latest web and mobile technology to create value.


Hidden Brains provide smart energy monitoring solutions that boost the performance and exclude the distractions that decreases the productivity of the human resources

Hidden Brains provide energy solutions empowered with technology to boost the performance and support upstream, midstream, as well as downstream operations.

Mobile and Web Applications
On Site Applications
Inventory Management
Security and Monitoring Systems

Oil & Gas Technology Solutions

We at Hidden Brains act as the catalyst who capitalizes web and mobile technologies to transform future growth and profitability.
  • Asset & Custody Management

  • Materials Management, Usage, Maintenance and Tracking

  • Field Data Management with Offline Capabilities

  • Inspections & Auditing

  • Scheduling Systems

  • Integrations with Industry Standard Systems (SAP, ERP and more)

  • Communication with Hardware Installations

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Logistics and Movement Tracking

  • Workforce Competency and Productivity Tracking

  • Reporting Dashboard & Analytics

  • Integrating Surveillance Systems

Secure & Robust Energy Industry Solutions


Maintain offshore and onshore assets, such as work order management, maintenance management, assets and inventory management with technology solutions.


Manage entire data from field, adjust inventory demands, logistics and improve compliance. Effectively manage inventory & enhance procurement process with mobility.


High-Performance applications to ensure data accuracy and workers safety and help companies collect data to enable decision making and response time to emergencies.

Online Collaboration Tools

Our domain expertise allows us to develop tools for collaboration between agents and customers such as option to upload documents, client’s signature and more.
Our Work

Reduce Administrative Costs with our Energy Management Software

We build custom energy efficiency software that provides real-time access and visibility of operations through easily accessible dashboard.