Time and Attendance Tracking Software In The UK

Build modern employee time and attendance tracking software that incorporates Geo-tagging, an intelligent dashboard, and is integrated with QR codes and RFID technology.

Hidden Brains UK Enables You Build Attendance Tracking Software

Hidden Brains UK offers you a complete time and attendance tracking solution that allow managers to keep a check on workers and their working hours across numerous office locations. This software creates automated timesheets, distributes workload across different shifts, and tracks production patterns to make management responsibilities simpler.

Every aspect of time tracking is covered by our time attendance management solution, including clocking in and out, breaks, and activity tracking. Using our expertise, we create a solution integrated with a variety of sophisticated features like browser accessibility and facial recognition, independent of the device’s operating system, in addition to smartphone and tablet access for both iOS and Android.

Our time and attendance tracking software automates attendance logging for employees in numerous offices or working from home, as well as guests’ access card entries, with the aim of optimizing time management procedures. Moreover, it offers CSV files for reporting and payroll needs and integration with other systems like HRMS.

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Key Features Of Automated Time and Attendance System

Our Automated Time and Attendance System is designed to track and manage employee work hours, absences, and other related information by automating the operations.

Employee Distribution

Our software seamlessly connects different locations across the globe, linking them with employees and eliminating the need for manual report merging. Get a complete overview of all location updates in a single click.

Custom Holidays

Set holidays and choose locations that observe them with our web-based time and attendance system. Employees will automatically get the holiday applied based on their reporting location.

Shift Management

Customize shifts for specific days and even override shifts for particular employees with ease. With our time and attendance tracking software managing employees under different shifts becomes simple and easier.

Official Trip & Out of Office Work

The system automatically records the presence for out-of-office work based on approval, and reports employees going out of the office for official visits.

Instant Visitor Access

Manage visitor access with smart instant visitor passes. Easily identify who is authorized visitors and who hasn't. Also, enables you to schedule pre-passes or enter visitors on the go with tracking by admin.

Touchless Entry/Exit

Leverage the support of touchless Punch IN/OUT with a universal USB RDIF Reader, as well as SecuGen(c)(R) Fingerprint USB reader for Punch IN/OUT with the Attendance Tablet.

Smart Dashboard

Get all the required information on one page with our smart dashboard, including employee and visitor data, and who is not yet in the office.

Automated Timesheets

Get real-time reports on employee productivity and working hours without the need for filling out timesheets. The system automatically excludes break details and creates a detailed analytic report.

Multiple Admin Support

Our attendance tracking platform supports multiple admins with access control over vertical and horizontal hierarchy, making it easier for management to get smart and key reports.

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How does Attendance Tracking Systems Work

Benefits Of Time and Attendance Solutions

Our attendance solutions maximize employee efficiency by providing real-time visibility with powerful features such as Geo-tagging, RFID, and more.

Automated Timesheets

Say goodbye to manual timesheets! Our fully automated timesheets provide real-time updates on employee productivity and working hours, excluding lunch and other breaks. No need to hassle employees to fill out timesheets manually.


Our application is hosted on the cloud and connected via the internet, so there’s no need for physical infrastructure. It also supports offline mode for remote locations with low internet connectivity.

Facial Recognition

With Face ID, employees can log in to daily work entries using facial recognition instead of maintaining attendance entries manually. The automating of an employee tracking system reduces the chances of errors or any form of fraud.


Personalize your time attendance tracking system with your company logo and colors to make it look as if it is specifically crafted for your company.

Platforms & Integrations

Providing consistent experiences and addressing the unique needs of each and every platform.

Technology Platforms

Compatible with latest web & mobile platforms

PHP - CodeIgnitor

Android - Kotlin

iOS - Swift





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Industries We Serve

Our warehouse inventory management software solution help in efficient warehousing, reducing costs and improving productivity across industries.

Use Cases

Hidden Brains UK has tailored the WMS technology solutions to successfully address industry-specific issues and improve the supply chain management process.
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Demand and supply changes can be efficiently managed by our warehouse management systems (WMS). For logistics organizations, an efficient WMS guarantees greater inventory control and product management.

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Large-scale preservation of items occurs in agriculture and food delivery from the point of purchase till the point of usage. Our warehouse and inventory management solutions provide real-time visibility into their stock to agribusinesses.

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Manufacturing organizations can utilize warehouse management solutions to guarantee that raw materials are available for production and to maintain inventory levels that satisfy the demands of their clients.

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What makes Hidden Brains UK's time and attendance tracking software different from other solutions in the market?

Our time and attendance tracking software is built with advanced features like biometric authentication, real-time reporting, and mobile access. It’s also highly customizable to meet the unique needs of your organization.

How can Hidden Brains UK's time and attendance tracking software help my organization?

Our software can help you streamline your HR processes, reduce errors in payroll processing, and ensure compliance with labor laws. It also helps you save time and money by automating routine tasks like time tracking and scheduling.

Is Hidden Brains UK's time and attendance tracking software easy to use?

Yes, our software is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. It also comes with comprehensive user manuals and support documentation to ensure a smooth onboarding process.

How secure is Hidden Brains UK's attendance tracking software?

Our software is built with robust security features like data encryption, access controls, and regular security audits. We also follow best practices for data privacy and protection to ensure the safety of your organization’s data.

Can Hidden Brains UK's time and attendance tracking software integrate with other HR systems?

Yes, our software can be integrated with a wide range of HR systems, including payroll, leave management, and performance management software. We also offer API access for custom integrations.


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