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Hidden Brains Uk is the top-of-the-line app development company for express.js app development services in the UK. We have a dedicated team of Express.js developers engaged in designing high-performing, lightning-fast, and scalable Express.js apps for global clients.

Trusted Express.js Development Company in the UK

Hidden Brains is a specialized Express.js web applications development company with extensive knowledge of the technology, delivering scalable and feature-rich web solutions that are dependable and user-friendly. We have had a lot of experience building high-performance solutions on Express.js for clients. We are talented, hard-working developers that give our clients the attention they deserve so that we can create their perfect web solutions.

Our expertise in working with Express.js leads to a solution that can’t be matched. We collaborate as a team to provide only the most unique and in-demand solutions to our clients. Here at Hidden Brains UK, we know how to get the best out of the popular Express.js framework, including database integration, template engines, and multiple routing, as well as anything else you might need from professional Express.js service providers with years of experience. To ensure our products are polished, we delivered numerous projects to get feedback.


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Our Range of Express.js Development Services At Hidden Brains UK

With Hidden Brains UK you will be able to develop high-end Express JS applications with the help of professional and experienced programmers on board. Here are some of the web application development services we offer.

Express.Js Web App Development

Here at Hidden Brains UK, our Express.js programmers work dedicatedly to each client’s project, offering a wide range of flexible, minimalist, and high-performance Express.js development services to meet your expectations.

Express Js API Development

We simplify API development by using REST APIs and making it readable, simpler, and faster to develop. We customize it for you by using Express’s “middleware” function and building robust APIs.

Third Party Integration

In the development process, integration is an essential part that needs to be done carefully. We provide unmatched Express.js third party integration services to get rid of redundancies and complexities of the application.

Express.Js Consultation Services

Because we understand your business requirements, we guide you from the scratch part of the Express.js development process all the way to the final implementation by suggesting the best suitable solutions.

Express.js Support and Maintenance

Being a reputed Express.js app development company in the UK, we offer our clients a complete range of Express.js development, maintenance, and support services even after the successful launch of the app.

Express.Js Data Migration

Using best practices, our development team simplifies the whole process of migration, allowing them to migrate your existing application to Express.js easily with zero downtime.

Express.js Development Services For Various Industries

Offering years of experience with tailoring Express.js solutions for clients in the UK and abroad, we set the benchmark in providing Express.js services in the following industries.

Why Choose Hidden Brains for Express.js Development Services in the UK?

We'll want to be careful in our selection when trying to identify the right Express.js developer, as this decision will ultimately affect our online business for years to come. This is why we are the best choice for Express.js development services in the UK.

500+ App Development Team

A dedicated team of developers, who are highly experienced, solution-oriented, and capable of providing industry-leading solutions, will help you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Complete Transparency

No matter if you work to hire a dedicated Express.js app development team or engage a programmer for a specific job, we keep your project transparent by sharing accurate details with you.

No Obligation Quote

Whether it be upgrading your existing app or needing to get started from scratch, our team of experts can help you to estimate the costs of your project by suggesting optimum solutions.

Smooth Projects Management

When it comes to upholding quality standards, Hidden Brains UK is one of the best Express.js development companies because we oversee your project at every stage and keep you updated.

Project Security with an NDA

Your project details will be treated confidentially as your project privacy is a top priority for us, therefore we signed a nondisclosure agreement with our clients.

Flexible Engagement Models

As a leading Express.js app development company in the UK, we offer flexible engagement models to our clients based on hourly part-time, and full-time billing.


If you have a query regarding Express.js app development services, then you can refer to our guide section and clear the basic doubts.

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Express.Js FAQs

These are the frequent question and answers that our clients usually asked our experts while choosing Express.js app development services at Hidden Brains. Still, if you have any other query left in your mind, then feel free to contact us.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Express.Js Application?

There are a number of factors that will determine how much it will cost to build an app, but in general, the cost ranges from $5K-$10+K depending on the type of application, complexity and scope of work. 

The most expensive types of applications to develop are those that require augmented reality or virtual reality capabilities, voice recognition software and those that interact with other devices like wearables or IoT devices.

How Can You Help Me In Express.Js Development Process?

Express.Js is a popular framework for Node.js, which is a very powerful server-side scripting language that allows developers to create web applications using JavaScript and other programming languages.

With this framework, you can develop apps quickly and easily with the help of our Express.js programmers who have years of experience in app development using Express js framework. So, if you are looking for a great app developer in the UK or any other location, we can help you out. We provide everything from start to finish including: designing your application’s UI/UX

Do your Provide a Copyright of the Source Code?

Yes, we provide a copyright of the source code with all our app development services. This is to protect your business idea and ensure that you will have full ownership of your app once it is completed by us.


Here is a guide to help you with the common questions related to mobile application development.