SOS – Smart Alerting Solution for Emergencies

Get the best emergency SOS alerting solution and disaster readiness tool to avoid stressful situations. 


SOS alert, emergency, and safety solutions from Hidden Brains UK can be extremely helpful in notifying loved ones and first responders during emergencies. When a problematic situation arises, the SOS smart app solution immediately sends an emergency notification and the user’s geolocation to the first three contacts on the list.

By pressing a single button on the SOS emergency solution, users can send text messages to their close ones and, ensure that help is on the way to dealing with an emergency situation. Our SOS alert app solution upholds the highest standards of independence, security, privacy, and accessibility whether you need assistance with alerting & mobilizing, lone worker safety, health emergencies, personal safety, or anything else.

By using SOS Emergency Solutions, get immediate safety and well-being help in urgent situations, anywhere and anytime. For us, your privacy and security matter the most, so we ensure that Our SOS solutions always protect your privacy and share your location in the case of a serious occurrence. 

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Emergency SOS App Development

With a full suite of cutting-edge safety features, our SOS emergency solutions make people feel safe and secure in times of emergency or disaster.

Citizen Registration

Registration and profile creation are both possible with the Citizen Registration feature.

Circle of Care Information

You can choose to send emergency notifications to a circle of care recipients.

QR Code

Profile sharing becomes simpler by using a QR code-based profile that contains citizen data.

Raise SOS Alerts

Feature to activate the SOS button or alert and connect with a responder or other circle of care participants.

SOS Notification

Authorities, volunteers, and Circle of Care are notified via SMS and Push Notification of the SOS with the user's name and location in order to provide them with prompt aid.

SOS Response

SOS solutions ensure that help is only a button push away by enabling emergency response for law enforcement authorities and volunteers nearby.

Real-Time Updates

Citizens' safety during emergencies is ensured as the SOS app continuously shares location and real-time updates to control units.

Activity Log

Obtain a detailed background of activity records that includes detailed reports, incident logs, and real-time incident alerts for efficient monitoring.

Mobile Apps

An intuitive SOS emergency app for volunteers, police, and residents.

Web-based Interface

Effective 24/7 monitoring is made possible by our web-based control center interface.

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How does SOS Solutions Work

Benefits of SOS Emergency Alert App

Customized the SOS solution to effectively defend against threats and other mishaps.

No Delay

When an emergency occurs, time is most important. Our SOS application quickly and efficiently sends alerts to family members, law enforcement, and volunteers.

Contact Your Network

An emergency SOS app boasts a simple interface for contacting numerous people at once, including family, friends, and first responders, to stop the incident.

Location Sharing

With the help of the in-app GPS function, users’ locations will be automatically shared with the priority contacts in critical situations, and if necessary, can adjust their location for greater accuracy.

Real-time Information

To quickly respond and recover from disasters, the SOS alert app will keep the close ones informed and safe by sending real-time updates and making sure you’re always in touch with your friends and family.


Our SOS assistance app facilitates collaboration and seamless communication during an emergency circumstance.
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Technology Platforms

Compatible with latest web & mobile platforms


Mobile Based
iOS / Android


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Use Cases of SOS Emergency App Solution

With a variety of applications in various facets, you may avoid, be ready for, react to, and recover from anything with SOS app development.
Threat Monitoring sos

Threat Monitoring

An SOS alert app allows users to send alerts to nearby law enforcement agencies, volunteers, and circle of Care via in-app notifications, SMS, and phone call feature. Our emergency alert app enables monitoring in critical scenarios including robbery, kidnapping, theft, fire, intrusion, accidents, violence, bullying, and more.

Safety of Elderly sos

Safety of Elderly

Maintain contact with your parents and/or grandparents and let them know if there is anything odd going on at or near their house. Get SMS alerts whenever your aging parents required any medical attention. To get complete peace of mind, use our emergency alert app to get prepared and handle challenging situations flawlessly.

Healthcare Emergency sos

Healthcare Emergency

With our SOS emergency solution, you can cut down the struggle of contacting your friends or family members as it automatically sends alerts and shares your real-time location with the top contacts so that they know exactly where can find you.

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Who can benefit from Hidden Brains UK's Emergency App Development Solution?

Our Emergency App Development Solution is designed for any organization that wants to provide emergency services and support to its users. This can include businesses, governments, hospitals, universities, and more.

What features can be included in the Emergency App Development Solution?

Our developers can customize the app to include a range of features, including emergency hotlines, panic buttons, GPS tracking, real-time alerts, and more. We can also integrate the app with existing emergency management systems to provide a seamless experience for users.

How can Hidden Brains UK's Emergency App Development Solution benefit my organization?

By providing a custom emergency app, your organization can enhance its crisis response capabilities, improve user safety, and increase customer satisfaction. Our solutions can help you to respond quickly to emergency situations, provide accurate and timely information to users, and mitigate the risk of damage or loss.

Are Hidden Brains UK's Emergency App Development Solution secure?

Yes, we prioritize the security of all our solutions and ensure that the app is built with the latest security features and protocols. We also conduct rigorous testing to identify and mitigate any vulnerabilities before the app is released.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an SOS Emergency App?

The cost of building an SOS emergency mobile app can vary widely depending on various factors, such as the app’s features, complexity, platform(s) it is built for, and the developer or development team’s rates.

Generally, the cost of building an SOS app can range from $10,000 to $20,000 or more. However, this is just a rough estimate, and the actual cost may be higher or lower depending on the specific requirements and goals


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