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IT Solutions for Manufacturing


IT Solutions for Manufacturing

Hidden Brains is a leading company providing secure and scalable digital manufacturing solutions UK. With our unique solution offerings, we help industrial and manufacturing clients to transform their operations. From smart manufacturing solutions, planning, designing to final deployment, we use emerging technologies of cloud computing, IoT and wireless connectivity to ensure robustly and secure IT solutions for the manufacturing industry.

We currently work with a wide range of manufacturing organizations—from the world’s largest companies to small and medium-size operations—to implement wireless data solutions that improve their production operations, sales and marketing, transportation and logistics, IT, and aftermarket service and support processes.

We help our clients’ to seamlessly transition from the traditional approach to a more effective service delivery model, enabled by digital manufacturing solutions & technologies to ultimately drive business process improvements. Present Usage of Mobile Apps for Manufacturing 70% manufacturers look at mobility as the key driving factor in transforming downtime to productive time. 80% of manufacturers plan to increase the use of mobile apps and other mobility solutions for experiencing high productivity in manufacturing processes. Our expert team helps drive growth by combining industry best practices with technological excellence that enables process developments and improvements.

What we do

  • Business Productivity Software support
  • Workflow Solution
  • Legacy Migration Solutions
  • Supply Chain Management Softwares & Solutions
  • Safety and Environmental Solutions
  • Manufacturing Consulting Services
  • IoT Solutions for Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing Solutions

Hidden Brains offers end-to-end technology solutions for the manufacturing industry to improve productivity, drive competitive advantage and help excel in customer service. We provide integrated digital video surveillance to secure facilities, and protect employees and assets from malicious activity.

  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Management
  • CRM adoption

  • Automation & Modernization
  • Digital Catalogues
  • Field Service Operations

  • Order management
  • Compliance
  • Production management

Smart Manufacturing Solutions UK

IT Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

Customer & Dealer Management

Dealer and vendor management systems and customer portals.

manufacturing consulting firms uk

After Sales Services

Technology solutions to maintain warranty, service and spare parts.

manufacturing consulting companies

Work Orders

Manufacturing work order app to facilitate and request repairs/fixes.

Manufacturing Consulting Services

Equipment Inspection

Manufacturing-related mobile apps especially for equipment inspections.

Digital Manufacturing Solutions to Give your Business Competitive Edge

We create smart manufacturing solutions through implementation of systematic methodologies and usage of appropriate tools throughout the development lifecycle.


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