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Healthcare Software Solutions to Redefine Health

Hidden Brains is a global healthcare software companies UK that uniquely positioned to provide robust healthcare IT solutions designed for the highest quality of patient care and data security. Right from technology consulting, prototyping, designing, healthcare software development services UK to final deployment, we ensure that our healthcare software solutions UK ultimately improves patient care. Our domain expertise covers the management of the entire patient lifecycle. Hidden Brains UK brings decades of experience in healthcare app development to deliver healthcare software that simplifies examination and treatment for medical surgeons, medical physicians, and nurses.

Our expert healthcare app developers with their wide experience offer Healthcare app development and Healthcare software Solutions UK to assist our clients to gain maximum returns on their IT investment. We ensure that our healthcare clients leverage technology to increase operational efficiencies and drive down costs. With business insights and Healthcare Software industry-leading practices, we provide flexible healthcare software development services for organizations of varying sizes. From developing a custom mobile app for private practices, patient referral apps to hospital asset management, our experience in the healthcare domain sets us apart from others.

As leading healthcare software development company We’ll help you scale up your business model and choose the right architecture and IT infrastructure tailored to meet your needs.

What we do

  • Healthcare App Development
  • Healthcare Software Development UK
  • Enterprise-wide Applications
  • Virtual Medical Appointment
  • Healthcare Software Solutions UK
  • Performance Optimization
  • Messaging App
  • Video Consultation
  • Healthcare IT Solutions Providers
  • Hospital Administration & Management
  • Medical Software Development Services
  • Profit Generating Healthcare Software UK

Healthcare App Development Services

We are a leading healthcare software development company delivering end-to-end medical software development services and healthcare app development while mitigating the challenges, ultimately driving innovation and outcomes.

  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Medication Reminders, Logs and Monitoring
  • Messaging Service
  • Hospital Information App

  • Health Measurement & Monitoring
  • Fitness Solutions
  • Mobile Apps for Hospitals
  • Electronic Health Records of Patients Apps

  • Patient Medical History App
  • Pharmacies Apps
  • Accounting & Invoicing
  • Staff Trackinging Applications

Healthcare Software Solutions UK

healthcare app development UK

Healthy Living and Wellness

Manage health and wellness, promote healthy living, and gain access to important information. Applications related to pregnancy and baby development, diet assistance.

healthcare software development companies

Productivity Applications

Delivering secure web and mobile applications for managing chat history of patients. We have developed a system for management of medical records and remote dictation.

healthcare software solutions UK

Applications for Reminders

Patient reminders alert applications to remind users to schedule medical visits and screenings, vaccination records, health records (EHRs), and prescription management.

Healthcare IT Solutions Providers

Healthcare IT Solutions

Collaborate with healthcare providers to develop communications solutions and IT infrastructure to improve the patient care, such as hospital asset management system.

Delivering Best-in-class Healthcare IT Solutions

We develop innovative Healthcare Software Solutions that integrate with the entire ecosystem comprising of medical practitioners, doctors, patients & caretakers. Our healthcare app development services aim to fulfill all your customized requirements and specific purpose.


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