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IT Solutions for Travel Industry


Hotel Reservation System and Software for Hotel Booking

Whether you are a travel enthusiast, In Hospitality business or travel agency around the UK, Europe, Hidden Brains UK can help you to gain a competitive advantage in the travel market with our smart and best-in-class hotel reservation system development work and software solutions for hotel booking. In order to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to stay abreast of technology. In this Internet-driven world, a strong online presence is very crucial to serve local and global customers as well as dominate the exponentially booming travel market. We offer a wide spectrum of services to suit every need and help manage all phases of travel app development right from consulting, branding, design, development to final testing and deployment.

Hidden Brains can develop a quick and smooth hotel reservation system and best in class software for hotel booking. We offer travel app development services and solutions with a variety of features like navigation app, airline ticket booking, hotel room reservation, public transportation search, searching sightseeing places and much more. Our unique, comprehensive service offering makes us the partner of choice for travel and tourism technology solutions.

What we do

  • Website & Mobile travel apps
  • Single-point integration through a broad listing of online travelling solutions
  • Technology Consulting for Travel Industry
  • Customized Travel Technology Solutions
  • Management of Multiple Payment Options & Online Payment Gateway Integration
  • API (Application Program Interface) Integration for air, bus, car, hotels, and rail

IT Solutions for Travel Industry

Hidden Brains specializes in building travel management software for web, iPhone & Android Our team provides end-to-end travel management solutions to increase user engagement. We have the capabilities to understand client’s profile and create tailored IT solutions for travel industry.

  • Filtered Search
  • Navigation App
  • Top Travel Destination Feed
  • Interactive Schedules
  • Travel Guides

  • Reviews and Recommendations
  • Instant Booking
  • Offline Maps
  • In app language translator
  • Events Ticketing integrations

  • Create Custom Holiday Packages
  • Online bookings & amendments
  • Comprehensive Admin panel
  • Suppliers, Agents, Sub-Agents Panel
  • Promotions Modules

Hotel Booking System & IT Solutions for Travel Industry

it solutions for travel industry

Online Booking Solutions

We provide intuitive, secure and feature-rich online booking solutions tailored for organization’s travel management goals to support & increase use of online bookings.

hospitality management software

Hospitality Operations Management

Intuitive, secure and custom web and mobile applications to help monitor guest experience, from start to finish and improve the overall guest services experience.

Hospitality Management Software

Taxi-Hailing Apps

Our application makes traveling a ubiquitous experience with ride-hailing/ taxi hailing apps. We use the mobile technology to enhance convenience throughout travel.

Travel Industry Software Solutions

Navigation Apps

Get scalable mobile applications with downloadable maps and guides to reach different destinations across the globe for a seamless and hassle-free traveling experience.

Hotel Reservation System and Software for Hotel Booking

Hidden Brains UK Developed software for hotel booking that addresses your End Customer’s Needs and simplify your hotel reservations.


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