Smart Estate: Robust Gated Community Access Control System

Smart Estate Systems for gated communities are designed to offer enhanced security and modern features to uplift the level of comfort and security.

Smart Solutions For Improved Security & Digitized Access Control

Our Smart Estate management solution is built with advanced technologies to digitally transform the access control of commercial and residential estates. The Hidden Brains gated community access control system offers a great sense of security to everyone inside the building or estate in an effort to create a safe atmosphere. Using our solution, property owners and tenants, are able to file and follow up on complaints. In addition, administrators can arrange meetings and able to prioritize maintenance-related issues.

With the implementation of our robust Estate Solution, every individual, package, and vehicle entering the estate has to seek permission from the owner or a resident. By improving visitor and employee management, the gate control system creates a seamless experience by minimizing gate congestion. It will enable you to decide whether or not to let guests enter a community or apartment by simply allowing or denying the permit through a solution.

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Our Gated Community Access Control Software

Our tailor-made robust gated community access control software solutions ensure the capabilities to address security challenges and keep residents and visitors safe right from the first touchpoint to the end.

Visitor Management

The safest way to reduce gate crowding is to use verification and QR-based entrance. The owner is able to accept or reject requests from visitors and receive notifications for visits.

Daily Staff management

Maintaining In/Out Entry for Staff and managing general service providers like electricians and plumbers, becomes easier with Hidden Brains Smart Estate solution.

Child Security

Robust Estate solutions enable you to keep a real-time track of kids' movement while coming in/going out the premises. Parents will be notified when someone tries to leave the building and security personnel can also send permission requests.

SOS Panic Alarm

SOS/Panic Alarm functionality can be activated with a single click and is simple to use to quickly alert/notify security guards, nearby neighbors, and immediate family members during emergencies.

Vehicle Management

Successfully controlling vehicle entry and exit by allowing security guards to take pictures of visitor vehicles and verify guest vehicles by using the smart estate app.

Community Digitalization

Digitalizing the gated community or society access will facilitate faster information sharing, accurate data management, and community cooperation.

Complaint Management

Any property-related damages or service requests can be reported by members. Admin can view requests, do the appropriate tasks, and monitor the status of requests.

Polls & Announcements

To gather votes or opinions for important decisions, the estate administrator might develop polls for estate members and conduct live voting. Also, it notifies members when a poll is created.

Helpdesk & Ticket

Streamlines ticket management system by allocating, prioritizing, and resolving outstanding facility-related complaints, ensuring a transparent resolution and enhancing worker accountability.


Send out significant announcements with a description to the appropriate audience, such as society groups, committee members, all members, owners, or tenants only for seamless communication.

Consolidated Reports

Get consolidated reports about members, including information on owners/tenants, the number of vehicles, and information on visitors, meetings, and complaints by block or zone.

Create Meetings

Organize meetings for Group, Committee Members, Block / Zone Users, and include an agenda, attachments, and description. You can also immediately notify members.

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How does Gated Community Access Control Works


Gated Community Access Control Software

Robust Estate Access System helps you handle everyday society management & security issues and eliminates hassles from the society management system.

Enhanced security

Get improved security by keeping residents and security workers in the loop and providing improved security by notifying guards at the gates about visits. Guards can request for permission from an owner when someone arrives unexpectedly.

Hassle-free approval

Our Smart Estate System is developed with advanced functionalities that offer complete control over the entry of staff, maids, and visitors. It also makes sure guards get parents’ approval before allowing kids to go out of society.

Ease of Operation

With our futuristic technology-based security and community management system, owners can easily get started with the process of allowing guests with just a single click by replacing the traditional process of intercom and paper-based registers.


Depending upon the type of complaint and its complexity, get several levels of escalation at various levels, from Helpdesk to Manager to Admin. Levels and duration configuration options are also available in the app.

Ease of Communication

The Smart Estate system ensures a smooth exchange of information between various social groups, including owners, tenants, security personnel, and facility management. Our security and community management system helps you to keep track of the estate’s events.

Real time access

Get a real-time update on visitors entering through a QR code. The Visitor Management System enables visit planning and reduces security gate wait times. It improves security by allowing residents to control access rights and keep track of visitor status.

Information on fingertip

With a variety of capabilities to quickly and easily raise a ticket to the facility manager and restrict access to unauthorized visitors and more, it makes life easier for residents, management committee members, security officers, and housekeeping staff.

Unified system for multi-property owner

With Robust Smart Estate solutions, multiple properties can be smoothly managed from a single interface. Property owners can access, view, and manage visitor information from multiple locations from a centralized platform and cut down the hassle.

Functionalities of Gated Community Access Control App

The most cutting-edge application for developing gated community access controls.
Receive real-time updates and actionable insights for smart, secure living for your family and neighborhood.

Security Matters

Community Digitalization



Amenities & Booking

Household Staff


On Premises Staff

Vehicles In/Out

Block & Units

Service Providers




Child Security

Rule Book


Service Providers


Poll / Suggestion

Household Staff

Platforms: Gated Community Access Control

Comprehensive and custom gated community access control development solution on latest technology stack.


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How Can You Get Started With a Smart Estate Gated Control System for Your Society/Building?

Since every building structure is different, therefore, there is no one-size-fits solution for all. Getting started with your Smart Estate solution is simple with Hidden Brains UK. All you need is to drop a query to our experts. Our team will evaluate your request and reach out to you to quickly set up your gate community access control systems following all the security measures.

What kind of maintenance and support is required for Smart Estate?

Hidden Brains UK is one of the trusted software development companies in the UK that provide you complete support and maintenance services while installing Smart Estate solution including:

  • Smart Estate is designed to be easy to install and use, and requires minimal maintenance.
  • We provide comprehensive customer support to ensure that our users get the most out of their Smart Estate system.
  • If you do encounter any issues with your Smart Estate system, our support team is available 24/7 to provide assistance.
  • We also offer regular software updates to ensure that your Smart Estate system is always up-to-date and performing at its best.
  • Our team of experts is committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers, and we work tirelessly to ensure that your Smart Estate system is always running smoothly.

How Much Does It Cost To Build Smart Estate Solution?

The average cost to build a robust gated community access control solution is ranging from $12,000 to 15,000+ depending on the complexity of your app requirements.

How Will You Make Sure That Data Will Remain Secure With Smart Estate Solution?

We create a society access control system by using high-standard safety protocols to ensure that your information will remain secure, restrict unauthorized access and avoid any data leakage.