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List of Top 15 Magento Tools for Building the Best eCommerce Websites

  • By Hidden Brains
  • May 26, 2018

Magento Tools

Best Magento Tools and Extension 

‘Magento’ is the first name that comes to mind while talking about eCommerce website development. This open-source platform of PHP has introduced to developers a decade ago. It has recently gained traction with the rising popularity of ‘MEAN’ stack among the developer’s community. Ecommerce websites built using Magento development utilize several tools, extensions and eCommerce plugins for delivering the best possible experience.

Get your eCommerce Website Rolling with this List of Top Magento Tools & Extensions

Magento applies the conventions of object-oriented programming and model–view–controller architecture, thereby making it simpler to build high converting eCommerce websites. In this blog, we shall provide a list of top Magento tools for developers use to build highly scalable, flexible and dynamic eCommerce websites with ease.

1. Magento Debugger

This Magento tool allows developers to access blocks, models, as well as database queries.

2. EcomDev PHPUnit

This is a Magento extension that allows developers to integrate the PHP Unit framework for rapid tests of blocks, helpers, modules, models, controller actions, and layout rendering processes.

3. Commerce Bug 2

Commerce Bug 2 is among the best Magento tools that make debugging simpler for developers. Though this tool isn’t free for use, it has emerged as the top Magento tool for developers to search for class names, identify controllers and find code.

4. Easy Template Path Hints

This is the popular Magento tool that provides template path hints in both the frontend and backend. This extension or tool can be activated by adding a query string to any URL.

5. Mgt Tool

This is a premium paid Magento tool that enables developers to identify performance problems by examining each page of the eCommerce website.

6. Magento Debug

Magento Debug is yet another tool in the list of top Magento tools for building eCommerce websites that help developers to identify loopholes and bottlenecks through easy toggling of Magento modules (ON/OFF) and displaying RAM usage.

7. Bulk Image Uploader

This is quite a useful Magento tool that allows importing of bulk images from computer or Dropbox for display against respective products in Magento eCommerce store. The only criterion for bulk image upload using this tool is that images have the SKU in the file name.

8. Multistore Search Fields

It may be possible that you are running more than one eCommerce store through a single Magento installation. ‘Multistore search fields’ helps in customizing Advanced Search on a store-by-store basis to avoid confusion for users. The cluttered Advanced Search can be reorganized to see only the fields pertinent to the store they are using.

9. Store Manager

Store Manager comes under the list of Magento catalogue management tools that help in locating invisible products, create sales reports and find broken images. This extension also allows for creating of PDF brochures for importing or exporting order details.

10. Admin Product Grid

This is a useful plugin and grid editor for Magento developers that allow for the addition of new attributes, validation of attributes and setting the required image size without editing the crucial attributes.

11. Image Optimizer

This is a very useful Magento tool that boosts the performance of eCommerce website by compressing all the images via Cron. This tool is compatible for compressing files with extensions .jpg, .gif and .png files.

12. Product Manager Toolkit

This Magento extension manages product information and product images in the grid alongside the metadata. The main benefit of using this extension is that multiple administrators can work simultaneously on different subsets of products.

13. Social Media Product Update

This is one of the best Magento tools for advertising and marketing that automatically updates social media platforms upon the addition of a new product. Admin can make the required settings to send updates to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other compatible social networks.

14. Cloud Backup

This is one among the Magento migration and version checking tools that back up your data by storing it in an archive in the cloud. Using such cloud-based technology helps in exclusion of files, tables and directories for faster performance. This tool is compatible to work with Supports Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.net

15. Version Check for Magento

This is a Magento extension of Chrome that enables you to check which version of Magento you are currently using. This extension is available for use on any website.

Magento: Winning Technology for Building Ecommerce Websites

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