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Tips for Creating Exceptional User Interface Design of Mobile App

  • By Hidden Brains
  • May 11, 2018

User Interface Design

One of the major factors that distinguish successful apps from unsuccessful ones is the user interface design  (UI) of mobile app. This element is completely responsible for how user feels and experiences during his/her interaction with the app. In other words, user interface and user experience go hand-in-hand and together contribute in the overall success of mobile app.

In this blog, we shall discuss some top tips creating exceptional user interface design that delivers great user experience:

Choosing the Right Colours

Designers need to be extra careful while deciding on the colour theme of mobile app. If there is an existing website for business that further plans to build a mobile app, the colour theme should be identical for users to correlate the brand.

It is a good idea to pick a colour palette that matches the company or brand logo colours. Using multiple colours makes the mobile app look heavy and it may interfere with great UX. It is wise to start with using brand colours and shades of it to maintain consistency and portray a particular image in the minds of audience.

Designing for Users

The end goal of building a mobile app is to attract users and grab their attention. As a result, user interface must be designed considering end user’s behaviour and preferences. An app built without thinking of its users would never please them.

Get demographics of your target audience and derive meaningful insights to design an interface that resonates with their interests. Delve deeper into this information to analyse the needs or requirements of users, study their daily problems and try to resolve them through simple, interactive UI. Both designers and developers should delve deeper into the information by treating it as more than mere data points.

Responsive Design

Mobile app interface should deliver consistent experience across multiple devices operating on different operating systems. This aspect of is quite significant from end user’s perspective as they do not need to understand the flow of app and navigation.

When the app interface is responsive, users can operate it their iPhone as well as Android phone easily with the same experience, without any inconvenience. Such small things matter a lot when it comes to delivering exceptional user experience.

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Other Mobile User Interface Design Principles

Apart from these UI tips of mobile app, there are other cardinal rules as mentioned below:

  • Mobile app should serve the core purpose of usage in minimal clicks. The workflow of app should suit the needs of target audience and fulfil their specific goals.
  • The app UI should be such that it is easy to use and operate.
  • Usage of signifiers can help in better understanding of app by users without wasting much time. For example, using bold fonts or underline at places that you want users to pay attention may help in getting the right message delivered.
  • Use design patterns and symbols that the users are most accustomed to. When the design elements are familiar to users, they will be easily connected to the app.

What’s New in User Interface Design of Mobile App?

The year 2018 has witnessed a rise of voice powered assistants and voice interfaces. Google Assistant and Siri are latest examples of how users are trying to engage through voice interfaces and getting the work done. Apps can be designed and developed to take voice activated commands and respond accordingly. Other than voice activated interface, fingerprint-activated interfaces will play an important role in the mobile app interface designs in the future. 

On a Concluding Note…

User interface Design  is all about simplicity and ease of use. However, Web designers need to strike a perfect balance between simplicity and creativity to come up with something that is not only easy to use for users but also appealing and unique for them.

With the reducing attention span of people off recently, it is advised to take care of even the basic and smallest aspect related to UI and UX while aiming for successful mobile app development. Font style and size also play a major role in how users feel while interacting with the app. Standard style fonts that are readable and appropriately sizes are preferred over newer ones to make it easier for users to connect with it.

Hidden Brains is a leading mobile app development company helping businesses build successful mobile apps with great UI and UX that meet their organization’s objectives.

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