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Magento: Winning Technology for Building Ecommerce Websites

  • By Hidden Brains
  • January 3, 2018

eCommerce Websites built with Magento

Are you in plans to build an ecommerce platform that has state-of-the-art design, unique features and user-friendly interface? ‘Magento’ is the one-stop solution to such ecommerce requirements. Originally developed by Varien and currently owned by eBay, this open source ecommerce platform has outweighed its competitors in the ecommerce marketplace.

The choice of ecommerce engine is quite sensitive. It directly influences the prosperity of business by ensuring an everlasting flow of active customers to your store. Considering the dynamic nature of digital industry, the store owners prefer to select a platform that is responsive to innovations and latest market trends.
Among an array of choices for building ecommerce websites or apps, which one is highly competitive and most advanced? In order to answer this question, let’s know a detailed overview of Magento and strike a comparison with PrestaShop and Shopify.

Magento: An Open Source Solution

Magento is a popular ecommerce platform released under Open Source License version 3.0 and built using PHP and other open source tools. The credit for the sudden shift to this technology goes to its capability to be modified easily as per project requirements. This open source solution is extremely flexible, robust and suits diverse business types, product lines and business models.

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https://twitter.com/magento/status/929108180927475713 (use twitter snippet code in WordPress, if not possible use below image)

eCommerce Websites built with Magento

https://twitter.com/magento/status/928745771708682241 eCommerce Websites built with Magento

Comparison of Magento, Shopify & PrestaShop

Following table strikes a direct comparison between 3 major ecommerce platforms with respect to general features, ecommerce usability and customer management

Comparison of Magento, Shopify & PrestaShop

5 Exclusive Features of Magento Enterprise Edition

Digging deeper into Magento platform, following list of exclusive features that explain why it is the most preferred choice of developers:

1. Ease of Shopping

One customer-oriented shopping feature of Magento is that websites built on this platform enable users to view the contents of their shopping cart in subsequent sessions without the need to log in again. A long-term cookie established for browser/device combination is used to maintain a list of interested items by comparing them between browsing sessions and from device to device.

2. Public Wish Lists

Magento ecommerce website let customers create multiple wish lists with an ability to move or copy items from one list to another. These wish lists are open to public for easy searching. This feature is advantageous to merchants as they can review customer’s lists and know about their interests and needs.

3.Targeted Promotions

Magento enable store owners to segment their customers into large groups for promotional purpose. These groups are utilized for optimizing marketing initiatives through identification of customer’s interests using fields of location, browsing history and sex. Such advanced promotion techniques help in converting visitors to buyers.

4.Content Management System

Magento is known for its WYSIWYG editor that allows for building of complex pages, different types of menu and restrict publishing privileges. Developers can create different CMS as per the website or ecommerce store requirement. User-friendly CMS and editor interface makes it simpler to create navigation menus.

5.Manage Customer Reward Program

Magento enables store owners to implement reward programs that provide incentives to loyal customers. The criteria for allotting reward points and redemption of rewards can be customized by the ecommerce store owner and filtered through parameters of customer shopping history, conversion rate and balance.

Hidden Brains UK: A Reputed Magento Development Company

Hidden Brains is a best ecommerce website development company that helps online businesses to build brand reputation and create a large customer base. We are house to talented, experienced and professional Magento developers that utilize the finest tools and features of this platform for the creation of website and ecommerce stores.

In addition to taking up new Magento website development project, we also help clients in migration from other platforms to Magento. We help clients excel in their online business through our Magento website development services. Take a quick glance at our ecommerce store project for home décor and furniture:

eCommerce Websites built with Magento This multi-vendor ecommerce store has intuitive and user friendly interface that lets users to browse through the large collection of unique items, find great deals, and amazing decor items in minimum clicks.

Key Features Secure

  • User and Vendor Logins
  • Internal Product Search
  • Order Tracking Feature
  • Content Management System for informational and landing pages
  • Social Media Integration
  • Compare and add products to wish list for quick future reference

Final Thoughts

Magento is gaining traction considering the success of ecommerce websites built using this technology. As per current scenario, developing a Magento website for ecommerce business seems to be the best option. This tried and tested technology has helped several online businesses to achieve sales target in short time. What are you waiting for?

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