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Building a Website With AngularJS is Developer’s First Choice: Know Why?

  • By Hidden Brains
  • June 5, 2018

Why We Use AngularJS

AngularJS, frontend part of the MEAN stack, is among the most widely used open-source web application frameworks. This had emerged as the preferred choice of developers because of MVC (Model–view–controller) capability and several other in-built features, functionalities and libraries. In this blog we  will provide you a satisfactory reasons Why We Use AngularJS.

Why We Use AngularJS for Front-end Development

The main highlight of this open source framework is that AngularJS can work independently, with no library dependencies. It is used for creating interactive components of a website. Developers look at AngularJS as the best, full-featured JavaScript framework for creating dynamic and single page applications through MVC programming structure.

Building a website with AngularJS becuase it is one framework that does not make the MVC architecture look complicated with the use of simple notations. Unlike other open source frameworks that just bindle together existing tools, AngularJS ensures that each and every tool works optimally and delivers great results. This technology rises in this highly competitive environment owing to its intuitiveness and rich, developer-friendly features.

7 Undeniable Reasons That Why We Use AngularJS

What makes AngularJS as the top choice of developers? Let’s know the reasons that make this open source framework most desirable one for building web applications:

1. Declarative Code Style

Declarative code style in AngularJS is used for creating different patterns. Clean UI of AngularJS makes it possible to understand and manipulate the components easily. The declarative expression of the app user interface makes it possible for even beginners to easily learn markups. This declarative paradigm makes code more lightweight and easier to read and support.

2. Two-way Data Binding

AngularJS is based on two-way data binding; i.e. any sort of change in interface is immediately reflected in application objects and vice versa. This method automatically updates view when model changes and vice versa. This is quite useful for remote Angular developers as it eliminates the need to store links to DOM elements and manipulate it.  

3. MVC Architecture

AngularJS is based on Model-View-Controller architectural pattern and utilizes it to the fullest for building web applications. All that developers need to do is split the app and everything else is managed by AngularJS. Unlike other frameworks that ask developers to divide the application into MVC components, followed by writing of write code to stand them up together again. All the elements of the web application are integrated through MVC and developers need not worry about writing shortcuts between the components.


AngularJS uses Plain Old JavaScript Object (POJO) to use all standardized JavaScript functionalities for object manipulation. POJO objects also mean that developers do not need to use any additional getter and setter functions. This enables developers to either add or remove properties from the objects easily.

5. Extensibility

The most attractive feature of AngularJS is that it can be used for the development of scalable and flexible applications. This framework is fully extensible and works well with other libraries. For the implementation of unique features, developers can either modify or replace the development workflow.

6. Reusable Components

Angular uses directives to create reusable components that empower developers to hide complex DOM structure, CSS, and behavior. With such facilitation, AngularJS developers can either pay attention to what exactly the application does, how it looks like and how it functions.

7. Simplicity of Testing

AngularJS modules are easy to manipulate and allows developers to manipulate or revise parts of the application. Separation of modules enables developers to load only required services and perform automated testing.

AngularJS Development: The Next Big Thing for Web Applications

With such attractive features of AngularJS, this is a great choice of developers for building single page dynamic applications. Considering the user experience delivered by websites built on AngularJS, it is observed that users are quite comfortable in accessing such websites or web applications. Simplified navigation of web pages and easy to understand information architecture to present data in readable format are the core highlights of AngularJS websites.

Are you interested in developing your next web development project using AngularJS? If yes, consider choosing AngularJS development services of Hidden Brains or hiring dedicated, experienced and talented AngularJS developers. These professionals exactly know how to develop exception web applications using AngularJS where data and view are separated according to the MVC pattern.

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