List of Best Free Ecommerce Platforms

What is an Ecommerce Platform?

Are you looking for the Top free Ecommerce platforms for your Online store? This is a really important decision, and one that is going to have a long-term effect on your online business going further. Here is the list of best Ecommerce platform list UK for Startups & Enterprises.

  1. WooCommerce
  2. Magento
  3. X-Cart
  4. Open Cart
  5. PrestaShop
  6. OsCommerce
  7. Drupal Commerce
  8. JigoShop 

In this competitive world, it is crucial to maintain an online presence for the business world. Conventional ways of shopping are changing with physical with online stores. As per Statista, in 2018, an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide purchase goods online. During the same year, global e-retail sales amounted to 2.8 trillion U.S. dollars and projections show a growth of up to 4.8 trillion U.S. dollars by 2021.

There are wide options for the businessmen to launch their online store, but to choose the right platform is a step towards success. Due to high demand for online stores, several retailers are relying on Ecommerce website development company to transform this process with frameworks, plugins, and platforms.

Today, we are going to introduce you to some popular platform which are easy to use and doesn’t require a highly experienced developer.

List of Best Ecommerce Platform UK to bring online stores


WooCommerce is an open-source WordPress plugin. It is free to download and easy to install. Startups and enterprises both can opt for Woo commerce platform for their website development. Developers have to integrate the theme from woocommerce official store and have to work on the content part. 

  • Launched on September 27, 2011
  • Written in PHP 
  • Ability to connect major payment gateways platforms 
  • User-Friendly and offers an extensive range of functions 
  • For advanced features, it provides premium versions also 



Magento is among one of the popular open-source Ecommerce platform. This platform offers extensive required features including sitemaps, coupons, and order tracking. Users have full authority to customized interference to reflect their style. Magento development services help businesses to uplift on the next level.

  • Based on CMS Platform 
  • Designed to support large enterprises 
  • Offers powerful and scalable features with unique search options 
  • Launch year – 2008 
  • Written in PHP language
  • Top companies are using the Magento platform – Coca Cola, Pepe Jeans, and Nike
  • Extensive plugin options as compared to other platforms


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Nearly 35,000 online stores are based on the X-Cart platform and this number is rapidly growing. X-cart is based on a self-hosted and open source feature.  It is a software that supports advanced requirements such as multilingual and multi-currency. 

  • Launched in the year 2001
  • Offers 24*7 support 
  • High secured platform 
  • Scalable
  • Offers a free trial for premium versions


Open Cart 

An open cart is among the active communities and preferred by small businesses to achieve their market goals. It is the first PHP shopping cart software. Developers can customize the whole website from scratch in shorter duration as compared to other platforms.  Open cart is known for its simplicity and offers the best service. 

  • Open Cart is free and lightweight
  • Offers best themes with zero cost 
  • Users are enabled to run multiple stores
  • Supports a huge volume of catalog
  • Number of Open Cart Online Store: 200,000+
  • Launched in the Year – 2009 
  • Supports different languages and currencies
  • Written in PHP language
  • General Public License



PrestaShop helps users to plan, execute and launch websites. Supports PHP programming language. It is easy to use and preferred by start-up companies. This platform is available in 60 different languages and 250,000 online stores are launched in the market. 

  • Based on open Source, CMS, and free platform 
  • User-Friendly interference
  • Effortless Inventory Management System 
  • Lightweight best Ecommerce platforms 
  • Emerged with the best collection of themes
  • Supports different payment gateways such as Paypal and Google Checkout. 
  • Launched in the 2007 year 
  • Easier Debugging
  • Top companies using it – Bein Manager Champagne De Lozey, and Tracia



OsCommerce is in the market since more than 15 years and 30,000 online stores are launched. It is among the oldest Enterprise Ecommerce platform and written in PHP language. Supports strong community with a quick set up and easy to customize feature. 

  • It has a blend of more than 7,000 features 
  • Supports advanced customization 
  • GNU General Public License
  • Companies using it – Ambi, Rebel collection, and Buy bies 
  • Users have access to various multiple plugins 
  • Secure product management service


Drupal Commerce

Drupal is the most common option for the Ecommerce development platform and it is considered as a competitor of the leading open-source CMS WordPress platform. Professionals state that it is among the best option to bring the best free Ecommerce platform UK with proper planning strategies. It supports by huge community. Drupal Commerce was designed only for professionals. Along with this, it is flexible, third party add-ons SEO friendly. 

  • Powerful free Ecommerce platform 
  • Strict development standards
  • Ensure high-quality output
  • Offer high speed and performance
  • Based on open source and free feature
  • Offer an extensive guide and video library
  • Easy to use administrative functions 
  • Integrated with inbuilt security feature 
  • Written in – PHP language 



JigoShop is a popular open-source e-commerce platform, this platform is used by half of the million users. They only charge for the templates but to invest in the templates are worth as it offers standard graphics to the users. JigoShop is the best choice for developers. 

  • With the JigoShop platform, it is easy to navigate. 
  • Users are enabled to purchase the add-ons and can integrate it for the extensive functionality. 
  • Offers High or Speedy Performance 
  • Easy to use interface 


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If you are also looking to convert your business into an online store, develop an Ecommerce website your own with these open source and free platforms. In order to select the best Ecommerce platform, take a stock of your business needs and priorities. To turn the website enrich and modern users can opt for the premium version.