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How Does Augmented Reality Technology works?

  • By Hidden Brains
  • September 25, 2019

how Does augmented reality technology work

Augmented Reality Technology Overview

We have stepped into the new era which is influenced by the digital revolution. Technologies have transformed our lifestyles and turned them into easier and faster. Emerging technologies are helping consumers and businesses to explore the real world in a different manner. 

There are numerous technologies that are improving dominance in different aspects. One such technology is Augmented Reality. It is a buzzword for enterprises looking to take user experience to the next level providing a highly immersive and intuitive way to explore real-world environments digitally via smart devices.

In this blog, we are going to provide valuable insights about trending Augmented Reality Technology and how does Augmented Reality work?.

Augmented Reality Definition: How does Augmented Reality Work

Augmented reality is also known as AR can turn the environment around you into the digital interface. AR offers the users an opportunity to explore the real world in an advanced way by enhancing the real objects with videos, 2D and 3D dimensional models, and information.

It delivers you an advanced experience with real objects with computer-generated images in a refined manner with the touch of advanced technologies.  

Market Size of Augmented Reality Technology

According to Statista, “Augmented reality market size worldwide in 2017, 2018 and 2025 is estimated to increase from roughly 3.5 billion to more than 198 billion U.S. dollars.” 

As per Deloitte Research paper, “The global AR market was estimated at $5.2 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach ~$27 billion by 2019. The increasing penetration of 4G—and prospectively 5G Technology , thanks to strong government as well as industry support in various countries—are key factors in achieving this forecasted growth.” 

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How Does Augmented Reality work

Increase Customer Engagement

AR helps to increase interest among users with their 2D and 3D dimensional models. It turns the information into an interactive and interesting manner. 

The best example is the e-commerce platform, with AR technology integration provides a seamless experience to users to preview the products in 2D and 3D dimensional, bringing enhancement in the real products and attracts the users, and peaks the curiosity to know more about products and gain information.   

Easy Visualisation 

Users can easily visualize the product with real images. AR offers an opportunity for the users to view the characteristics such as size and color, helping to make better decisions. 

If a customer wants to purchase a sofa and wants to have a preview of their place, they can easily integrate the sofa set into a real place image and have a preview of the space. They can go a step ahead and even change the color and size to create an ambiance of living room. In many industries including real estate, fashion, medicine, and retail, AR has helped to deliver end to end results. 

Unique Customer Experience

AR helps to offer high-level experience to the users which is unique to them. It helps businesses to improvise their image and reputation. Along with this, AR can turn as a tool to attract their customers. 

Types of Augmented Reality

  1. Marker-Based Augmented Reality
  2. Marker-less Augmented Reality
  3. Projection Augmented Reality
  4. Superimposition Based Augmented Reality

1. Marker-Based Augmented Reality

  • This type is also known as Image Recognition or Recognition based AR. 
  • It detects the information in front of the camera and provides more information about the product. 
  • This technology can be used for different purposes as per the market demands. 
  • Marker-Based Augmented Reality enhance the preview mode of the image by adding 3 D dimension to it. 
  • Users can preview the image from all angles and with the Zoom in the feature. 

2. Marker-less Augmented Reality

  • It is also known as location-based AR technology and useful for travelers. 
  • Marker-less Augmented Reality is a widely implemented technology in mobile applications across the world. 
  • With the location detection feature, it helps to explore the world. 
  • Marker-less Augmented Reality informs users regarding interesting places at their nearby locations. 
  • It provides all the information about the places or nearby locations on the user’s smartphones. 

3. Projection Augmented Reality 

  • Projection Augmented Reality is considered among the simplest AR technology. 
  • It is an appealing and interactive technology as it focuses only on the particular object and blows a light on the object that has to be highlighted in different forms. 
  • Customers can explore a particular object or product in depth. 

4. Superimposition Based Augmented Reality

  • Superimposition Based Augmented Reality is the latest technology of the AR. 
  • In this category, the replacement of an object or views from the picture can be held. 
  • Apps help customers to preview the real and virtual image with the place.

How Does Augmented Reality work?

Augmented Reality supports all screens and connected devices. 

Smartphones and Tablets 

Augmented Reality supports smartphones such as Android and iOS. The same goes for tablets and various applications are available on iPads. 

Users can easily click pictures from their cameras and they can add 3D dimensions or filter to the image. The modified image with various effects can turn the actual picture into appealing. Along with this, users can explore nearby places. 

PC and Connected Devices

Users can use web cameras on their laptops, PC and connected devices. It helps to manipulate a tracker from in front of the screen.  

Glasses and Lenses

Advanced glasses and lenses enable to change the experience of the users. With them, they can have a high level of experience. AR excludes reflections, as well as enables users to explore the advanced real world in the 3D dimension. In the market, 2D and 3D glasses are available for the customers to explore the real world uniquely. 


Augmented reality has turned as a revolution in the business world. It offers a next-generation experience to the customers, and they can explore the real-world and products uniquely. Every industry is looking for Augmented reality app development services to increase its business by offering a unique way to explore the products and services.

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