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Telemedicine app Development with its major Challenges

  • By Hidden Brains
  • October 27, 2020

Telemedicine-Apps- challenges

Telemedicine applications are also known as Telehealth. Undoubtedly, it has changed the face of the healthcare industry and turned the treatment process into more reliable,  hassle free, and advanced. Some how there are challenges of telemedicine application which we will discuss in this post.

In covid 19, telemedicine applications have turned as a boon to the world and have gained immense popularity among patients and doctors. Unsurprisingly, these applications have reshaped the healthcare industry and introduce remote based treatments for the patients.

According to Statista, The telemedicine market has grown significantly in recent years. As of 2019, the telemedicine global market was valued at some $45 billion U.S. dollars. The market is expected to grow significantly by 2026 and is expected to be valued at more than $ 175  billion U.S. dollars at that time.

But for hospitals and clinics, it is not easy to introduce their telemedicine based applications in the market. As we have opted for digitalisation but still patients are not that much advanced and hospital management, also can’t fully depend on the online solutions. 

However, in the future it is expected that telemedicine will turn into a future of the healthcare industry. In the present scenario, there are several benefits as well as different challenges that app owners have to overcome with. 

In this blog, let’s know about the telemedicine application development and its major Challenges that you should include in it to leverage the benefits. Apart from this, there are several challenges that the healthcare sector has to face. 

Telemedicine Apps 

Telemedicine applications offer remote medical treatments to the patients. It is considered as the best platform for the doctor and patient interaction from anywhere in the world. In covid 19, this solution offers great opportunities to the patients and doctors. It is beneficial for the hospitals, clinics and patients as it is offering virtual based treatments  as well as excludes repetitive tasks from the process, which allow doctors to focus on the real time patients only.

In the coming years, it is expected that the healthcare industry will be transformed to the telemedicine applications and users will be able to leverage the full potential of the digital advanced technologies. 

However, this application ensures to manage medical information as well as integrate test results to respond instant to the emergencies. 

Benefits of Telemedicine Applications 

These are the benefits of the telemedicine application, furthermore, let’s know the challenges that healthcare app development company have to face in the development process.  

  • Feasible Medical Care
  • Full Time Availability of Medical Services
  • Automated Process of Admin Processes 
  • Proper Medical Storage 
  •  Time Efficient Medical care 

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Challenges of Telemedicine application

1.  UI/UX Attributes

The foremost and major challenge that web developers have to face is in the designing aspect. In other application development services, they are not confined with the design but here users are with the purpose to get the medical treatments. Designers have to keep the attributes simple as well as they have to focus on easy to use design as compared to other applications.

Apart from this, the challenge isn’t overcome here. Designers have to focus on two different panels 

  1. Doctor Panel 
  2. Patient Panel

They have to put high and double efforts to design the application. App designers have to design the layout with the perspective of both patients and doctors even though they should design both the panels differently.  

2. Adaptability and Transparency 

This is the major challenge, in the present scenario, the system can’t be fully relied on for the medical treatments on the telemedicine applications. However, the main motive of telemedicine applications is to introduce virtual treatments for the patients and bring virtual hospitals as well as clinics. The telemedicine application’s main motive is to provide access to the doctors and patients to consult on the applications only from anywhere and anytime. Patients have to visit the hospitals and clinics in the case of emergencies only. 

But still, there is a lack of trust and transparency, for this type of system, doctors should be fully reliable and users should be proficient in using the technologies. It could be expected that it will take time. Apart from this, still, patients also don’t have full trust in the treatments which they are opting for online. Their mindset is to visit hospitals and get better treatment with an effective communication process. 

Presently, there is a lack of adaptability as well as trust but in the future, when the world will transform into more digitalization, then it could be expected that telemedicine will be the only way to get medical treatments accurately. 

3. Technical Training 

When hospitals and clinics introduce their telemedicine mobile applications, it’s their responsibility to train their staff with the different technical attributes of the online solution. However, it requires proper training and understanding. This may lead to risking the medical facilities and patient treatments as it enhances the risk for the error with the untrained staff and results in poor services.

4. Lack of Internet Connectivity

The world has become advanced and technologies are ruling on human beings but still, connectivity is not that much advanced. The speed of Internet connectivity can be considered as the next major challenge for the hospitals and clinics.  Telemedicine features are dependent on virtual visits and it introduced video conferencing and calls. It requires proper internet connectivity. 

How to develop the Telemedicine Applications

Patient-Related Functionalities in Telemedicine Apps

  • Registration via the different mode ( Mail, Social Media accounts, and many more) 
  • Patient profile 
  • Smart Search to find the doctors in the particular area and reviews 
  • Appointments and calendar
  • Communication
  • Geolocation ( Integrate navigation) 
  • Payment with different platforms 
  • Notifications
  • Rating and review

Doctor – Related Functionalities in Telemedicine Apps

  • Doctor profile
  • Scheduling and calendar
  • Live Chat to communicate with their teams 
  • EHR review
  • Medical prescription
  • Easy access to the reports of the patients 


Telemedicine applications are highly popular and in demand. It is expected that in the future this platform will rule the industry. If you are also planning to launch your telemedicine application, then there are the major challenges that owners might face. Apart from this, to launch the powerful and successful applications in the market integrate these essential functionalities. 

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