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Education IT Solutions for Interactive Learning Experiences

  • By Hidden Brains
  • August 17, 2018

Education IT Solutions

Studying the education industry closely, it is observed that there is a wide gap between the learning that education imparts and the expected skill sets of students after completing the education course. Education IT solutions are aimed to bridge this gap by leveraging the potential of emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.  

When experts of the industry analyzed the issue in-depth, they figured out some key elements that are responsible for this gap in education.

  • Lack of interactivity
  • Low student engagement
  • Inability to explain complex topics in theoretical language
  • No scope for personalized learning

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In this blog, we shall know how can education IT solutions address these issues.

Breakthrough Education IT Solutions: Breaking Traditional Silos

Advancements in technology can be utilized in the education industry for improving the knowledge exchange process. Students can feel more empowered with the new education IT solutions and E-Learning development process that impart learning just in the way desired by them.

Live Video Streaming

Online training where the uploaded video is used to teach lessons to students has not given good results. In response to this failure, education specialists have come up with another option of conducting live video streaming where teachers and students can interact with each other in real-time.

Educators can speak on selected topics and their followers can communicate with them in the live online space.  The interactive atmosphere built by live video streaming solutions has proven results of improving engagement with students and making learning a two-way process.

Augmented Learning Experience

AR applications for education are the most popular education IT solutions. Invasion of technology in education has made learning interactive and collaborative. AR apps for education enhance the knowledge sharing process by making lessons more immersive, fun and engaging for students.

It is possible for students to view 3D models of static diagrams through AR apps. For those who cannot imagine and learn on their own, AR apps prove to be handy. Augmented Reality technology is used to build education IT solutions that enable students to make interactive presentations or models. Teachers can use such apps in their classroom training to explain and highlight the specific capabilities of a product.

Artificial Intelligence

The capabilities of AI are used for the creation of E-learning software solutions to make learning more accessible to students. Following are some of the ways in which AI is contributing to the education industry:

  • Robots powered by AI have the capability to generate high-quality digital content, which helps to digitize textbooks and create customizable learning digital interfaces.
  • AI-based education IT solution allows for the creation of a digital curriculum (video and audio) and content to be accessed across a variety of devices with the help of an online assistant.
  • Apart from helping students, AI-based education IT solutions also help institutions and organizations to automate or speed up administrative tasks by reducing the time spent on tedious tasks. This allows faculty members to spend more time on each individual student.
  • Virtual online assistant help in tutoring a student based on difficulties they are facing while studying from the class material. These assistants break down the textbook material into flashcards and smart study guides for easier and fast learning.

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On a Concluding Note…

Several educational institutions have already adopted these futuristic technologies to improve classroom teaching and learning experience. The final aim of implementing education IT solutions is to make students understand their lessons quickly, clearly and without much difficulty. Apart from the education IT solutions mentioned in the blog, there are several others too that makes students’ lives easier and improves the way lecturers run their classrooms.

Hidden Brains is a leading educational app development company helping educational institutes, tutors and students to improve the overall knowledge-sharing process with effective education IT solutions. We give wings to your education system with innovative and unique e-learning practices, virtual classrooms, interactive distance learning programs and educational games.

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