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Best Practises of WordPress Development

  • By Hidden Brains
  • November 24, 2021

Best Practises of WordPress Development

WordPress is the popular CMS platform that has also turned out to be the foremost choice for entrepreneurs. This platform offers next-generation functionalities to the users that help meet the market trends and customer expectations. To meet your targeted audience and business ROI, you must know about the best practises of WordPress development.

It offers extensive and modern features to the users that are powered by the latest technologies such as voice search optimization, multipurpose themes, and interactive 3-dimensional videos. Undoubtedly, with the modern integrated technological advancements, WordPress development services allow businesses to scale the new heights.

According to the sources,” WordPress now powers 40.0% of websites, with a 40.0% share in the CMS market. Besides being the most widely-used CMS, WordPress is also the fastest growing. Of the top 10 million websites online, more than 500 sites built each day are powered by WordPress (versus 60-80/day that is built on managed platforms such as Shopify or Squarespace.”

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Adding to that, WordPress powers 14.7% of the world’s top websites.

WordPress is known as the ever-evolving platform that offers robust and dynamic web development solutions. It is based on open source functionality that allows experts to update the code according to the latest market demands, and developers can modify it according to their project requirements.

In order to leverage all the benefits of the WordPress development, the developers need to opt for best practices that allow them to deliver solutions that can sustain for a longer duration and perform better as per customer expectations.

In this blog, we have covered the best WordPress development practices that developers should know and their benefits in the project.

Best Practises of WordPress Development – Every developer should know

Focus on Responsive Design

The only point that developers have to focus on is responsive design. The interactive user interface is the new market demand and a key to launching successful solutions to the users. Undoubtedly, it allows programmers to sort the several issues of the websites and helps to increase user interaction. This will also make your mobile applications user-friendly and improve the ranking on the different search engines.

Keep up with the Latest Trends

The technology industry is ever-evolving and offers next-level experience to the users. Experts used to update the functionalities and attract users’ attention, they used to launch new features that also became a trend for some upcoming days. It is important that developers keep them updated with the latest trends introduced in the market to meet the industry standards. Presently, intelligent bot integration and next-level designs are the dominating trends that attract user attention.

Know about latest Security Trends

Security is the next primary concern of the developers as well as entities. To make the solutions more secure, experts update the security-based technologies constantly, allowing to secure the information from hackers as well as different virus attacks. It is an essential practice that developers should know about the latest security trends launched in the market.

Advanced technologies and best practices can reduce the risk of leaking information and attacks in the IT systems. It improves security services, allows users to keep the information fully confidential, and provides complete control to only website owners to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

On a constant basis, experts used to find new ways and deliver advanced security techniques to make the solutions more secure and reliable, which helps them prevent the data and all information from hackers. Developers must know about this practise and opt for it daily, to meet the latest security trends, they should update them with the latest techniques as well as have their unique strategy that adds one more skill to their WordPress development process.

User Friendly

In order to improve user experience, developers can integrate advanced and technical functionalities as well as focus on the significant attribute that WordPress solutions should be based on the user-friendly feature.

The user-friendly solutions refer to the websites and applications that users can leverage the functionalities without any technical knowledge.

WordPress developers should make sure that users should not face any difficulties browsing the websites and can easily reach their requirements. They should design the solutions so that users with basic computer skills can browse applications, and they shouldn’t require any specific or advanced features.

Testing Code in WordPress

Developers used to integrate many new features, plugins, child themes, and many more. They must consider the testing process more seriously. They should opt for the test-driven development (TDD) methods to deliver error-free and successful code to run the solutions faster.

Developers should also opt for the functionality, integration, and user acceptance testing that ensures they deliver successful solutions in the market without any error and allow them to meet the users’ expectations. With the right strategy of the testing process, developers can detect the errors on the initial stage and fix them on the early stage only that helps them launch high performance and functionality-based solutions to their users without any defaults.


WordPress is the most popular platform and is considered the most accessible way to launch your website in the market. It is easy to use and maintain to take its all benefits. Developers must opt for the best practices that are important for the development process that allows them to deliver robust and secure solutions in the market.

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