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Infographics : Importance and Benefits of WordPress in 2022

  • By Hidden Brains
  • April 21, 2022

Benefits of WordPress

It is quite natural to have a hard time figuring out which content management system to opt for when you have taken on the project to either revamp a website that already exists or create a website for your brand from scratch. In most cases similar to this, people resort to WordPress. While WordPress may have originally been used solely for the purpose of blogging, it is now one of the most reliable website-building platforms that provide an efficient content management system. WordPress is your best friend if you are planning to create websites – be it the simple kind or any kind of eCommerce marketplace that needs huge exposure. It will definitely help you to read about benefits of WordPress and explore its important features.

Some Impressive Facts About WordPress

Some Impressive Facts About WordPress

Importance of WordPress in 2022

WordPress as a complete CMS software has been gaining rapidly increasing popularity for quite some time. This is because it makes creating HTML seem feasible even to those who have a more or less moderate knowledge of computer operations. Its ease of usage is one of the most important reasons why it is more popular than contemporary CMS software. Thus you can work with WordPress with just the basic knowledge of computer applications and utilize its content management features even if you have low to moderate knowledge of coding and other IT techniques. WordPress has made sure that your proficiency in technology does not decide whether or not you would be able to create good content.

WordPress CMS Features:

WordPress CMS Features

Benefits of WordPress To Look Out For

  • Ease of Installation and Navigation

The procedure for the installation and setup of WordPress lasts only 5 minutes, which makes it pretty simple for beginners. It is flexible enough to provide simple yet extensive features so that content creation is possible with minimal technical shortcomings. It provides you with tutorials too so that things like putting up a new post become easier.

  • The Cost Factor

Yes, that’s true. Downloading, installing, and using WordPress will not cost you anything. Get hold of a domain name and plan for hosting your website and you can create any type of website you want, absolutely free of cost. While this can be done by yourself, it is always safer to seek help from professional WordPress Development Services.

  • Easily and Completely Customizable

WordPress users can now create their own WordPress design templates and other WordPress additional plug-ins that can be easily customized to provide a professional setup. The ability to incorporate features as per your requirements will surely help the CMS-driven website.

  • Media Uploader on WordPress

Media Uploader on WordPress

  • It is Safe and Secure

You can completely rely on WordPress when it comes to the safety and security of the website or blog you have created on WordPress. In a word, WordPress Security is difficult to breach. WordPress provides a wide variety of security plug-ins that might make WordPress an even more secure website development platform.

  • It is SEO-Friendly

Imagine creating a great website or content, but not having a sufficient number of visitors or search engine traffic on your website. This is not going to happen in the case of WordPress, because it was made keeping all these factors in mind. Due to the high-quality code, it’s made of, WordPress sites rank higher than most other websites in search engines like Google.

  • It is Permanent

Did you know that WordPress is open-source software? Put simply, this means that WordPress is here to stay! WordPress is not managed by one single individual or company. This means that even if this website gets deleted or is closed down, then anyone can just access the code for it and start it under another name. This is why you should always hire open source developers while creating your website.

Benefits of WordPress/Open-Source Developer

Benefits of Open-Source Developer


If you want to develop a fully functional and secure website for your business, it is important to partner with WordPress development company that provides complete support throughout the development lifecycle.

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Best Practises of WordPress Development

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