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Why Should You Switch to WordPress Development for Creating Your Websites?

  • By Hidden Brains
  • March 25, 2022

WordPress development

Getting a website is relatively easy but choosing the right technology for building it is always a question for many. There are many tools available for both the no-code development of websites and the development of a programming language. Before selecting the open source for your website, please explore benefits of WordPress development in 2022.

Some famous tools like Joomla, Shopify, Magento, Wix allow developers to build websites without any hassle. If you want to make an eCommerce platform, you can try using Shopify, which would help you run an online store, but you can’t use it to make ordinary websites or blogs. If you want to build them, one such important tool is WordPress.

WordPress is a CMS software that allows developers to create websites, ranging from blog websites to eCommerce websites. As per statistics, approximately 80 percent of the websites were built using WordPress and availed WordPress Development services. Some of the reasons why most people consider WordPress for website development.

Top 11 Important reasons to use WordPress Development in 2022

Here is the complete list of WordPress benefits in 2022 to build a complete end-to-end solution for your company.

1. It is quite cost effective

No matter what website you want to build, be it a personal blog or a startup website, it is always zero cost to make a website. They don’t charge any extra penny even if your website starts to get some additional traffic.

Since WordPress is an open-source web development platform, you can improve source code and design your website accordingly. Also, if you are looking to hire open source developers to develop your website, you can easily find them on freelance marketplaces.

2. Search Engine Friendly

The website is SEO friendly. Some of the big search engines like Bing or Google always try to rank your website higher compared to other websites built using different platforms. The reason for this is, the CMS framework of WordPress is relatively easy to crawl and index. This is one of the most important WordPress benefits in 2022.

3. It is easy to adapt

Although you will find many people taking WordPress for granted, but it’s not. WordPress is quite easy to use and offers a variety of plugins and extensions that might help you scale your small businesses, such as eCommerce or blogs. Hence, it is pretty good to hire open source developers.

4. It is quite Safe and Secure

The architecture of WordPress is designed in such a way that it prevents any hacks. The security measures are taken flawlessly without any hacks. The developers of WordPress constantly do research and improve the platform. But there is also some caution that users need to take. They should always try to use third-party tools which are trusted.

5. Customizable

As mentioned previously, All the themes and WordPress are customizable, and you do not need to have to use the themes which are already there. You can also make your themes and add certain features per your requirements.

6. Mobile-Friendly

Search Engines like Google use the mobile-friendliness of any website for ranking it. Hence it is quite essential that while you make a website, you develop it in such a way that it should be compatible with mobile devices. But WordPress doesn’t require that; they automatically make your website responsive without any extra effort.

7. It is quite easy to use

You do not need to be an expert coder to build websites. Basic knowledge of how WordPress works would help you to make some great websites. Also, many new forums have been made that allow newbies to learn and ask their doubts about WordPress development, making the community quite strong. Also, the user experience and user interface are pretty intuitive.

8. Offers multimedia support

If you want to integrate some multimedia into your website, WordPress allows you to do that easily. You can easily add and upload multimedia on your own. Or also, you can embed the HTML code to insert any audio or image file to your website.

9. It always makes your site look quite new

If you want, you can change the look of your website anytime. You can also reuse your free or premium templates to make them a new design. It is pretty great to give your website a refreshing look. Also, this will help you to gain some new customers and retain them for longer.

10. Allows you to Add multiple yours to manage your website

One of the reasons why the importance of WordPress is quite immense is that it gives you the complete freedom of choosing people who would like to help you with the development process. Some of the roles that you can assign to people are as follows.

  • Super Admin: It has all the access to the website.
  • Administrator: It can have only administrative rights
  • Editor: It can publish all the blog posts and edit them whenever they want.
  • Authors: they can manage and publish their blogs and posts conveniently.
  • Contributor: You can control and write various blogs and posts and ask administrators to approve them.
  • Subscribers: They are the people who can view the authors provide or add to their profiles.

Such roles have been quite beneficial for the people who work as a team but don’t want everyone to have full accessibility rights.

11. Write testimonials

Testimonials help to attract new customers. Having testimonials on the website would allow you to establish a connection between you and your prospective buyers. Hence displaying them on your website is always advantageous. If you are looking to add, WordPress offers you a variety of plugins that you can use.


As you can read all the above points, in summary, WordPress is the one-stop solution for developers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers to make their website without any hassle. All the 10 points mentioned above talk about the importance of WordPress, which can help you to use WordPress in the best way possible. Many WordPress Development Services are available that you can hire to get consultation and development services.

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