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Guide for WordPress : Plugins, Advantages and WordPress Features

  • By Hidden Brains
  • November 12, 2019

WordPress Features And Advantages of WordPress

More than 60 million websites are empowered by WordPress 

WordPress features make this platform  most popular for website development. Originally, this platform was launched in May 2003. It is based on the content management system, The main advantages of WordPress is that it is written in PHP language. 

To manage WordPress development services, users don’t require any technical knowledge. Apart from this, WordPress offers various extensive features, which decreases the reliance on developers. 

This popular platform helps to bring customized, robust and easy to manage websites for any Domain users, whether it is the Healthcare, Retail IT solutions, Manufacturing, Social Networking, Logistics, eCommerce, Education & Elearning, Online Booking and Travel & Hospitality. 

Facts to Know about WordPress: 

  • Released on 23 May 
  • Known as CMS Solution 
  • Supports multi-user and multi blogging 
  • Popular websites on WordPress – CNN, Forbes, and The New Yorker
  • Offer 45,000 free plugins. 

In this Blog Post: Guide to WordPress website, WordPress features and advantages of WordPress, we will give you the best reasons to opt for the WordPress platform. Here is the full guide of the WordPress with its advantages, features, tools, and plugins.

This infographic will provide details of the rise of WordPress in the enterprise world.

Infographic: WordPress & the Rise in Enterprise World

Copy the code to include this detailed info-graphic of WordPress for Enterprise Business on your blog or page:

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-12672" src="https://www.hiddenbrains.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Enterprise-WordPress-Solutions-00-01-0998-min.jpg" alt="Infographic: WordPress &amp; the Rise in Enterprise World" width="870" height="5402" />

Advantages of WordPress Platform 

WordPress is Open Source and Free 

WordPress is based on open source and free characteristics. Experts from all over the world constantly upgrade this platform with the latest technologies and features. Along with this, WordPress can be downloaded and installed free of cost. Users don’t have to pay for any  “pro” version or usage fees to the WordPress. 


This is easy to use platform. With WordPress, users can develop and launch websites without having any technical knowledge. It can be used by anyone who has basic computer language. This platform has an inbuilt dashboard through which users can easily manage the website with webpages or blogs that can be posted and published easily.


WordPress is considered as the most secure platform. The updated version of WordPress offers security updation links to the users.  As it is open source developers have already integrated it with the latest technologies. Before updating the security version, take a back up of the current version as it will help to restore the information if there is any failure in the future. 

Community Support 

WordPress offers huge community support, it has an active community. Many developers from all around the world are with WordPress and offer reliable support to the users. Apart from this, there are various videos and tutorials are available on the net. 

WordPress Features 

Drag and Drop 

To add media content including images and videos is easy with WordPress. As to add media, WordPress offers a drag-and-drop media file option. Users can easily drag and drop the files from one place to another and publish it to the website. Hence, to publish media files becomes easier and effortless for the users. 

SEO Friendly 

WordPress provides various tools that sort out the SEO issues. It helps to optimize web pages and web posts on search engines with proper keyword targeting, meta tags, meta title, and meta description.  SEO tools help you to optimize and rank the content on various search engines. 

Integration to Social Media 

WordPress allows easy integration with different social media channels, along with this, it helps to manage various social media activities. Hence, it 

allows effortless promotion can be held on different social media channels. Along with this, multiple posts can be shared on different social media platforms. 

Alert Notification 

WordPress sends regular updation in the form of Email to the users. They don’t miss any information related to their accounts, including upgrading and registration of the new user to the platform. Even WordPress notifies about the commenting and likes of the users. 

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Essential Plugins to know about WordPress


Every business website requires a contact form to get the details of the customer. WPForms is the best WordPress form plugin, which can be easily integrated with drag and drop features. 

  • WPForms offers various types of contact forms such as online order forms, email subscriptions, and contact forms with name, email, and phone number details. 
  • More than 2Million websites integrated this tool to their websites. 
  • WPForms helps to take all the information of the customers. 


MonsterInsights is among one of the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress.  With this plugin, WordPress users can know how their website users are interacting with websites. MonsterInsights plugin helps to know how people are using the website. 

  • This WordPress plugin helps to know the traffic on the websites. 
  • Number of Downloads: Over 12million. 
  • It offers advanced analytics tracking features.


Live chat is the best marketing tool to run the WordPress website. It helps in surveys and to sort out the customer’s query instantly. This tool can be integrated with various email marketing platform also. With the integration of this tool, it helps to save time and instantly provide response to the users. 

  • Appealing look 
  • Mobile Responsive 
  • Improves user experience 
  • Adds to the chatbox 

Lazy Load by WP Rocket

Lazy Load by WP Rocket helps to maintain the most crucial part of the website, which we used to skip in the process meanwhile in managing other features. It helps to manage the speed of the website. 

  • With this plugin, heavy images can only visible when visitors visit the website. 
  • Helps to improve the speed of the website by reducing the number of HTTP requests. 
  • This plugin itself is very lightweight and offers high performance. 

Easy Google Font 

The website font plays an imperative role. If your theme doesn’t support the font system, integrate the easy Google font plugin to control your website’s typography. 

  • Offers 600+ fonts 
  • Easy to use a plugin 
  • Preview Modification 
  • Preview Real-Time alterations 
  • Users don’t have to do coding or editing to the main stylesheet. 
  • Theme updation doesn’t lose your customization of fonts. 

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WordPress offers huge features and plugins, it’s on users how they want to bring their business websites. Advantages of WordPress is that web developers can customize the platform as per their requirements and launch the website as per their suitability. Along with this, entities can also hire WordPress website development companies to bring professional websites to mark their online presence in the digital world.

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