Best Health Apps And Medical Apps For Patients

With the advent of technologies, our lives have turned easier than ever before. Technology has turned into a boon for the healthcare sector, and several innovative solutions help to offer next generation services to the users. 

Now, those days are gone, when patients have to wait in long lines for their appointments or purchase medicines from the stores, and the risks of misunderstandings due to handwritings have been reduced. There are many different types of best health apps for the users to maintain their health and lifestyle in an accurate manner. 

Patients can leverage hassle free services by downloading different types of medical apps for patients in their smartphones. In today’s fast-paced  lives, in order to be fit and streamline your medical processes, it is essential that you should know about these types of healthcare apps, which helps you to make your lives easier. Best health apps such as Telemedicine and ordering apps, helps to deliver medical  services on fingertips.

Best Health Apps – Every Smartphone User Should Have

Medical Appointment Scheduling App 

Every hospital and clinic should launch their medical appointment mobile apps. It helps them to streamline the appointment process in an efficient way. This type of medical apps for patients offers seamless experience to the patients and doctors. 

With these types of apps, patients can easily book their appointments with the doctors. However, now this process is not that lengthier as it was before. Users only have to download the best health apps from Google play or App Store, fill their details and can leverage the several features of the healthcare apps from anywhere and at any time. 

  • Book the appointment with the preferred doctor 
  • Choose their time as per the slots available 
  • Enable to coordinate with cloud based online calendar 
  • Send reminders to both patient and doctor about the appointment in the form of several notifications such as push notification, SMS, and E-mail. 
  • Patients can overview the reviews and feedbacks of the doctors, it helps them to get the best service 

Medicine Ordering Apps

Get your medicines at your doorstep, now users don’t have to worry about their medicines such as they have to and purchase it. In the tech world, this process has also turned more easier. Users only have to upload the prescription on the app, or choose the medicines from the list and order them. This is an easier process to order your medicines with simple few clicks on your smartphone screens. 

  • Saves time of the patients
  • Enhanced medical services 
  • It also reminds as per the medicine timing 
  • Easy smart search 
  • Excludes risk by proper communication process 
  • Enjoy discounts and rewards as per your last orders or particular pharmacy business strategies 
  • Track real time orders and easy navigation 
  • Hassle free payments by different payment modes

Telemedicine Mobile Applications 

Telemedicine mobile applications offer an opportunity to deliver the best health care to your patients. This is the trend of the healthcare industry. By launching this app, you can launch your own clinic virtually. It is blended with several service features and provides remote based treatments also. It is considered as the best way to treat patients online. 

  • Live chat and video consultation 
  • Seamless patient history records 
  • Manage patient profile effectively 
  • Offers doctor profile with experience to the patients 
  • Online medical prescription 
  • Manage appointments 
  • Provide feedbacks and reviews 
  • Online consultation 
  • Smart search turns the flawless experience 
  • Remind patients for their medicines and next date appointment with doctor 
  • Effortless and secure payment 

Fitness Tracking Apps

We all know that human beings’ lives have turned into hectic schedules, they don’t have proper time even to manage their health. Meanwhile they miss the most essential thing to focus on and that is health. It is important to focus on your fitness, but due to your hectic schedule,if you are not able to do so, then your smartphone can help you to manage your daily routine health. 

There are many healthcare apps introduced in the market, which helps users to maintain their right fitness routine. 

  • Integrated with sleep tracker 
  • Record your diet 
  • Track your water intake
  • Online consultation with experts 
  • Reminds you to take water, food, and sleep 
  • Personalized user experience
  • Offers quick, instant,and easy recipes, which helps you to stay fit and healthy. 
  • Instructive exercise tips 
  • Plan new strategies to keep users motivated 
  • Forms a online community 
  • Different activities to make the exercise sessions interactive 
  • Interactive live sessions by experts 
  • Deliver progress chart on weekly and monthly basis. 

Hospital Wayfinding Apps

Finding ways have always been a challenge for the people, anyways but with real time GPS tracker now this issue has been sorted. However, to add value to your services, integrate way finding features to your best health apps. 

WayFinding Feature 

Still we had an opportunity to find the places with GPS, but now hospitals are so wider that patients often lose their ways even indoors. Let your patients find their ways indoors also now, and make the reaching process easier for them. 

  • Help them to find the place by proper visualisation of the places like the waiting room and surgery room 
  • This app can be used by age groups
  • No language barrier, it is designed in such a way that everyone can find the way
  • Works in offline mode also and can leverage the power of ibeacon technology also
  • Overlayed turn-by-turn directions
  • Compatible with all devices

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These are the different types of mobile applications, which are offering hassle free services to the patients. Along with this, these healthcare apps are beneficial for the hospital and clinics as it delivers flawless experience to the users. Apart from this, mobile applications don’t only help in hospitals and clinics. It also helps in patient consultation.