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Unexplored Simple Mobile App Ideas to Grow your Business

  • By Hidden Brains
  • January 18, 2021

Simple Mobile App Ideas

Simple mobile app ideas have played a crucial role in the success of smartphones. Several factors such as new hardware capabilities, technological advancement, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and backend platforms are driving the change. Simple app idea development is not just about whether to go for native vs hybrid. Whether you are looking to partner with an Android apps development company to build an app that will rule the Google Playstore or cross-platform app to provide maximum ubiquity, it is about pushing the mobile apps revolution’s limits.

Mobility is giving an entirely new meaning to enterprise app development solutions. The growing influence of Emerging Technologies such as Artificial intelligence, IoT, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are taking both consumer and enterprise apps to the next level. IDC predicts that enterprises’ adoption of mobile apps will double in the next two years and the majority of enterprises will increase their spending.


Our Experts Can Help You Build Robust And Scalable Mobile Applications

We’re seeing the complete evolution right from highly complex, multidimensional apps, to single-use and voice-driven apps.

  • Nowadays simple app ideas are adopting the newest technologies like augmented reality.
  • Self-care apps, a subcategory of health & fitness group were the most trending apps of 2018 by Apple.
  • The usage of m-commerce apps has more than doubled last year along with increased amounts of money users spend there.
  • Corporate education apps are a big opportunity for the e-learning industry.
  • Music & video streaming apps dominate the top-grossing apps list.
  • Global consumer spending on entertainment and streaming apps will significantly grow by a whopping 460 percent from in-app subscriptions to streaming services.

Identify The Real Problem

mobile apps for business are not just about using the latest technologies rather about mobile app ideas.  Look for problems and see if you could find solutions. Conduct SWOT analysis and try to bridge the gap or equip yourself with innovative ways of solving problems. Simple mobile app ideas strike us at the most unlikely times and when least expected. It is all about nailing down winning Simple app ideas eventually.

Share your app idea with people who are ready to give feedback and listen. Don’t be afraid of sharing and be ready for criticism.  It’s always better to seek other people’s opinions on your app idea to overcome any personal favouritism you might have.

Make a Minimum Viable Product

Once you have finalized the main features and functionality and analyze the market needs, you can create your MVP. Keep in mind that a prototype needs to fulfil your customer’s needs. Therefore, it must be easy to use and engaging for your users.

MVP allows you to test the core assumptions behind mobile app ideas, with an audience that tends to be more forgiving of shortcomings and more likely to give you valuable feedback.

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Here are Unique and Simple Mobile App Ideas to Watch Out

Social Media Integration

It is a common phenomenon and Simple App Ideas which is well established by several reports. People follow brands and get updates and reviews for their shopping from various social media platform pages. Social media app integration offers various opportunities for businesses to grow.  

  • Helps to connect people with the brand.
  • Companies get a platform to target huge audiences. 
  • Increase brand awareness. 
  • Target customers on the global level.
  • Increase website traffic. 

Integrate POS Software

POS Software (Point-of-Sale Software) helps to manage multiple stores to the businesses. With the integration of POS, multiple workflows can be managed. Along with saving time and money, this simple app idea in integrating POS software also helps to increase the sales.

  • Inventory Management
  • Payment Management 
  • Return Management 
  • Manage Customer Loyalty Program
  • Improves customer experience 
  • Update information easily and instantly
  • Smart billing  

Real-Time Information 

In such cases, GPS integration allows gaining real-time information so users can track their orders and know the status of their orders. By providing real-time information systems, businesses introduce transparency to their system and improve the efficiency of their system. 

Now, many services have turned to the doorstep service and many customers need to know the location. GPS integration has wide benefits like in courier & shipping customers can track their orders that where it has reached and till receive can know till when their orders can reach to them. For delivering food, drives can easily to the destination, and customers track the driver’s locations. GPS integration helps in many ways to the business world and has turned into a progressive step. 

Feedback Box

Feedbacks are important for businesses and it increases customer satisfaction also. After providing services or in any way offer an option to the customers to provide feedback with ratings for the service. Reviews and feedback help to improve service and gauge customer’s opinions. It will help businesses to improve their services and future strategies. 

Integrate Chatbot

One of the trending apps ideas are Chatbots integration, It is an advanced feature and that helps to improve user engagement. Bots act like human beings and respond instantly to customers. It is designed in a way that can handle multiple customers at a time, bots turn the communication process easier, faster, and accurate. 

  • Helps to increase user experience 
  • Target wider audience 
  • Assist customers in shopping 
  • Conduct survey and pool 

Mobile Wallet Integration

Users prefer to have simple payment methods, they don’t want to opt for the complex ones. The integration of secure mobile wallets is the requirement of the mobile applications, with only a few clicks users can proceed to the check out process. It helps to increase user experience. 

  • Easy check out procedure for the users 
  • Introduce a cashless system to the users 
  • For a small business, it is helpful to reach wider audiences 
  • Introduce user’s with the modern world and with advanced technologies

Flashback App

What if there was an app that could give you exact details of what you were doing in the past. By using an app would inform what you were doing on a specific day at any given time. With this app, users can know what exactly you did, where you went, and with whom you met.

Voice Language Translation App

Sometimes words are lost in translation. This app idea will help translate the true meaning of words spoken by a person in real-time. These Simple app ideas will make it very easy and convenient to understand different languages without the need for actual human intervention or translation.  

Brand Identifier App

Have you visited a store and come across products of brands that you haven’t heard about? But, do you wish to buy the product? This App idea can help users to actually buy products by simply scanning the brand logo and getting all relevant information/review and ratings. This will invariably help customers make an informed decision.

App that is your Critic

Did you break your diet schedule, missed workouts,s or gave a skip to piano lessons? How about an app that tracks your mistakes and gives you a dashboard of mistakes about what you did right and wrong.  This app will help you highlight mistakes and give you the right suggestions.

User-Generated Content with Live Video

It is an era of video & music streaming. Most are subscription-based models, demonstrating the money-making potential of the industry is evident. Although video apps are entertainment-focused, enabling user-generated content. Live video streaming is a way for a broader audience coverage and higher engagement.

AR Floor Planner App

This innovative measurement application for real estate agents and architecture is used to measure and draw floor plans to provide an accurate estimate of the cost related to the renovation of the property. Concerning sales, AR apps, and similar apps allow prospective buyers or tenants to visualize the new property and improve user experience.

AR User Manual

An immersive 3D experience integrated with AR technology will dramatically improve the retention of information. AR user manual might shape the way information is shared in an interactive way with step by step virtual guide.

Budgeting Travel App

While there are several finance and budgeting apps in the app world, this unique budgeting app completely analyzes bank account and expenses to suggest the best possible travel destination and itinerary.

Order Delivery Aggregator

Those days are gone, when you had to wait for the postman to come along with your courier parcels. Now, technology has made a drastic change in their lives. With such mobile app ideas, it is easy to track the real-time location. However, now with Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and Victoria’s Secret apps users can easily track or check the availability status of the packages with the same app. But in this hectic schedule, users don’t have time to track different orders.

In order to sort out this issue, excluding the step of each and every order tracking on individual apps, experts have introduced order delivery aggregator based apps for the users. The order delivery aggregator app helps to collectively view all your status orders. Users can get access to several apps, through its order history, this app will automatically update users via push notifications or when they access the app they will get real-time information about the orders. With the order delivery aggregator app, it saves time for the users, and they can track real-time status effortlessly.

Users can even track the orders with the particular ID number of the name of the package with a smart search option available on the app.

Proximity Based File Sharing App

Now there are several modes available to extract data, which leads to an increase in the amount of data. Sharing data securely can be a challenge for users. However, with the file-sharing app, users can share the data easily with their smartphones and with multiple channels such as Bluetooth, Wifi. This app helps to even send the data to a group of people easily. Furthermore, the same purpose can be achieved with AirDrop, which allows sending data locally. It is the easiest way to share data with a group of people.

Home Cooked Meal On-Demand App

Now, cooking is not a big challenge and users don’t have to rely on anyone for instructions. Now, with a home-cooked food on-demand people can cook healthy food easily and follow a routine diet. All types of food are available on this. It can be considered as a simple marketplace styled app.

Gifts For Friends (Base on Data)

Gifting is the best way to express love and care. However, finding gifts is also the next challenge as it is essential that gifts should be liked by the other person. You have to get the present for the other person as per their likes and dislikes. With the Gifts For Friends app, on the basis of social media profile, this app has the ability to suggest gifts on the basis of likes and dislikes. It turns easier to select gifts and helps to get recommendations about the gifts.

Tip Calculator App 

The tip calculator app is the must-have app. People can’t carry a calculator with them all the time, and they have to calculate many things in a day. The tip calculator app can turn into a boon for the users.

Virtual Study Group App 

Virtual study group apps allow students to connect with each other. They can connect from anywhere and share their ideas and opinions. It will help them to grow in all manner.

Simple Checkout Process 

In this world, no one prefers to stand in the long queues and wait for their turn. The simple checkout process is the best mobile app idea for the customers. A brand like Amazon has brought self check out process, which increases the demand for this type of application. This allows you to pay bills instantly with only a few simple clicks. 


We hope these less explored or new app ideas about Mobile App Ideas will prove useful Hire an Android apps developer or iOS developer to transform your Simple app ideas into reality.

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