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Augmented Reality Real Estate Apps: Interactive Property Buying Experience

  • By Hidden Brains
  • October 24, 2017

Augmented Reality Real Estate Apps

Technology advancements have transformed real estate industry to a great extent. Property search has always been a tedious task for prospective buyers where they had to go and visit each and every available space offered on sale. Information provided in words about the available spaces is just not enough for any customer to make decision on such heavy investments.

This is where Augmented Reality real estate is thrust into the mainstream. AR is a high-end technology that enables customer to walk through their dream house by pointing smartphone towards the property. Leveraging the potential of AR technology, mobile app combines the real world scenario with digital objects to put forth the complete view of the property in front of buyers.

How does Augmented Reality Real Estate App Work?

augmented reality real estate

Let’s know how Augmented Reality mobile apps are used by prospective buyers to explore a particular property:

  • User opens AR real estate app and places it against the print advertisement of magazine or newspaper.
  • The app detects the advertisement and forms an imaginary 3D architectural model of the property.
  • User can click on this model and move around to get a panoramic view of the space and view it from all the angles.

Thus real estate AR apps make it possible for user to take a virtual walkthrough of the property anytime, anywhere.

Now that we know how AR real estate app works, let’s understand the impact and influence of this technology with respect to customers as well as industry experts:

Advantages of Augmented Reality Real Estate: Buyer’s Perspective 

augmented reality real estate app

AR mobile apps for real estate enable prospective buyers to get a virtual walkthrough the space they are interested in, which further helps them in decision making process.

Enhanced experience

AR based mobile apps of real estate combines digital information with real world scenario to offer customers an enhanced experience of properties. Immersive and enhanced experience of properties through panoramic view or 3D modelling is just what a buyer needs to get a thorough understanding of the apartment or space.

Investing in property is a big deal and it requires a user to get into minute details before considering to purchase it. AR real estate app simplifies this property buying experience with its overwhelming features.

Discovering property

Prospective buyers can view properties that are available for sale as and when they point their smartphone towards a building or street. When the list of spaces such as offices, homes, condos and apartments are displayed in your mobile with simple pointing of phone at the street, it becomes so much convenient for people to look around for properties!

When discovering of property and space is available right from mobile app, there is no need to visit the place physically. Entire experience from look of property to feel of lighting and weather can be gauged from AR mobile app.

Explore properties at your fingertips

Prospective buyers are just a click away from exploring the interiors of properties and overlooking how spacious is the apartment’s drawing room, kitchen and other bedrooms. User can also know about surrounding space to look for amenities such as schools, hospitals and grocery stores and get their directions through Google map.

Such high level understanding of interiors as well as exteriors of the apartment enables user to make an informed decision on whether it fits his/her purpose and matches his requirements and preferences or not. In short, Augmented Reality real estate simplifies property buying experience for customers.

Benefits of Augmented Reality Real Estate App: Seller’s Perspective 

augmented reality real estate marketing

AR technology has uncovered new and better ways for real estate agents to showcase the properties under construction to prospective buyers in real-time.

Get insights from 3D models

Real estate project owners often face the challenge of highlighting the key areas of property with 2D data. This problem is now solved with the help of 3D architectural rendering that makes the property related information more meaningful and understandable for end users.

The print ads in newspapers and magazines that are often gone unnoticed can be made more interactive with Augmented Reality real estate. When users point the smartphone’s camera towards the advertisement, they can view the superimposed digital information in the form of 3D models.

Set a perfect pitch for selling properties

The biggest challenge faced by a real estate agent is to set a perfect pitch to sell the property, especially when it is under construction or not possible for prospective buyer to visit it for some or the other reason. Augmented Reality real estate app comes as a boon to these agents as their efforts are reduced with the mobile app doing the talking for the property on pitch.

Give an immersive view of the property on sale to buyers with AR real estate apps that present the real time 3D view of the space to remotely located users.

Real time panoramic view of property

Real estate Augmented Reality apps enable users to view the property from all possible angles with active support for panoramic view. While the light effect and weather at that particular space cannot be gauged remotely, these AR real estate apps are connected with weather database for predicting shade and sun.

Such high tech real estate augmented reality apps not only give the perfect view of the property on sale, it also allows buyers experience how it feels to live there. This makes it easier for seller to explain about the property, lighting conditions and weather to prospective buyers. What more can be expected from a mobile app?

Want to Build Real Estate Augmented Reality App? ARCore and ARKit Makes it Simpler

ARCore and ARKit

AR is looked at as the most promising technology that can shape the future of real estate. While a lot has already been revolutionized in this segment, experts of AR say that this is just the beginning of upcoming new world.

Developers are at relief with the availability of Augmented Reality Software Development Kit for Android as well iOS operating systems. ARCore for Android is Google’s official entry into Augmented Reality mobile apps, which comes soon after ARKit- Apple’s SDK for iOS apps.

The built-in features and support for AR technology in these frameworks encourage developers to build intuitive, immersive and interactive mobile apps that eliminate the thin line between real & virtual world. Real estate agents and property builders are already in the outlook for a reliable mobile app development company that could help them take full advantage of AR technology to boost their business.

Hidden Brains is an experienced AR app development company that has helped several industry giants climb the ladder of success by building intuitive and immersive apps. Join the Augmented Reality bandwagon or know how beneficial it could be for your business by requesting for a free quote and talking to our experts soon!

Image Courtesy: Images used in this blog are taken from this video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgBCkIDQjb0

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