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How many of on-demand services do you use in your everyday lives? Still counting? The economy of on-demand services is large, but what’s worth noting is that it is still expanding. Entrepreneurs are exploring ways on utilizing the theory of on-demand delivery app development for the benefit of their business.

As per the recent trends in business and technology, majority of economic activities are centered around online and mobile platforms. This is where brands get to sell their products and services to customers in an independent manner.

Knowing About On-Demand Delivery App

Let’s start with complete understanding of on-demand delivery app and then move on to its influence on customers:

What are on-demand delivery apps?

On-Demand delivery apps are those that serve people at their doorstep either immediately or at scheduled time, once the customer places an order. This is a sort of convenience and comfort offered to customers rather than compelling them to come to your company physically in order to avail the service or purchase product.

Influence of On-Demand Delivery Apps on People.

Ask Your Target Market’ latest survey reveals following derivations:

On-Demand Delivery Apps

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  • 20% people use same-day shipping service for online shopping
  • 13% people get their groceries delivered at home.
  • 7% commuters depend on on-demand ride hailing apps.

While the need of on-demand delivery apps is increasing rapidly, the latest report records responses of people who are using this service:

  • 74% people are somewhat satisfied with the on-demand delivery app services.
  • Only 9% people belong to the set of unsatisfied people.
  • 17% people were neutral about it or had no opinion.
need of on-demand delivery apps

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Market for On-Demand Delivery Apps

Several applications in different niche have been launched under the category of on-demand delivery apps:

Market for On-Demand Delivery Apps

Let’s understand features and associated cost of developing these apps:

On-Demand Taxi Service: Uber is the best example of on-demand taxi booking app. While this successful app has earned set of loyal audience, you too can try entering the market by building its counterfeit. If calculated at $50 per hour rate, the overall cost of building such app would come down to roughly $30,000.

Plumbing, Water Leakage, Laundry, Dry-cleaning & Home Cleaning Services: Local on-demand delivery services are quite in demand as people prefer contacting people as and when required through mobile apps. The cost of building such applications depends on complexity and features that would be implemented in app.

Food and Beverages Delivery Services: People now prefer to get their food, liquor and other beverages delivered to enjoy meals at office or home. Several startup entrepreneurs are exploring opportunities in this arena, which requires investment ranging from $3,000 to $11,000.

Desirable Features to Include in Your On-Demand Delivery App

Building an on-demand delivery app for your business does not guarantee its success, popularity and acceptance among your target audience. Analyzing your audience requirements and including all necessary features in your on-demand delivery app is the key to popularize your brand name in form of app:

  • Allow customers to log in with Social Media accounts
  • Clean design that enables user to place an order or book a ride effortlessly
  • Ease of scheduling the delivery
  • Let users track the status of their order in real time
  • Easy and convenient payment options
  • Real-time messaging and calling options in case of taxi booking to contact the driver immediately
  • Allow users to create wish list for delivering grocery at doorstep

Go Steady, Go Easy

Now that you have gathered enough knowledge to build an on-demand delivery app in low cost, consult a reliable mobile app development partner. This step ensures you take the right path and approach to building an on-demand delivery app.

Following are some additional pointers to keep in mind during this process:

on demand app builder

  • Define a set of target audience, preferably local audience as on-demand delivery apps are intended to serve specific localities.
  • Promote the on-demand delivery app prior to its launch. Create a buzz about upcoming delivery service among audience. Doing so helps in enlarging user base for your on-demand delivery app faster.
  • Offer referral benefits and advertise through social media channels to reach out to larger customer base.
  • Arrange for sufficient delivery staff to serve people on promised time. Such dedicated efforts will pay you back in form of positive reviews and good ratings.

The craze and demand for such on-demand delivery apps is bound to go up in the coming years. If you are planning to make the most of it, pick up your niche and start the first on-demand delivery app. Promote it to an extent that whenever a customer thinks of availing that particular service or product, your brand name is the first thing that strikes his/her mind.