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How to Make a Business Website in 5 Most Simple Steps?

  • By Hidden Brains
  • November 21, 2019

creating a website for your business

Businesses have converged their way towards the online world. Companies from all sizes right from startups to large enterprises have their websites to meet the market standards. Websites are now the new business reality and norm.  Effective web presence is helping companies grow their business across geographies breaking the boundaries and penetrating into new markets. 

The competition is at a high level and developers are required to build a website that can help companies stand tall in a highly competitive market.  Website development can be a tedious task for web development company UK, challenging developers to innovate using best emerging technologies and latest trends. Needless to say, websites should function well with rich features. 

There are several essential things that a developer should keep in mind and they can’t afford to miss one step in the website development lifecycle. 

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How to make a business website? Here, we bring a simple strategy of 5 steps, with developers can create a business website

5 Simple Steps to Create a Business Website

  1. Register Your Website’s Domain Name
  2. Choose Your Hosting Provider & Platform
  3. Create Your Website Content
  4. Design a Logo
  5. Design your website

Step 1 – Register Your Website’s Domain Name

The most critical and basic step is to register your brand name, from one of several domains including Bluehost or Go Daddy.  You can purchase the domain which reflects as www.yourbusiness.com. For that, you have to check that is that domain available on them or already taken by other business. You will be having many choices including .in, .org, etc but always prefer to purchase the extension with .com as .com has more visibility and preferred more. If in case, you are not able to find the name then adjust in the best possible manner. 

Step 2 – Choose Your Hosting Provider & Platform

After registering your domain, now its time to find provide space to your website. From where your website can reach the online members. There are two well-known hosting server providers Bluehost and Square Space. 

Bluehost is the oldest hosting provider, many companies have registered their domain. And the second option is Squarespace, it is known as user-friendly feature hosting and offers drag and drop features along with this it provides personalized customer care service also. 

Here it offers two options 

  • Option 1 – Create Website on WordPress : To create the website with WordPress. WordPress is a popular platform to run the website. It is based on PHP and CMS systems. It offers wide features to the users including plugins and themes. Users don’t require any technical knowledge like any programming language to run this platform. 
  • Option 2 – Create a website on Squarespace: The second option, users can also run their website on Squarespace. This platform itself provides hosting services also. It provides drag and drop feature. Users who are well versed with MS Microsoft like powerpoint, for them to handle this platform is very easier. It offers various features and its font and color can be managed and users can integrate third party features like Google Maps and youtube. Business owners can easily manage this platform. 
  • Additional Option for eCommerce Websites: If your website is based on the strategy of selling products, that opt for e-commerce software like BIgcommerce.

Step 3 – Create Your Website Content

Content is the most essential part of the websites, it helps to represent your brand, idea, and vision to the users. Content also helps to optimize the website on search engines. Website content should be based on simple, easy, and straight forward characteristics. A business website should have five major pages. 

  • Home Page: The home page should provide all your information to your users as to where you are located, special service, and for which qualities customers should choose you. 
  • Products and Services: Display your services and product on your website with images. With 4 to 5 lines about the product and its price display it to the website, so your users can preview the products. 
  • About Us: On about us page, write about your company and provide information about your branches and headquarters including business partners. Try to add client testimonials on it as it will provide good effect on the customers. 
  • Blog: To connect for a long term with your users and to update information integrate blog section to the website. 
  • Contact Us: Provide your details from where your customers can contact you. Also, mention your business open hours. Provide Email, Contact Number, and office address.  Also, mention social media links like Facebook and Twitter

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

Make sure that your website should be mobile optimized and avoid slow app development process. The website should have mobile versions and they should be able to set in terms of mobile screens and they should be user-friendly for mobile users. But WordPress and Squarespace automatically offer you the mobile versions for your mobile users, you don’t have to put any other efforts. 

Step 4 – Design a Logo 

Design a logo to represent your brand, the logo should be creative and attractive and able to represent your brand. With logo branding also used to be held. Your web pages and logo should have some similarities. The logo should have a touch of creativity and try to create the website logo by the professionals. 

Step 5 – Design your website 

Finally, it’s time to design your website, choose the best fonts and colors. Plan how structured your pages should be and where the call to action should be placed in a proper manner. Integrate interactive features to the website and don’t compromise with the loading speed.

Simple Tips to Creating a Website for Your Business

Decide your vision

Have a clear vision that what your website is all about. Try to figure out your motive for the business and what it is all about to target the relevant audiences. 

Use Call to Action 

Place call to action at an effective place with clear buttons and text. So, users can easily contact the business for the services. 

Site Speed 

Website loading speed should be accurate so, users can’t lose their interest.

Don’t overload 

Don’t overload your website with unwanted characteristics like heavy animations, jazzy fonts and design. Try to keep it user-friendly features with white space. 


You can hire professionals to design your website. Hire a website developer or opt for a website development company to build website. 

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This is the best way or step for creating a website for your business with this strategy a developer can never face failure in create a business website and will be able to build an effective website for the business.

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