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How to Boost Sales for eCommerce Business in Coronavirus Pandemic

  • By Hidden Brains
  • August 10, 2021

ecommerce solutions company

The pandemic has taken a toll on almost every business. Businesses owners are required to put in extra efforts to deal with the situation and boost their sales. However, a competitive product, competitive pricing and quality services aren’t enough. Fortunately, marketing has all the tools to popularize a business among the prospective audience in these challenging times.

To start with, you should have clear goals so that things can be strategized accordingly. Next, know your audience and then create eCommerce marketing ideas. Finally, it’s best to hire an eCommerce solutions company to achieve real growth, implement technology solutions, and better marketing strategies.


Are you looking to Boost Sales for eCommerce Business ?

Invest 10 minutes of your precious time in unfolding the proven eCommerce marketing ideas to boost you in this pandemic situation. We have listed simple yet highly effective strategies that’ll elevate the graph of your success in a month or so.

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Here you go-

1. Take ownership of your web presence

Claim your eCommerce products’ listing on multiple platforms, including your business website, to increase your patient base. Sites like Facebook and Google My Business will help in generating your profiles automatically. Taking control of your web presence will allow you to input/update the page’s content according to your specific needs. Hence, it is crucial to get your products listed on all or one of these pages. Don’t miss to add essential details like business hours and contact information. Plus, include a link to your official website.

You may also add photos and reviews of your customers to increase the credibility of your eCommerce business before the prospects. It is undoubtedly one of the most effective strategies that’ll expand your product sales to a great extent. Moreover, you’ll reap the benefits of an enhanced online reputation.

2. Focus on SEO-optimization of your website

Know that savvy customers conduct extensive research before buying a product. First of all, you should have a mobile-friendly website and secondly (most importantly) it shouldn’t lack in SEO. An absence of the two will make it challenging for you to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. Investing in a highly optimized website makes a huge difference.

Share the necessary information and provide complete details of your products on the site. You may even offer bios in addition to the testimonials from your current users to engage your potential audience. It is advised to evaluate the updated eCommerce systems to gauge the relevance of your website. Consider hiring an eCommerce solutions company to find the best solutions for your unique requirements.

3. Ask your customers to share their reviews online

This is one of the most straightforward strategies for attracting prospects. Take the help of your current customers to enhance your eCommerce marketing campaign. Request them to write a testimonial/review for your products and services. This will raise the confidence of new prospects in your products.

Several factors affect the online reputation of an eCommerce Business in Coronavirus, including average rating, frequency, and the total number of reviews. However, at times customers don’t take the initiative to do their bit in popularizing the business, but still, there is no harm in requesting them to write their experience online.

4. Invest in email marketing automation

To stay ahead in this overly crowded space, you need to leverage the latest technology to increase your customer base. Unfortunately, unique marketing strategies alone can’t give you satisfactory results. Email marketing automation is one of the best yet most ignored marketing strategies.

Automated email marketing can maintain follow-up with the current patients while converting potential customers into actual customers. It can offer a substantial ROI for your eCommerce, given it is used in the right manner. Alternatively, you can consider taking the help of a reputed eCommerce solutions company to find the best solutions for your eCommerce business.

5. Use relevant Google Adwords to target local audience

If you are planning to target the local audience for your eCommerce business, then Google AdWords will prove out to be of great help. Focus on keywords like ‘find an XYZ product seller near me’. Plus, track incoming calls while taking advantage of click-to-call ads. This will enhance the results of your marketing campaign.

Know that calls have a better conversion rate in comparison to form submissions. Target individuals who are looking for immediate availability of a product. Scale this model with query forms to gain better results. Do a little research before formulating your marketing campaign using Google AdWords.

6. Leverage Social Media Platforms for Marketing

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook make the potential audience more approachable. Updating your social media feeds will leave you with huge benefits. Start by creating an official page of your eCommerce business. Connect with the potential audience and employ proven tactics to make them follow your page. It is best to use pictures of your products, the latest deals, discount offers and the rest to enhance the page’s authenticity and authority.

Target the right crowd through social media platforms. Don’t waste your time and efforts in dealing with people who aren’t interested in your products/services. This is one of the best and most cost-effective approaches to expand your eCommerce business in this pandemic. In addition, you can run customized Facebook Ads to target a particular group of prospects. Finally, to boost sales on your official website, consult an eCommerce solutions company.

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The Final Say

There has been an uptake in e-commerce since the pandemic broke in. But the fact can’t be ignored that persistent barriers have laid a setback for the eCommerce business owners. Resultantly, they couldn’t capitalize on the e-commerce opportunities induced by the pandemic.

Every eCommerce business owner spreads the word about their products, but they miss out on an important element. Most of them don’t talk about how the product has benefitted the existing customers and could benefit the prospects. There is a vast difference between theorizing your product’s quality and showcasing the actual results satisfying the customer base. Adopt a more effective strategy.

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