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Revolution in the eCommerce : Future eCommerce Trends

  • By Hidden Brains
  • January 29, 2021

the E-commerce Industry: Future Trends

eCommerce Industry Trends

Understanding the changes in this domain, experts derive insights on future trends that are bound to dominate eCommerce very soon. Here’s the glimpse of how eCommerce trends are performing and expert predictions for the future:

  • Total average eCommerce spend per customer in one year is estimated to be $1,800 in the US and 1,600 in the UK
  • There is an explosion of over 3,500 different types of MarTech on the market in 2016 to account for higher availability of marketing tools for eCommerce.
  • Among smartphone owners shopping online, 52% use online banking to make payments. This is an indication of a further trend towards mobile shopping.

The eCommerce industry business is growing rapidly and the secret to winning the eCommerce domain is that you should partner with the eCommerce website development company and starting an eCommerce business. If you’re hoping to get more traction for your eCommerce brand you need to be aware of eCommerce trends.


Are you looking to launch your eCommerce online store

Promising Future eCommerce Trends that Revolutionize Online Customer Experience

1. Easier Check Out

In the E-commerce industry, customers highly demand the seamless check out process. In the coming years, the world will transform into the digital era and human beings will be fully dependent on innovative based solutions. So, it is expected while witnessing the present that the easier and secure check out process will turn as a priority for the customers. 

Quick Checklist to Improve the Check out Process

  • Exclude unnecessary information from the page 
  • Interactive and user-friendly based UI and UX components
  • Offer multiple payment methods 
  • Remove additional costs from the bill 
  • Allow one time customers to input their bills and continue with their purchase with their emails. 

2. Progressive Web Applications 

Progressive Web Applications are the modern approach of the E-commerce sector. These types of software refer to the web applications that are built by using common web technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It also helps to meet the latest expectations such as delivering an app-like experience to users, supports cross-platform, and improves customer experience as ever before. Apart from this,  PWA provides high performance, intelligent caching, and background content updation. This technology also allows users to preview the solutions in the offline mode also. 

Furthermore, Progressive web applications allow users to leverage all the benefits of the latest technologies and also experience next-generation experience. 

3. Speedy Delivery

In this fast-paced of lives, customers don’t prefer to wait long and they expect quick delivery for their products. It is expected that in the upcoming years next day delivery will become a norm. Presently, few top reputed companies have opted for the drones to provide quick delivery to their customers. Drones ensure e-commerce based companies to get rid of the traffic on the roads, reduce transportation cost, and save huge amounts of time. Along with this, drones have the ability to automatically optimize their routes as per the orders.

4. Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing will come as a new trend, it is the best way to grab the attention of the users. Presently, there are several influencers in the market, who have a huge fan following and they create content for different platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, and other social media platforms. It allows them to reach their target audience and also build a strong relationship with them. This is an easy way to build a strong relationship with the customer and helps businesses to boost their sales. 

Influencers can post the different content for their users and that includes videos, blog and social media posts. This helps to increase brand awareness. It can be expected that influencers can turn as brand partners of the businesses. 

5. Google Analytics

It is expected that Google analytics will come in high demand.  It helps to track the activities of the users,  which results in improving the business strategies. By knowing the different aspects of customers, entities will be able to reach the expectations. It will help them to make better decisions by having reliable and accurate user data on the basis of geographical regions also. They can also target the relevant audience as well as their shopping behaviour. This also helps them to generate the reports. AD Campaign 

Presently,  ad campaigns have gained a lot of popularity and also turn as a demand of the market. With different social media ad campaigns, businesses can target a wider range of audience. By opting for the advertisement sessions,  the particular platform will help you to reach the wider audiences and the same post will be reflected the interesting niche audience again and again.

6. Mobile shopping to grow exponentially

Smartphones have expanded its utility with the help of multipurpose apps that serve their users effectively. The level of convenience and comfort offered by mobile apps has resulted in declines usage of desktops and laptops. Customers prefer to browse through eCommerce websites on mobile or use apps over a web browser.

  • Build a mobile app dedicated to your eCommerce store and launch it in major App Stores to target large smartphone user base. This is the high time to go take your business to the mobile platform and just creating a responsive website won’t help! Procure professional services of mobile app development firm and build a user friendly and rich UX mobile app.
  • In order to boost the conversion rate and increase sales, integrating mobile wallet will become a mandatory function in the near future. Some big eCommerce websites and app support this functionality considering the changed behaviour of customers. 

7. Social media marketing to gain momentum

Ecommerce brands have already started promoting their round the clock services and bestselling products on social media platforms. Advertising firms and digital marketing agencies help eCommerce stores to reach out to the major chunk of people through social media for increased sales and higher revenue.

A well-planned social media marketing strategy can help in effective promotion of products. For example, Facebook and Twitter Live video can be used in demonstrating the launch of a new product and highlighting new features and functionalities in it.

eCommerce brands can also create event pages on the social media platform to spread a word and create a buzz of an upcoming event. People interesting in going to that event eventually increases and this helps in reputation and brand building. 

8. Best in class customer experience

A number of eCommerce stores have emerged in the last few years; some of them are trustworthy while others are fraud and scam. Thus customers double-check the return and exchange policy before making any purchase.

To imbibe a sense of trust among online purchasers, it is essential to have a well-defined exchange and return policy in place. It may happen that a customer is unsatisfied with the product delivered and wants to exchange or return it. Only if the eCommerce company offers such flexibility to customers, he or she would make a repeated purchase and give positive feedback about online shopping experience with your website. 

9. The personalized shopping experience will go a level up

It is observed that sending notification with the name of the user have a higher response rate. Users are more likely to click and open the notification that contains their name than a common broadcast message for all.

eCommerce stores that tend to review user’s browsing history, previous purchases and accordingly anticipate their needs can very well connect to users in a personalized manner. This trend is going to revolutionize eCommerce marketing in a very effective way. Leveraging the power of technology eCommerce companies can establish a feat in suggestive selling and skyrocket the business to new heights. 

What’s Next?

eCommerce industry’s face will change completely with the advancements of technology such as drones (research work in progress for Amazon Prime Air) that deliver lightweight goods in a timely manner and one-click checkout process. Stay tuned with market trends to survive in this ever-changing landscape.

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