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Emerging Technology Trends in the Digital Workplace

  • By Hidden Brains
  • November 24, 2016

Emerging Technology Trends

We are slowly moving towards a stage where everything will be connected over the network. Development in Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality, data science, artificial intelligence can be aligned to meet the burgeoning needs of different industries for a competitive advantage.

Today, wearable technologies are used for controlling home appliances, heat monitoring, pets tracking, gaming, sports and fashions. Undoubtedly, the wearable technology is now taking personalization to the new level.

Some companies are already embracing the power of emerging technologies and integrating them in overall operations. However, businesses have just scratched the surface.  There are plenty of opportunities yet to be discovered.

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Here are Top Emerging Technologies Empowering the Digital Workplace

1. Ambient knowledge

With the ability to solve complex problems surrounding businesses across the globe, natural language processing and machine learning will help companies to gain valuable information from diverse employee sources to gather valuable knowledge. Imagine the power of leveraging the vast amount of information to harness employee skills and expertise with algorithm-driven delivery of customized information based on an employee’s activities and preferences.

2. Digital Security

With billions lost annually to Cyber-attacks and the number expected to increase exponentially every year, digital security is now a prominent proposition. It is important to secure information and that is the reason to secure systems today than ever before while implementing new technology. Enterprises can encourage employees to use companywide security measures.

3. Smart Virtual Assistant Apps

If you thought Virtual assistants are just for C-level executives, think again. Virtual assistants are helping employees of digital enterprises improve efficiency, organize schedule, complete repetitive activities with ease as well as automate repetitive tasks.

4. Internet of Things

With employees increasing network of beacons and sensors, companies can now take advantage for special scenarios to show contextual signs or identify the location of people when they approach a building to schedule meeting rooms.

5. Silo Buster

Organizations should use tools to drive collaboration and initiate ideation, breaking the shackles of conventional teams and organization structures. These tools help transcend the boundaries of organization to solve problems and generate novel ideas across silos.

6. Immersive Technologies

Technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality are now gong mainstream with real-world implementation such as training, field service, customer service and conference room services. Employees will ultimately be able to use natural gestures to deal with complex processes.

7. Process Hacks

Codeless development enables IT employees without technical background to build apps with robust performance and scalability. Process hacks helps put development and integration services into the hands of employees with the most visibility into needed process improvements.

8. Microlearning

Aimed at making employees more competent and skilled in the workplace, microlearning involves informal and contextual. This involves formal and contextual digital dexterity training delivered through videos, quizzes, text messages, games or other modalities.

9. Clouds

In a professional setting, the cloud can spearhead improved employee agility and engagement and overcome several factors such as compliance, security and compatibility. Organizations will have to take a structured approach to the personal cloud in order to strike a right balance of employee rights and control.

10. Production Studio Technology

Allows delivering content related to sales and marketing collateral as well as internal presentations in highly innovative ways, with tools such as video, podcasts, infographics and presentation. This empowers employees to be creative in problem solving.

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While keeping track with technologies can be difficult, it can transform your business. From employee productivity to security, your business can’t grow without recognizing and implementing many of these new technologies. People are now curious about emerging services such as Apple watch app, iBeacon App Development, AR & VR, IoT etc…

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