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Why Use Angular 14 for Web Development in 2022: Top Features & Benefits

  • By Hidden Brains
  • August 8, 2022

Angular 14 for Web Development

With so much technological advancement, many users can now fulfill their needs through different web Applications and websites. Recently, Web Applications have seen massive growth in the Technology Industry. Many brands and businesses now avail themselves of the Angular Development services to build their online presence.

Angular 14 for web development has become quite a popular framework in the community. Its unique features like model view Controller Architecture and Compatibility with various other libraries have made it widely used in the Industry.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the recently released top features of Angular 14. Some of the new features we will discuss are auto-cli completion, standalone components, and much more.

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What is AngularJS Framework?

Angular is one of the most popular Javascript frameworks for building dynamic web applications. It is an open-source framework developed by Google. In recent years, massive enhancements have been seen in its newly launched versions. Some top tech companies using Angular JS are Google, Upwork, and Paypal.

AngularJS offers a dynamic approach to building efficient applications. Due to flexibility, effectiveness, and simplicity, it is one of the preferred frameworks. Some of the popular features listed about angularJS are

  • Easy learning for beginners
  • SPA Oriented Features
  • Stand Alone Components
  • Strict Type Forms
  • Angular CLI Autocompletion
  • New Primitives for Angular 14
  • Optional Injectors
  • Built-in enhancements
  • Suitable Styles for UI Design.

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Important Statistics About AngularJS Framework.

  • Angular competes with react in the market share category. There are a lot of applications built using AngularJS rather than React JS. Also, AngularJS is the leading technology among the top 10k websites.
  • Jobs for AngularJS developers are constantly rising. Most big tech giants look for AngularJS skills while hiring Developers. According to the google trends data, one of the primary skills needed for web development is the AngularJS framework.
  • The USA is the leading country using AngularJS for different kinds of Applications. The reason for being AngularJS famous in the US is because there is an enormous number of enterprise-level companies and Startups that focus more on technology business vertices. Also, it allows such companies to build scalable and complex applications.

Top 7 Reasons to Choose Angular 14 for Web Development

  • AngularJS has the most extensive ecosystem, allowing developers to do third-party integrations easily. Developers can find many packages; add on advanced features, and good documentation. To install any package, developers need to use Node JS and Node Package Manager(NPM)
  • Developers can build the extensive Enterprise level Application because of its component-based architecture. It allows them to create small Modules and reuse them anywhere in the codebase for different use cases.
  • AngularJS has backing from some big tech giants. It is regularly updated with new enhancements and security checks.
  • For any website, a Menu is one of the essential elements regardless of whether your Website is a multi-page or single page. AngularJS makes it easy for developers to create a Menu with any design. There are already some elements available that developers can add and enhance the overall UI of the application.
  • Further, it has many templates, which developers can use to build user Interfaces in less time. One commonly used template is the command line interface or the CLI. It allows developers to attach components to their applications.
  • AngularJS is a typed scripted framework, meaning developers can write code easily without minimum bugs and document it easily. Due to its robust nature, it is quite easy to use and write code in minimal time.
  • Developers can use the customized IDE with the AngularJS framework, which is quite advantageous as it works as an assistant to the developers to find bugs and errors in the code.
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Top 9 Features and Benefits of the AngularJS Framework

Easy Learning for Beginners

Many resources are available to help developers learn Angular 14 quickly. Also, the documentation is maintained regularly; hence, if any changes are made in the AngularJS framework, developers will get to know in no time.

Recently, some changes have been made in the contributors’ content project guide that would assist developers in writing perfect product documentation. Also, the Guides and videos section has been added for a better learning experience. A lot of community members have praised such features.

Developers with expertise in Basic tools and technologies like HTML, CSS, and JS can learn Angular 14 for web development quickly. According to the statistics, many developers choose Angular 14 for Web Development due to the slight learning curve.

SPA Oriented Features

The primary use case of Angular 14 is building single-page Applications and fast transitions between different sections of the Website. With AngularJS, developers can quickly create websites with cross-platform compatibility, excellent user experience and maintain projects. The user experience is great for such applications as there are no transition delays.

Stand Alone Components.

Angular 14 has categorized the inbuilt components as optional and standalone components. The reason for doing this is to move away from the current state of development work by creating different artifacts like directives, Components, pipes, and much more. Now the main focus would be on the typescript-based framework.

Developers who want to make NgModules optional can use the new RFC issued for the Standalone components. The modules would exist in Angular 14, but a feature to make them optional.

Strictly Typed Forms

Angular 14 shuts down various GitHub Issues. One issue was the implementation of strict typing in Angular Reactive Forms. In the latest release, this was implemented. Developers can now use the data type of any generic type variable.

There is backward compatibility, which means that previously built angular JS applications would not be affected by this. Any developer who wants to migrate to angular 14 can do it seamlessly without any hurry.

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Angular CLI Auto-Completion.

If you like to use Angular CLI, this feature is for you. To enhance productivity further, the developers have implemented the autocompletion of the commands in CLI. There are humongous commands which you can use and enable the auto-completion feature. To use this feature, you need to run an ng completion command, and you are good to go after this.

New Primitives in the Angular 14 CDK.

Angular 14 has a component Dev Kit (CDK). It contains complete information about different tools useful for developing the components. There is a more stable version for the CDK Menu and the Dialog in the Angular 14 Version. With the new primitives, developers can now easily build accessible tailor-made components.

Optional Injectors

Developers would now be able to explicitly mention the optional Injector through TemplateRef.createEmbeddedView and ViewContainerRef.createEmbeddedView to develop Angular v14 Web Applications.

Built-in Enhancements

AngularJS 14 version comes with a typescript 4.7 and ES2020 by default. With the use of it, developers can use CLI to deploy small pieces of code without devaluation. Also, one more feature aims to protect the component members from different templates available. Developers would get more control over the reusable components through the public API surface. Such enhancements would allow developers to have some freedom while using components and building applications.

Suitable Styles for UI Design

In the new version of Angular 14, there are a lot of stylish enhancements made by the maintainers. Developers can now inject inline SaaS or (Syntactically awesome stylesheets) using the fields and decorators. Also, there is no need to mention inlineStylingLanguage in the project’s configuration file.

Tailwind CSS has also been upgraded. With so much of the popularity of TailWind CSS, the AngularJS Maintainers team took this wise decision. To install this, developers need to download an npm package and import it to the project, as discussed before.

What’s New in Angular 14 For Web Development?

Easy Accessibility for Streamlined page: Many developers would practice adding new page titles to the page, which helps to distinguish between the different pages. In Angular 13, an object Route.title allowed developers to add the title. However, in the latest version of Angular 14, there is no need to make such imports. Developers can easily give custom page titles by writing a customized “TitleStrategy.”

Angular Dev Tools: In June 2022, the latest version of Angular Dev tools was released. Developers can use it as an extension on the Chrome Browser. The tool would help developers to assess easily, structure, debug and profile Angular 14 Applications. Further, this feature would also be compatible with previous versions like Angular 12.

Final Verdict

Angular offers various features that most of the frontend frameworks do not provide. Different businesses would now be able to support the latest technology using Angular 14 – an enhanced framework for frontend development.

Also, various developers would get more freedom to control various application elements without devaluing any piece of code. Also, with the recent upgrade to version 14. It has wholly leveled up and enhanced many features. Suppose you find it difficult to build websites or use AngularJS. You can also consult with some of the best Angular Development companies in the UK.

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