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Buzz Around Smart Speakers – Google Home & Amazon Echo

  • By Hidden Brains
  • August 16, 2017

Google Home & Amazon Echo

Voice-first experiences Know about Google Home & Amazon Echo

Machine operating on voice command is a new norm in this digital age. Amazon’s Echo is the first entry in the market of smart speakers. What’s the role of smart speakers and how it helps common people? The best thing about these smart devices is that it keeps your hands free and gets the work done without the use of smartphones. These compact devices use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology and operate on user’s voice commands.

Another technology giant has joined the battlefield of smart speakers with the latest release of Google Home. Smart and intelligent assistant of Google Home now competes with Amazon’s Alexa for more power and authority.

As per the recent research and report from VoiceLabs, it is estimated that around 24.5 million voice-first devices will be shipped this year, which sums up to the total of approximately 33 million devices including the one currently in use.

google home device
Image Courtesy: VoiceLabs

Apple Inc. recognizes the usefulness of this concept and will soon join the race of Smart Speakers. On the same lines, Samsung too plans to launch its speaker empowering Bixby voice assistant.

What can a user expect from smart speakers?

Smart speakers installed at home can give you hands-free assistance in every possible way:

  • Turn the lights ON or OFF without leaving your couch or bed.
  • Know the outside temperature and ask intelligent voice assistant whether you would need umbrella for that day.
  • Set an alarm or reminder so that you do not miss out on any important task.
  • Read out recipe while your hands are busy preparing a new dish for dinner.
  • Play games with children and do justice to their curious and innocent questions.

And what not! In short, these devices offer extreme convenience and comfort at home by allowing users to fetch information and operate other smart devices.

Which Smart Speaker is best for you?

google home speaker
Image Courtesy: Google

All the players in the market are up to the mark and serve users efficiently. Which one to buy amongst them completely depends on the smart devices you have at home. Check the compatibility quotient of devices and services you use at home with the speaker you are planning to buy. This ensures that you do not have to spend extra money to buy other compatible devices in order to use smart speakers.

alexa amazon echo
Image Courtesy: Amazon

It is worth mentioning that Amazon Alexa supports lot many smart products, app and services compared to its counterpart Google Home.

Security Concerns of Smart Speakers

Users are often concerned about how safe and secure it is to use such smart speakers that are listening all the time. Though these speakers are triggered only when users says wake words such as “Okay Google, Hey Google or Hey Alexa”, they are ON all the time.

To combat this problem, some suggested to ‘mute’ the device when not required. This ensures that device does not gather the data which you do not to disclose openly. However, this isn’t good solution as it defeats the purpose of these AI assistants of speakers to be made available to you whenever you want without leaving your current position.

When the parent companies came to know about these concerns of users, they came ahead to clarify that these smart speakers do not constantly monitor your voice. They are awakened only by wake words and thereafter the data is encrypted for the safety of user.

Those who are still skeptical of the privacy of data can delete it from the device regularly. There is an option of ‘manage my device’ from where one can delete the history. Advanced options also allow a user to edit permissions and restrict its access for security reasons.

Apple Inc. has claimed to come up with the most secured Smart Speaker in the market till date.


Smart speakers have enhanced the concept of smart home with its voice enabled Artificial Intelligent assistants. These devices are sure shot way to save time while at home and live a high quality life. Technology is transforming the way we live and the way we work. Just adapt to the technological changes and improve your lifestyle to match up the pace of advancements.

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