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How to Implement Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development?

  • By Hidden Brains
  • August 25, 2022

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development

Be it for scientific purposes or commercial and technological ones, Artificial Intelligence or AI has become quite a trending move. In, fact, the usage of artificial intelligence in mobile app development is one of the most widely implicated technological innovations currently. AI has slowly but steadily become an indispensable part of the functioning of a majority of the activities and arenas we perform and indulge in, on a daily basis.

These include hospitality, education, commerce, and medicines, among others. This has escalated to the point that, some of the biggest and most prominent tech brands and companies have resorted to increasing their amount of investments in AI.

Acquisitions and handovers worth millions of US dollars have taken place for technology backed by AI. Earlier, one of the few disadvantages that were characteristic of AI was the complexity of the procedure. Rapidly, most of the difficulties faced while operating AI are being resolved and the ease of operation is naturally leading to an increase in the utilization of technology.

In the upcoming years, the AI market is very likely to boom and hence it is absolutely necessary to upgrade the skills required for app development and AI development, mostly for AI-enabled apps. However, how exactly can you implement artificial intelligence in mobile development? Let’s find out.

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development that Has Taken the World By Storm

Mobile app development using AI technology has indeed taken over the entire technological industry. The hospitality industry has enjoyed a hugely positive impact of the usage of AI technology by mobile app development services in the UK. This is evident in the way globally prominent hospitality chains are investing in AI-powered mobile apps, also for eCommerce purposes.

The huge variety of options that using AI Technologies provides enhances its ability to personalize the user experience. AI innovations have been applied to create apps for business purposes as well. Mobile apps have helped brands like Starbucks and Taco Bell get honest feedback from their customers as they encourage asking questions about the company.

Chatbots or these kinds of technologies that practically will act as a virtual assistant for the company as well as answer some frequently asked questions. One of the most popular Chatbots is Siri by Apple and Alexa by Amazon. Chabot and other such technologies powered by AI analyze and observe the user’s behavioral pattern and provide options accordingly, so as to make AI utilization easy and to help personalize search results better.

The procedure is generally simple – the user opens the app, selects the products of their choice, and then places the order. Thus, the mobile is a perfect platform for apps powered by AI.

Speech Recognition Tools

The voice control system in mobile can also at times be controlled and regulated using technology backed by AI. This is done through famous speech recognition technology which has actually made the processes simpler. These technological innovations are used to convert human speech into a format that can be read and understood by the computer. Even chatbots like Siri and Alexa have introduced speech recognition technologies to make the user experience even simpler.

Here, the main point is actually Decoding the human language and translating it into a language that will be understood by the computer so that it can take actions accordingly. It is also important to make sure that the speech recognition technology that has been created is actually compatible with and in tandem with the AI trends that are now the most prominent in the market.

Biometric Facilities

Biometrics is another AI technology that has taken mobile app development, especially iOS app development services by storm. Biometrics first makes an effort to understand, observe and analyze the physical nature, structure, and composition of the human body. It also takes note of the size and shape of the body it Is studying.

Some advanced Biometric Facilities even go to the extent of measuring the heartbeat rate of the person as well as the number of steps it takes in a day and the number of kilometers the person has covered in a day. Biometric Facilities take close note of the patterns of human behavior as exhibited by the user. Its measurements and inferences are more often than not accurate.

Biometrics also allows voice and sensory control, along with gesture and human body measurement control.

Neural Networks

All the daily activities that AI performs are with the help of neural networks. Neural Networks here refer to machine learning. As discussed before, AI has integrated itself into a number of industries in the market. Machine learning is the key to how AI has achieved the same. Be it forecasting synthesis or voice synthesis, or the real estate, mortgage, and property valuation market, machine learning is of great use in these industries. It is also widely used in the aerospace, military, and automotive industries. In the military, machine learning plays a crucial role in avenues like maintaining autopilot safely, capturing images, and recognizing of various military symbols.

Here are some instances of machine learning that we use without even thinking of it machine learning.

The facility of auto type and auto correct on the keyboard of your phone Is an obvious type of machine learning. As you are typing in a mail and your mail recognizes the person you are sending it to after typing in the first few letters of the sender’s mail ID. When your mobile keyboard keeps your frequently used emojis in a separate tab and the others separately, or when your phone scans a QR code automatically. Nowadays, the biggest tech companies are investing in AI to create various mobile apps that can be operated offline too.

Conversational UI

The world may now be connected better with the use of the internet on a global scale, better or improved communication is something that will always stay in demand. The biggest advantage of using conversational UI is the fact that you can input data using the human language itself, and the computer will automatically translate it into AI machines.

This helps everyone get a personalized user experience while typing in the data whose output they want. This facility mainly makes use of the speech recognition feature that is already built in. Implementation of speech recognition into this kind of user interaction or UI plays an important role in enhancing the robustness of communication.

The biggest users of this facility are the business and finance apps that engage with their users through text messaging or voice texts. You can also use this facility for purposes like splitting bills, keeping a check on your expenses, studying your payments, and even checking your balances.

Automated Reasoning

Besides improving one’s communication with technology, one also generally prefers to enhance one’s productivity while making use of technology. This is where automated reasoning comes in. This is one of the indispensable AI Technologies that must be installed while developing any mobile application.

Food delivery services and cab services may use this technology to optimize the route they use for both delivering food from the selected restaurant to the customer’s doorstep, and for driving customers to a particular destination too. eCommerce apps also show you products based on what you have viewed and liked. They analyze your engagement with certain social media posts and other web pages to ascertain what kind of products you might prefer to purchase.

How Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development can affect Business

Amazon and Netflix among other tech giants have already acted as a testimony to the success of using AI in mobile applications. As the world becomes more digitized and its preferences and priorities change, Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development is going to be the highlight for such tech enterprises. What these prominent tech companies are doing is – promoting their products by making use of AI algorithms which leads to strategizing brand promotions and creating whole unique brand ecosystems.

This leads to brands engaging users and building a loyal audience, who feel encouraged to use their services and products. The key feature here is the algorithm, which in this case will be written and adjusted on the basis of the inferences drawn from observing human behavior.


These apps collect a massive amount of data that will help the companies ascertain their target audience and hence engage in marketing the products accordingly. AI provides these companies countless opportunities which these companies make optimum use of. This is how businesses are growing rapidly these days, with the help of trends that are detected and sifted through to find out experiences that will actually benefit the company.

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