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Must Known Node.js Advantages and Node.js Features

  • By Hidden Brains
  • October 25, 2019

Node.js Advantages

Node.JS was introduced in 2009 by Ryan Dahl and in a very short duration, this platform has become a prominent platform of the development industry. Most of the developers prefer Node.JS for the development process as it allows to build strong API, code debugging and turns the process easier to build the real-time web API using Javascript. 

As per the Node.JS Survey Reports,

  • “Node.js has had a positive impact on their business – chiefly through increased developer’s productivity, satisfaction, and reduced costs development and increased application performance are also important outcomes tied to Node.js
  • Perhaps not surprisingly, longer-tenured users are far more likely than novices to report an impact from Node.js”

As now Node.JS features is playing an important role in the industry and there are some facts that every developer should know about this technology.

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Here, we provide advantages of the Node.JS.


Node.js is a powerful framework, which offers a smooth user experience in multiple operating systems. This framework helps to compile the javascript code directly into the native machine code. It is based on the lightweight framework and generally, it is used for developing large scale applications.  Node.js Advantages is that it helps to develop server-side applications and extend Javascript API. With Node.js frameworks, developers can easily develop the sites which are based on video streaming, single page, and web application. 

Open Source 

Node.js offers an open source-based server environment that means Node.js features is that It supported by the huge community. This community is much active as compared to the other open source communities. Constantly developers from all over the world add new capabilities and upgrade it with the new functions and features. 

Powered by Google Chrome 

Node.js framework is built on Chrome’s V8 javascript engine, which helps to bring the faster, scalable, and server-side client’s web app. With Google, this platform becomes more reliable than other platforms. As this framework is built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine, turning it to the fastest framework and provide a quick code execution feature. 

Along with this, API and other Document Object Model are also provided by the browser which makes to run in an easy manner. 

However, other browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Edge have their own Javascript engine. 

  • Firefox has Spidermonkey.
  • Safari has Nitro 
  • Edge has Chakra

The core functionality of Node.js resides in a JavaScript library. The Node.js bindings, written in C++, connecting these technologies to each other and to the operating system.

Based on Javascript 

Javascript is the most popular and simplest language, and can easily develop the app in the browser. Node.js framework is fully based on the Javascript programming language. With the Node.js framework, developers can easily build the front and Back end with Javascript. Hence, Front end with Javascript can be easily developed but when it comes to the backend it turns challenging for the developers. 

With Node.js , developers can easily write the code and debug it with the dynamic nature of Javascript, developers can use other technologies but it can turn as a difficult task for the developers. It helps to solve the issues of development between browser and server, developers are not able to work with the same technology on the front and back end but with Node.js dependency decreases. With Node.js development, developers only have to focus on the two major parts including Javascript and Database Stack( MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL). 

Extensive Library 

Node.js package is known as the world’s largest library. It helps developers to add multiple functionalities even in small projects with extensive packages. The extensive library feature helps to attract Node.js developers more toward it. 

Node.js is integrated with the NPM (Node Package Manager) feature. Developers don’t have to put extra effort to develop things from scratch. It offers a default method for the different functionalities to the developers. With package manager, Javascript developers can easily share the code with the developers. Along with this, it also helps to solve the particular problems of the developers and engineers can use the same code in other applications. 

Same Code – Client and Server

The best thing with Node.js is it offers the usability of the same code for the client and server, which helps to avoid the complexity further to handle them. It is considered a next-generation framework as it sorts out the major problem of the server-based coding system. The usability of the same code leads to saves time and efforts of the developers and turn the process of handling the code in an easier way. 

Asynchronous Nature 

Node.JS designed with Asynchronous Nature which helps to improve the efficiency of Node.js development company by ensuring non-blocking execution. It refers that the block of one code will affect the other coding system. Node.JS offers an independent environment. As with this framework, the codes can’t affect each other. Asynchronous Nature leads the coding execution process into faster and more reliable. 

Buffer Free 

Top reputed companies like Paypal, Uber, eBay, and Yahoo have opted for the Node.JS framework as it never allows the system to buffer the data. The buffer-free feature turns the platform into more preferable option. 

Single Thread Model 

Single Thread Model turns the platform into highly scalable. It helps the server to work in a non-blocking way which leads to an accurate and faster way. It opposed the traditional server like Apache. 


Node.JS is equipped with the most simplest Javascript programming language. Unique features increase the demand to Hire Web Developers but before hiring you should know these common facts of the Node.JS framework as it revolves the whole development cycling and decreases the development cost also.

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