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Know Essential skills that iOS app developer should have

  • By Hidden Brains
  • April 20, 2020

Essential skills of iOS app developer

Apple is the foremost platform in the tech world, millions of users prefer to opt for it.  To launch iOS-based applications is not a daunting task for the developers as Apple has its own guidelines on which programmers have to develop the app. 

To make the iOS-based mobile application development process easier and integrate advanced features, there are several tools and next-level programming language to the programmers. 

If you are planning to hire a remote iOS developer, then make sure a developer should have essential iOS app development skills and be able to meet with your project requirements also.

Modern Skills required for iOS app development

Swift programming language

Swift is the modern Apple programming language, which was developed to overcome the challenges of Objective C. It offers advanced coding and other functionalities to developers. Most of the developers prefer to opt Swift only. 

It is essential that a developer should be proficient with Swift programming language version and the above-mentioned features are essential for the programmers to be skilled in – 

  • Basic Syntax
  • Objective-C Interoperability
  • Inheritance, Classes, & Initialization
  • Switch Statements
  • Control Flow
  • Error handling

Apple’s Xcode IDE

Xcode is an integrated development environment (IDE) based tool. It helps to deliver a unique app and increase the user experience of the users. This skill is considered as a basic app skill that developers should have among them. This tool is the combination of the Cocoa Touch framework and Cocoa. With this framework, several apps have been launched in the market for platforms such as iPad, TV, iPhone, and many more. This tool helps developers in many ways. 

Design Guidelines 

For iOS developers, it is essential that they should have proper knowledge about UI and UX. Apple has different designing guidelines to attract its users with different user experience. However, if designers will not follow Apple’s proper guidelines then, there are high chances of rejection of the app to launch in the market. 

Presently, app design is not only based on the combination of colours and fonts now several more components such as engaging UI and UX have been introduced. It is essential that iOS developers should be upgraded with the updations of design. These both elements have the power to modify the whole experience of the users. Choose a UI based on your brand and services, along with this UX should be based on high performance and user-friendly attributes. Furthermore, the definition of designing has changed now and it has become the power of successful mobile apps. 

Apple Guidelines of Successful mobile apps that you can’t ignore 

  • The layout should fit the screen, across all the iOS-based devices. 
  • Interactive touch features 
  • The text should be placed in a visible and interactive manner. 
  • Contrast in font and background, so the text should be easily visible by the users.
  • Better spacing between the texts 
  • Opt for the high-resolution images, never compromise with the retina display. 
  • Focus on photos and graphics ratio
  • Organise content in a proper way. 


An iOS developer should be upgraded with the trends. To increase the user experience and offer unique features, tech experts constantly introduce new features with the latest technologies. However, with the motive to match the demands of the latest innovative market, it is essential that a developer should remain updated with the knowledge of the latest technologies. 

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Latest Trending features in iOS apps – 

Advanced Security Protocols 

The virtual world is wide, and as it is constantly evolving. However, the opportunities are rising in the same way the chances of hacking the apps and data leak is also increasing. It is essential that the app should be based on advanced and latest advanced security techniques. 

Apple is famous for its enterprise-wide security features and safe environment. Its advanced functionalities help to improve overall security in terms of hacking attacks and data breaches. Even Apple offers password management features for the authentication of the password. 

Internet of Things Based Apps 

IoT based apps are the most dominating apps, it offers several advantages to the users as it helps to connect several physical devices with iOS apps. However, this trend has created a buzz in the industry. With the Internet of Things apps, users can monitor the devices and automate easily and faster. 

Benefits of IoT apps 

  • It helps to increase productivity 
  • Easy understanding of consumer behaviour 
  • Offer secure workplace 
  • Leverage advanced technology at an affordable cost
  • Businesses can manage several devices from anywhere and anytime
  • Reduce the stress of managing devices and even it automatically manages
  • Saves huge time and streamline the operation process. 

Apple Pay 

The best benefit iOS users have is to integrate Apple pay. It is the most secure way to pay bills or for transactions. The secure payment gateway is the most demanding feature of mobile apps. With the Android operating system, developers have to integrate E-wallet or have to rely on third-party payment gateways. But with iOS users, Apple offers a secure Apple pay wallet through which they can easily go for the easy and hassle-free transactions. 

Apple Pay has turned into a most trusted platform for transactions across the globe. iOS experts have designed in such a way that everyone can use it without any technical skills. 


These are the essential technical skills that a developer should know to launch successful iOS apps in the market. Apart from this, it is also essential that a developer should have the best communication skills and be curious to know about market trends. If you want to leverage all the benefits of the iOS operating system then you can partner with an iPhone app development company, which will help you to integrate advanced functionalities and bring your brand into reality as you want.

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