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How to Identify The Best Mobile App Developer for Your Project?

  • By Hidden Brains
  • March 22, 2022

How to Hire a Mobile App Developer

A startup or big tech giant needs a mobile application or not highly depends when they work on their product or service. Once their product is ready, they get numerous expectations like growth, marketing, and better opportunities. This is when they look forward and check about  how to hire a mobile app developer for mobile application development.

An entrepreneur knows how to work on the idea, but implementation requires a technical expert who knows how to build mobile applications. Hence it is quite essential to find the right mobile application developer.

How to hire a mobile app developer?

You can search on various research engines such as Google to find a good list of mobile app developers. Countries like India, Ukraine, North America, and the UK are the best places to hire a mobile app developer. If you don’t live in these countries, you can hire offshore developers. But it requires you to do complete research and understand what kind of expertise they hold and how diversified the portfolio is.

  • Find a Reliable or Long-term mobile Application Developer

Getting a developer is comparatively easy but retaining them is pretty hard. Mobile development is a long term process; hence it requires a developer who can contribute till the last phase of development. Even after the development is over, there will be many instances where you need to improve your application or solve bugs based on the user’s feedback. It becomes very important to build a good relationship with developers or development teams.

  • Check their portfolio and Profile

After you shortlist certain mobile application developers, it is quite essential that it is important to check their portfolio. It will help you to get some understanding about technologies that they have worked on. Any experienced mobile developer should have skills in marketing, design, product management, and coding skills in various components and fields. As an ideator, you need to check from the user’s perspective if it would work or not. User experience is more important than building the actual application.

  • Communicate and discuss

Once you have found an answer for finding a good mobile developer, it is quite essential to send proposals and communicate with them about your idea and what you want to build. This will help you and the team come to a constructive decision and a roadmap to build the mobile application. A suitable communication method could be emails, messenger, skype, or facetime to discuss regularly.

  • Get some referrals from Clients

The best way to find a developer is to discuss ‘who has got the mobile application’ in your professional network. They help you find developers and help you get some idea about the type of brands they work with. A mobile developer would have a lot of client references if they provided them with quality work. You can try checking testimonials on social media to contact the actual clients to get more details about the work quality.

  • Mobile application Developers should be able to design well

A good mobile application only succeeds when there is good marketing for it. And good marketing happens when the design is quite attractive and easy to use. Hence, a developer that you hire should understand the UI and UX design elements that would help you get potential customers for your brand.

What is the cost to hire a Developer?

After answering how to hire a mobile app developer, the next biggest task is to hire a developer at the right cost depending on various things. If you are looking to hire a freelancer developer, there will be an hourly rate for development services. In contrast, companies charge a one-time significant amount to develop the applications based on the complexity. Some of the factors on which cost depends are:

1. Qualification

This includes the education and skills of developers. The more skilled a developer is, the higher the cost. If you want to hire a full-stack developer, there will be a tremendous rate. A full-stack developer will work on all the aspects of the mobile application, such as designing, testing, support, and maintenance.

2. Experience

A well-experienced developer would always hire more than the fresher who has just begun to build mobile applications. If your application is quite complex, you can hire highly experienced developers who are open to new challenges.

3. Location

If you are a developer from developing countries like India, the rate would be quite low than the developer staying in a developed country like Brazil.

4. Complexity

The cost for a mobile application is also dependent on the Complexity of the app that you want to build. Most developers prefer to work on simple applications rather than some challenging problem.

Now coming to the answer of what is the cost to hire a developer, it depends entirely on features of the app, as well as the experience level of developers.


With all the mentioned points, you would have got answers to questions like how to find mobile app developers based on your requirements. Quite a few companies offer a free consultation to discuss your ideas and better understand. It is highly recommended that you hire a developer with good expertise and experience working in the same domain where you want to build your application.

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