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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Ludo King?

  • By Hidden Brains
  • July 30, 2020
how much does it cost to create an app

Board games are no exception to the digital revolution. What 90s kids used to play with dice and boards is now played by today’s generation on mobile. ‘Ludo King’ is the most popular board game that received an overwhelming response when launched in the App Stores. Now there are a few common questions in the user’s mind that how to make a ludo game app? How much does it cost to develop an app like Ludo? in this post we have covered most of the points related to the Ludo game app.

The success of Ludo King Board Game

how to make ludo game apps
Image Courtesy: Play Store

In just a few months of release, the Ludo app game has a successful track record of over 10 million downloads and 4.5-star ratings. This multiplayer game is quite a user-friendly and can be played with friends, family, and even kids. THE great UI and UX of this game are solely responsible for its popularity of this board game.

Board Games Apps: Current Trend

Board games such as Ludo App and Snakes & Ladders have been quite famous for decades as ‘family game’. While this fast-paced life does not leave enough time for the family to sit together and play these games, it now comes in digital format as a mobile app.

how to make ludo game
Image Courtesy: Play Store

Mobile users are quite delighted to see their favorite board game that enables them to play it as and when they wish to, either with a computer or other players. This game perfectly suits to today’s lifestyle where parents and kids never get free time to sit and play together

Ludo King’s board game mobile app breaks these barriers by allowing people to connect with each other remotely. Individuals can entertain themselves in their break time by playing this board game of Ludo app.

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How To Make an App Like Ludo Game?

Undoubtedly, Ludo games’ mobile applications are in high demand but in order to stay ahead in the market competition, it is important to integrate all the essential functionalities and know the current trends of the market. However, it is essential to deliver unique and engaging features to the users.  To achieve that motive, it is also essential for the clients to know how to make ludo game apps for their users with the ludo game app development cost.

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Desired Features & Functionalities of App Like Ludo King Game

As you are interested in developing a mobile gaming app like Ludo King, you first need to know how this game works, and how to make a ludo game app? If you have played Ludo game on mobile then this should be quite clear to you. But for those who wish to develop an app like Ludo and do not know how this game is played, have a look at the below pointers.

Features of the Ludo Game:

how much does it cost to create ludo game
Image Courtesy: Play Store
  • The cross-platform games can be played on desktop, Android platform, iOS platforms as well as online in multiplayer mode.
  • Play with Computer
  • Offline Mode
  • Online Mode
  • Play anytime, anywhere
ludo app cost
Image Courtesy: ludoking.com

Following is a step-by-step guide on playing the Ludo board game through mobile:

  • Download the Ludo app from Google Play Store if you are an Android user and Apple’s iTunes in case you are an iOS user.
  • This game can be played between 2 to 4 players: either against the computer, against your friends or anyone else from all over the world.
  • Players choose from four colors and are accordingly allotted 4 tokens each.
  • Players start playing the game by rolling dice and moving token ahead in a clockwise direction. All tokens have to finish full turn to make an entry into the finish line.
  • The player needs to get ‘six’ on dice to bring each token out.
  • During the game, players get an extra turn for:
    • Killing an opponent’s token
    • Dice rolling out ‘six’
  • Whosoever manages to get all token to the end at first wins the game

This is a highly addictive board game!

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Developers need to understand the depth of these features and functionalities to build an app that follows these rules and runs seamlessly. Building a bug-free app that is liked by mobile users and entertains them is not any layman’s job.

Hiring the services of a professional company is the right approach to develop a foolproof gaming app like Ludo. Are you worried about the exorbitant process charged by these firms? Let’s take a look at the pricing models of hiring mobile game development services.

An Estimate of Overall Ludo App Development Cost

Though the exact figure cannot be calculated until the client’s requirements are not mapped against the time and efforts required for the project, we can definitely gauge a range to give an idea of how much board apps like Ludo cost.

If you opt for hiring dedicated developers for game development on per hour basis, you might save on a few dollars as you are solely responsible for the entire management of the project. This aspect is taken care of by the project manager if you choose to hire the services of a professional game development company.

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Features of Online App Like Ludo Game

Invite Friends to join Private Friends

With the Ludo app, users can cherish their childhood memories by playing with their friends and family at a private table. Without any hurdle, they can create a room and send the code to join their friends. Users can send the code with different social media platforms also directly from the app including Facebook and Whatsapp. With that code, other users can join the table and play the game virtually from anywhere and at any time. It helps you to connect with friends and stay connected.

Play with Real Money

Players can also earn money from App, they can play the game with real money also. To turn the game interactive and engaging, players can bet on the particular amount in their budget and continue the game. It will help them to raise their funds easily and earn more. This feature will help ludo game owners to attract players to their platform and raise their revenue also.

Offline Mode

Now here is the next major feature that developers should integrate into the ludo mobile app. Allow your users to use your app in offline mode. They should not require internet connectivity to use the functionalities of the application. Hence, they should play with their friends without the internet.

This feature would be beneficial for travelers. The world has become advanced, but still, in some areas, there is a lack of network connectivity.

Daily Free Bonus

Offer an opportunity to the users to unlock the advanced level stages and even win the bonus points on the daily basis. It will help you to improve your relationship with your players and they will get attracted to your platform. By offering a daily free bonus, it will help them to have an interest in your application.

However, a daily free bonus can act as a reward to the players, which helps in several ways such as unlock the new themes and different functionalities. Apart from this, it is important to collect the bonus should be easy for the players. They should easily spin the circle and get the rewards immediately.

User-Friendly Interface

The user interface based on a friendly aspect helps developers to learn and use the platform quickly and efficiently respectively. In virtual gaming, it is essential for the developers to focus on delivering an immersive experience. Designers have to build an engaging and easy to use interface for the players, they should not face any hurdle or require any technical skills to use the app.

Developers should comply with different UI guidelines, utilizing the latest components. The best UI can be created with proper planning and discovering ideas. Designers have to bring advanced 3D images and high resolution to attract their users for a longer period of time and offer a next-generation experience.

The best way to catch attention is to give proper time and research well to build a unique and engaging design.

Cross Functionality

Ludo game code supports the cross-functionality features. Presently, there are several operating systems, and developing code for an individual operating system including Android, iOS, and web can be time-consuming and increase the prices of development.

Ludo game development code can be used with multiple OS, which helps to execute the same code on several platforms and launch the solution in a short period of time with the same functionalities.

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Invite, Earn and Play with Friends

To turn the players into loyal users and engage them for the long term is essential and key to success for the gaming app. To get more users and increase your brand visibility, offer an exciting feature to your players.

Allow them to recommend the game to their friends and family and give some bonus points. Upon receiving bonus points or freebies, users will automatically recommend the links and bring new players. This feature will help to increase the number of downloads.

Single/ Multiplayer

Online Ludo games offer single and multiplayer both options to the players. It opens the opportunity for the players to play the game with their friends and family. This is how they can cherish the memory of their childhood. In case they don’t have a partner to play with, they can opt for the single-mode. Admin panel automatically searches for the partner who is available and plays the game testing their skills across the globe.

Live Text & Video Chat

To engage users and add a touch of live text and video features can be integrated into the ludo solution. Users can interact among themselves and turn the game into an engaging platform. To avoid the hassles of typing, they can have a video chat with each other.

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Different Modes of App Like Ludo Game

1. Computer Mode

With computer mode, players can easily play the ludo game in a simple method. Users can simply choose their color and opt for the 2 or 4 players.

2. Local Mode

Users can play in a local mode in a manual way. It offers them a variety in terms of color and offers preference to the players. The local mode can allow them to play the game manually on the ludo board, and the dice will only decide the winning position of the users.

3. Multiplayer Mode

Now, this is the best mode and preferred by the players. With the multiplayer mode, players can play with their friends and families from anywhere in the world. Even users can play online also.

4. Challenge Mode

Users can also challenge the other players and invite them to play. It will increase the excitement and will be fun for them.


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