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How Can 5G Benefit the Mobile App Development: Opportunities and Challenges?

  • By Hidden Brains
  • March 28, 2023
5G Benefit

How are 5G benefits taking the mobile app development industry by storm?

The Covid-19 outbreak has drastically changed various things and made people look for advanced solutions to seamlessly manage their work. As most work has shifted to online platforms, the dependency on a better network provider and faster internet speed has also increased. 

And 5G technology is one of those next-generation cellular technologies that cover the entire ecosystem of hardware and software development. 

The way, the entire world is stepping into the 5G technology, the possibilities for innovation seem to be endless. 

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With various promising features like lightning-fast internet speeds, low latency, and high bandwidth, mobile app developers are able to create more advanced, feature-rich applications that ensure excellent user experience.

According to market statistics, the global 5G technology market was valued at $5.13 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $797.80 billion by 2030. It is expected that the market share of 5G Technology will be growing at a CAGR of 65.8%  from 2021 to 2030.

5G technology market
Image Source

Moreover, the forecasted number of 5G subscriptions worldwide will be 4.8 billion by 2026, as per Statista.

With these statistics, it is clear that 5G benefits are empowering the mobile app development industry and will continue to enrich the digital landscape in the future also. 

So if you are convinced enough with the fact that 5G technology is here to stay in the future also and has become an urgent need of businesses, then it is time to get into the details of 5G technology. Let’s start with the basics…

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What is 5G Technology?

When it comes to 5G technology, many individuals still believe that 5G is the updated version of 4G technology. But in reality, 5G is much more than that!

The backbone of the network will change with 5G, and mobile app functionality may also undergo a revolution. Let’s understand what exactly is 5G and how it is revolutionizing the network infrastructure…

Consumers want technology that provides connectivity, accessibility, ease, speed, and a lot more. They want a network that is superior to the mobile network of the previous generation with each new network that is introduced. With each new generation of networks, users desire better and quicker connections with a seamless user experience since they are constantly seeking more.

5G Benefit
Image Source

A game-changing technology that offers high-speed mobile internet access and enables speedier downloads, 5G will be introduced in order to meet all of the consumers’ constantly rising expectations. The real-time transport of enormous amounts of data is also supported by 5G. App development and many other businesses will thus be severely impacted by 5G.

What Are The Crucial Features of 5G Technology That Is Influencing the Mobile App Development Industry?

Now users can leverage the better communication architecture that ultimately ensures enhanced performance. Though 5G technology brings significant changes in the industry and offers better opportunities. But before you make a decision to hire a mobile app development company in the UK, you need to understand what exactly makes the 5G technology so powerful…

Features of 5G Technology
Image Source

Here are the few key features of 5G network that can influence the app development industry:

Faster Network Speeds: 5G networks offer faster download and upload speeds, which will allow app developers to create more data-intensive apps, such as virtual and augmented reality, high-definition video streaming, and real-time gaming applications.

Lower Latency: As 5G technology provides lower latency therefore it becomes possible that apps can transmit data more quickly and resulting in a better user experience for users that look for real-time interaction. For example, gaming and telemedicine applications always require a network architecture that can transmit data at lightning-fast speed.

Increased Bandwidth: More devices will be able to connect to the internet at once because of 5G networks’ greater bandwidth. As a result, there will be more app users and more streamlined app experiences.

Edge Computing: Since edge computing is supported by 5G networks, therefore the processing of data can occur closer to its source, lowering latency and enhancing performance. This feature of 5G makes it possible to create more complex applications that need to process data in real time.

Improved Security: Improved security features offered by 5G networks include greater encryption and better defense against hacking and cyberattacks. This feature of 5G technology works great for mobile apps that manage sensitive data, like banking and healthcare apps. 

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Hopefully, these features are impressive enough to convenience you that 5G benefits will take the mobile app development industry to the next level. The advanced features of 5G technology are set to revolutionize the mobile app development industry, enabling developers to create more advanced and sophisticated applications that can take advantage of the benefits of 5G networks.

How Does 5G Impacts The Mobile App Development Industry?

The introduction of 5G technology has revolutionized the landscape of networks and empowered mobile app developers to build more scalable, smoother, and efficient applications. Overall, it is safe enough to say that 5G will rule in the coming future but how?

Impact of 5G on Mobile App Development
Image Source

Let’s see how the 5G benefits will transform the entire horizon mobile app development industry horizon…

5G’s Impact on Mobile App Development Industry

  1. Internet Of Things (IoT) Integration

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices that are connected to the internet, and allowing them to communicate with each other. This technology has the potential to transform various industries, such as healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing.

 In mobile app development, IoT can be used to control smart homes, wearable devices, and other connected devices. But with the slower network, it won’t be possible to deliver ultimate satisfaction to the users. The integration of IoT in mobile apps can be challenging due to the amount of data that needs to be transmitted.

However, IoT integration in mobile apps can become smoother and more efficient with the introduction of 5G. The increased bandwidth and lower latency of 5G networks will ensure real-time data processing, allow mobile apps to flawlessly communicate with IoT devices, and ensure excellent user experience.

  1. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

The hype of AR and VR technologies kept increasing in mobile app development. Since it offers an immersive experience to users, therefore the usage of AR and VR technologies in gaming and entertainment apps has suddenly increased. 

By hiring a mobile app developer in the UK, you can easily develop an AR/VR-based gaming app but making these apps work flawlessly is a big challenge. To perform excellently, these technologies require significant amounts of data and processing power, which can be a challenge for mobile devices with slower network speeds.

That’s where 5G benefits come into the role. With 5G, better connectivity and speed allow for faster and more seamless integration of AR and VR technologies in mobile apps. This means that users can have a more immersive experience without having to worry about lag or buffering. This will lead to more creative and interactive app experiences.

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  1. Increase Cloud Capabilities

Cloud-based services are becoming increasingly popular in mobile app development. These services allow for more efficient data storage and processing. However, cloud-based services require high-speed internet connections to function effectively.

But 5G’s extremely high transmission speeds will make file transfers to the cloud faster and easier. As a result, this will encourage the transfer of data and computational power to the cloud.

Mobile app developers will start including cloud accessibility early in the design process to lessen users’ reliance on their hardware. Users will have unrestricted access to their cloud data due to the low latency and high throughput.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

The development of mobile apps is becoming more and more popular with AI and ML. Since these technologies provide consumers with unique and predictive experiences, therefore the usage of AI and ML in app development is rapidly increasing. Unfortunately, ensuring the excellent performance of the mobile app using these technologies will be a serious issue for developers due to the slower network speed. 

But, the enhanced speed and capacity of 5G will make it possible to integrate AI and ML technologies into mobile apps more quickly and effectively. App experiences will become more individualized and predictive as a result of real-time data analysis and processing capabilities.

  1. Edge Computing

The way mobile apps are created and utilized is about to change as a result of a new computing paradigm called edge computing. Edge computing could become much more potent with the aid of 5G. Edge computing makes it possible to process data more quickly and in real time by processing it close to the source.

To learn more about edge computing, you can quickly check out this video…

Edge computing, for instance, can be used by a mobile app running on 5G to instantly process data from IoT devices. This may make it possible for the app to give consumers real-time alerts and notifications. Moreover, edge computing can support the development process. 

There are many more ways 5G benefits can transform the mobile app development industry. It depends on your app type and the app development team you choose to hire to lead the project. 

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Conclusion: How Do Hidden Brains UK Help You Develop Next-Generation Mobile Apps?

The future of wireless communications is 5G, which has been successfully rolled out in the market.  But there are many aspects that need to be perfected, as it’s still at its beginning stage. And of course, there are several drawbacks to this technology, including increased risk of data breaches and the need for different app versions, but isn’t that true of all technologies?

Although 5G is currently the fastest network in the world, there is still a lot of paranoia about it. But the matter of the fact is,  5G is here to stay and will end up being beneficial for both users and developers. 

So if you are looking to create a next-generation mobile app, and looking for experience developers who can precisely integrate 5G technology into the apps, then Hidden Brains UK is a leading mobile app development company in the UK to consider.

No matter how complex your needs are, they have a team of highly experienced programmers that can handle the project and able to deliver in a committed time frame. To get started with any project, you can simply drop a query below or contact us.


What is 5G Technology?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile network technology. It is the successor to 4G and offers faster data transfer speeds, lower latency, and greater network capacity.

What Are The Benefits of 5G?

Some of the benefits of 5G include faster download and upload speeds, lower latency, and greater network capacity. This means that users can download and upload large files quickly, stream high-quality video without buffering, and use applications that require a high-bandwidth network.

How Fast is 5G?

The speed of 5G can vary depending on a variety of factors such as network congestion, distance from the tower, and the device being used. However, 5G networks can theoretically reach speeds of up to 20 Gbps, which is significantly faster than the maximum speed of 4G.

How 5G Is Better Than 4G?

5G is better than 4G in several ways, including faster data transfer speeds, lower latency, and greater network capacity. This means that users can download and upload large files quickly, stream high-quality video without buffering, and use applications that require a high-bandwidth network with greater ease and efficiency. Additionally, 5G enables new technologies and applications that were not possible with 4G, such as autonomous vehicles, remote surgery, and smart cities.

What Devices Can Use 5G?

To use 5G, you need a 5G-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet, or modem. Many newer devices released in the past couple of years have 5G capabilities, but older devices may not.

What Are Some Potential Applications of 5G?

Some potential applications of 5G include autonomous vehicles, remote surgery, smart cities, and virtual and augmented reality experiences. These applications require a fast and reliable network with low latency and high capacity, which 5G can provide.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Using 5G Technology?

The cost of developing an app using 5G technology can vary widely depending on various factors such as the complexity of the app, the development team’s location, and the features and functionalities required. However, incorporating 5G technology into an app may increase the development cost compared to a traditional app development project because of the need to test and optimize the app for the 5G network.

Additionally, incorporating advanced technologies like 5G may require developers with specialized skills and experience, which can also increase the cost. Therefore, it is difficult to estimate the cost of developing an app using 5G technology without knowing the specific requirements and scope of the project.

Generally, the average cost of app development may fall between $10,000 to $15,000+, depending upon the complexity of the app.

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