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Why Should You Give More Weightage To Mobile App Than Business Website?

  • By Hidden Brains
  • December 30, 2016

significance of mobile applications

What to focus on: official website or mobile app? This is the concern of major entrepreneurs living in the digital world. The answer is simple, but difficult to digest. You would have observed people around you addicted to using apps to undertake any to every task.

Be it playing games, shopping, listening music, watching movie or performing important actions such as engaging in bank transactions, paying insurance premiums, booking air tickets or hotel reservations, Mobile Apps Development Service come to rescue by enabling to avail facilities at your fingertips.

Changing Significance of Mobile Applications

Let’s talk in numbers as they speak louder than words and are easy to understand. Out of overall population accessing any form of digital media, over 80% do it through mobile apps. What is the takeaway from this statistics? It simply means that people prefer using mobile apps to access media.

Mobile marketing statistic
Courtesy: smartinsights

Ease of access and simple-to-use interface are the major reasons why mobile apps are the heart and soul of today’s digital world.

The numbers and graphs shown above illustrate the changing usage pattern of people to access media and internet. This is the age of mobility where people are more inclined towards getting access to services and products through their mobile phones.

The tasks performed on laptops and desktops are reducing with more and more industries resorting to mobile apps to reach their customers. The rising concept of ‘enterprise mobility’ is the biggest example of deeming usage of laptops and desktops even at workplaces.

Why is it good to adapt to this change?

Following pointers of significance of mobile applications that will explain you why it is good to adapt to this change and what value does it add to your business

1. Personalization

significance of mobile applications
Courtesy: The Verge

Mobile app allows options for personalization by asking you to grant access to your location, asking your interests and analyzing usage behavior. These elements help to serve customers with personalized content, which lead to more engagement.

After successfully seeking the interest of users, mobile apps establish a good connection with customers and win their trust.

2. Apps make the most of your mobile features

significance of mobile applications
Courtesy: Wells Fargo

Apps have an added advantage of using mobile-specific features to offer a convenient and smooth access to users. For example, you are using a Restaurant Search App that shows you different dining options based on your food taste and preferred cuisine.

Now that it is wise to show results of nearby locations, the app requests access to your current location and makes the most of your mobile phone’s GPS functionality. Another example is of banking app that allows depositing checks by simply uploading a photo of it, clicked through in-app camera feature.

3. Access to Information Even in Offline Mode

significance of mobile applications
Courtesy: Square

Internet connectivity is a must when accessing websites, whereas mobile apps can be at your bay even when you are offline. Though mobile apps need internet connection to perform few functionalities, the basic ones are still offered to customers in offline mode.

For example, consider a banking app that requires mandatory internet connection for making payments, checking balance or transferring funds. However, few other functions such as interest calculation via calculator, loan EMI management and calculation of tax can be performed even in offline mode.

4. Ability to reach out to audience via push notifications

significance of mobile applications
Courtesy: lunarlincoln

Email marketing is the most common strategy that is used by professionals since long. Due to its continuous use to attract attention of clients, the effectiveness of this strategy is lost. In this scenario, mobile apps come to rescue by enabling companies to reach customers via push notifications.

Timely notifications informing customers on important topics or news, discounts and version updates are appreciated. It also helps inactive customers to come back to your app and start using it again.

On a Concluding Note

Mobile apps are a must have considering today’s preference and usage pattern of customers, however, websites too should be maintained as the current market trends. It is wise to strike a balance and not leave a single chance to attract customers.

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