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Must Have Features in Logistic Mobile Applications

  • By Hidden Brains
  • March 16, 2021

Must Have Functionalities in the Logistic Application

With the advent of digital solutions, human beings’ lives have become easier as well as transformed beyond imaginations. The impact of digitalisation is highly reflected in the business world as mid to large enterprises are forced to opt for custom based software to continue their services in the market.

Now, those days are also gone when people have to stand in long lines to send their parcels as well as wait for a couple of months for the delivery. In the contemporary era, the delivery process has become faster, transparent, and more reliable. Hence, with logistics software solutions people can easily track their products in real-time as well as manage information in an appropriate manner.

Must Have Functionalities in the Logistic Application Development

The logistic mobile application will be divided into three major parts –

  • Customer Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Driver Panel

Customer Panel Features in Logistic Application

Easy Registration
Easy registration refers to the Sign-up process. On this users have to register on the applications to be a part of the services legically. To register themselves, users have to provide all the essential information which includes name, contact details, and email address.

Sign In
With the registered Email address and password, users can sign in to the application and have the access to the solution. To avoid the hassle of a login, again and again, users can save the password on their trusted devices.

Select Vehicles
Users can choose the vehicles as per their requirement. Mainly, for shifting purposes, they can opt for transportation purpose on an hourly or single trip basis. In the logistics app, it is important to provide different options to opt for the vehicles from the list as well as to provide updates related to it. Along with this, provide a pre-scheduled booking feature to the customers, which allows them to book for the services in prior only.

Alerts and Notifications
Now, this is the major feature that you can’t skip off, alerts and push notification functionality ensures to be connected with the users and grab their attention. Alert and push notification updates about the delivery to the customers. They can also be used to provide information about different deals and offers.

Rate Driver Performance
Allow customers to provide ratings and feedback about the driver’s behaviour. It will help you to improve the quality of your services and know your team behaviour on the ground. This will also help other customers in decision making.

Track Shipment
Users should easily get the updates about their products. Along with this, provide them with an opportunity to track their products whenever they want and let them know real time information. It will increase the transparency as well as satisfy your customers.

Estimate fare Charges
Before booking or opting for services provide an opportunity to your customers to know the estimated charges according to the destination and the route that will be covered. It will give the idea about cost to the customers and they can manage it in advance.

Driver Panel Features in Logistic Application

Drivers have to register themselves on the application to be a part of the organisations. To make the services more reliable and secure, they have to provide all their essential details along with their legal documents such as license or other regions wise documentation.

Get and Manage Requests
As soon as users will book their appointments the request will be received by the drivers and it’s on them that they want to accept it or how they prefer to manage as per their schedule.

Route and Navigation
This is the major feature of the logistic application development, integrated GPS which will help drivers to determine the route which they will be required to reach the destination.

Admin Panel Features in Logistic Application

  • Secure login
  • Highly innovative dashboard
  • Allow monitor driver activities
  • Manage vehicles


The logistics industry is rapidly transforming and offering hassle free delivery services to the customers. Mobile applications are playing a dominant role but to meet all the requirements software development companies should integrate all the functionalities into the application that helps to enhance user experience and streamline the processes.

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