Difference between php5 and php7

Know The Difference Between PHP5 and PHP7

PHP is the most popular and widely used open-source general-purpose scripting language. The PHP empowers 89% of websites. This blog provides a quick comparison and difference between php5 and php7 for web application development.

Initially, it was designed for web development, and for years, it has become the preferred language of the developers. From time to time, to meet the demand and requirements of the industry, experts are continuously enhancing the PHP language with advanced PHP development tools and technologies and introducing a better version in the market.

Things to know before upgrading PHP version from PHP 5 to PHP 7

Presently, PHP 5 and PHP 7 have created a massive buzz in the tech industry. PHP 7 is the latest version and considered a next-generation variant of the programming language. Whereas PHP 5 developers in a comfort zone aware of its working.

PHP 7 is the upgraded version of PHP 5, and it offers high-performance speed with less memory storage. Apart from these, according to PHP, it also offers modern features which are as under.

Difference Between php5 and php7 with Advance Features

  1. Scalar type declarations
  2. Returns type declarations
  3. Null coalescing operator
  4. Spaceship operator
  5. Constant arrays using define

If you are also in the same confusion, this blog will clear the difference between PHP 5 and PHP 7. To decide which version is the best for your web application, get in touch with a reliable PHP development company.

Know About PHP 5 and PHP 7


PHP 5 is the upgraded version of PHP 4 Developers state that PHP 5 is a robust version as compared to other versions. However, it was not able to meet with the user’s expectations. Additionally, PHP 5 allows developers to pass the objects through references; developers were not able to share the objects. PHP 5 is also known as an objected-oriented model as it involves various attributes like user interferences.


PHP 7 is the latest version of the PHP programming language. Powered by Zend Engine 3.0. PHP 7 has grabbed huge attention in the industry as after PHP 5, directly PHP 7 was launched officially in the market.

PHP6 was not a stable version, and developers don’t find it worth to launch it in the market officially. PHP6 was out for the launching, but developers didn’t find it a stable version. It was utilized in a company project. So, to not confuse the community, PHP company directly launch the PHP 7 versions. The only motive to launch PHP 7 is to improvise the speed of websites and to meet with the developer’s expectations.

Hence, PHP 7 offers 4 times better loading speed than PHP 5 and other PHP versions. Along with this, PHP 7 consumes less memory. These features were not available in different versions of PHP launched till now. Other than the high performance, there are several more advanced features, which give reason to the developers to opt for the upgraded version.

Let’s know the major  Difference between php5 and php7

  1. Speed & Performance
  2. 64 Bit Supported
  3. Helps to Manage Traffic
  4. Easy Coding
  5. Secure
  6. Engine Version
  7. Anonymous Class
  8. Advanced Features
  9. Spaceship Operator
  10. Handling of Fatal Errors
  11. Return Type
  12. Group use Declaration
  13. Better Connectivity

Difference Between PHP5 and PHP7

PHP 7 is the upgraded version of PHP 5 and also turned as a prefered choice of the developers. There are several differences which make PHP 7 different from its previous versions. Furthermore, let’s know the major difference between php5 and php7 that every developer should know

1. Speed and Performance

The significant difference between PHP 5 and PHP 7 is in terms of performance. PHP 7 is launched with the motive to improve the speed only. PHP 5 offers high speed to the developers, but it was not able to meet the expectations of the developers.

Upgraded PHP 7 version not only ensures the loading speed of the websites but also increases the performance of the scripting. If with the same code written in different versions will be run in the system, the return will be high in PHP 7 as compared to PHP 5.

Additionally, PHP 5 uses Zend II, but PHP 7 uses a next-generation model called PHP-NG engine, which is highly popular.

2. 64 Bit Supported

PHP 7 is integrated with 64 Bit Supported and enables to store large files whereas, PHP 5 is not supported with 64 Bit Supported. With Bit 64, large files can be supported, mostly issue in the languages is large files can’t be supported, but now PHP 7 has introduced with 64-bit integers. Despite the support of large files, 64 Bit integer allows developers to confidently run the language in the future on the 64-bit Windows system.

3. Helps to Manage Traffic

PHP 7 helps businesses and to opt for the updated version is the smart step. It helps to improve the performance and functionality of the websites. This updated version allows businesses to manage the giant traffic on business websites and to maintain the day to day strategy based activities.

PHP 7 version is a boon for the professional websites, which functionalities are based or integrated with the third parties through API. PHP 7 functionalities recheck that all the internal API are running in a proper and flawless manner. To avoid the failure regarding API connection helps to run the website smoothly. This version helps to overcome the significant challenges and reduces the entities’ operational expenses.

4. Easy Coding

PHP 7 offers an easy coding system opportunity to developers with the support of return type declarations. With the integration of the value, it represents the value simply or specifies the variable in the programming language. Hence, for the developer, it is easy to do the scripting process and enhance the quality of their coding. Additionally, it introduces a simple and understandable coding format.

For PHP developers, who are not compatible with the PHP 7 version or are well versed with the previous versions of PHP, for them, it could be challenging to read and understand the output of the function after integrating or execute the code.

5. Secure

A secure platform is the demand of every organization, and developers also try their best to secure the details from other parties. To turn the platform into a stable platform, PHP 7 is integrated with the Filtered unserialize; it offers better security and deals with the untrusted data also. This feature helps to prevent possible code injections.

6. Engine Version

PHP7 updated engine version is considered as a next generation model. As PHP7 based engines improve performance as well as optimized with advanced memory usage.

PHP5 is integrated with the older version of the engine. It is referred to as Zend II. However, it reduces the performance as compared to the PHP7.

7. Anonymous Class

With PHP7, developers can leverage the benefits of the anonymous class easily as it helps to speed up the execution time, which helps to increase the productivity and efficiency of the development process.

When it comes to PHP5, there is not any concept related to anonymous class.

8. Advanced Features

PHP7 is the upgraded version, so it offers modern functionalities, such as CSPRNG functions and Return type declaration etc.

PHP5 advanced features can’t match the steps with PHP7 but its functionalities are Superior Soap Implementation, improvement to XML extension etc.

9. Spaceship Operator

PHP7 comes with a new and advanced popular operator,

PHP5 version isn’t based on a spaceship operator, and for this loss of operations are utilised for the comparisons.

10. Handling of Fatal Errors

With PHP7 handling of fatal errors are very simple and even they are very easy to use. It turns the development process far easier than ever before.

With PHP5, handling errors for the development process is difficult for the developers. It is not that easier for the developers to handle the hassle in the development process.

11. Return Type

The return type of a function can be declared as the expected return value. However, it returns the expected return value.

PHP5 is not integrated with functionalities or with it the return value can’t be defined in an appropriate manner.

12. Group use Declaration

The updated version of PHP7 turns the code more readable and compact with the proper group use declaration. In this the functions and constants can be properly declared with usage of groups.

With PHP5 developers used to get the individual declarations for common namespaces.

13. Better Connectivity

PHP7 offers high performance to the user and provides a high level of experience. It boosts the performance and connectivity of the development process as compared to the previous versions. PHP7 offers flawless connectivity and single hardware can be utilised to host multiple customers at the same time. PHP7 script even runs on Facebook, which is used in the time compiler.

PHP5 scripts are totally different from PHP7 as when it comes to the PHP5, it has elevated capabilities, and confined developers with the functionality. Apart from this it supports less connectivity and is not that much reliable and appropriate for the web development process.

In the below infographic, we have highlighted all information about PHP development Tools and Best PHP Framework that will help you to know about PHP.

Infographic-best php framework list and php market share

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To step to an upgraded version is the smart step as it offers advanced features and turns the development process easier, faster, and simplified. PHP 7 is launched with great standard features and helps to increase the developer’s speed and performance. Between PHP5 vs PHP7 this PHP7 version is highly beneficial for the organizations as it supports attributes like secure and high speed.

But to leverage the PHP 7 version, it is essential to hire a PHP developer who is well versed with the upgraded version and knows how to utilize it in the best manner.