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Defining Framework for Smooth Mobile App Development Process

  • By Hidden Brains
  • September 13, 2017

Mobile App Development Process

Have you ever observed your routine lifestyle and wondered how much dependent are you on your mobile phone? Right from booking cabs to workplace, booking a table for lunch, making payments from digital wallets to tuning in to your favorite music, every task is done through mobile apps.

This has resulted in a surge for demand of mobile apps for businesses. Mobile app development companies are coming up with innovative ways to build apps that can survive in the highly competitive marketplace.

Challenges in the Way of Mobile App Development

Did you know there are over 2.8 million apps in Google’s Play Store? Apple’s App Store secures second highest position housing over 2.2 million unique apps for iOS users. These numbers give a glimpse of how many high utility apps are already available to users.

Mobile App Development Process

Fierce Competition

The most challenging task for mobile app development company is to standout from an ocean of apps.  The integration of new technology and implementing user experience (UX) as per recent trends and behavioral pattern of users is another big challenge for mobile app development companies.

Complexity of Mobile App Project

Some entrepreneurs do not go ahead with the implementation of their mobile app idea considering the complexity of development process, cost and total time required for transforming idea into reality.

Efficient Handling of Challenges

Professionals of reputed mobile app development company sit together with entrepreneurs to define the entire roadmap of a project. Brainstorming sessions where entrepreneurs specify business requirements, preferences and expected ROI from this project. Business analysts and project managers study these specifications of business and draft a plan accordingly. They take into consideration possible challenges that come in the way of development and formulate a foolproof strategy.

Streamlining Mobile App Development Process


mobile app development phases

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Undergoing following stages ensures smooth execution of mobile app development project from ideation to launching of app in the store:

Sketching the Idea

After deriving insights from brainstorming sessions on what kind of mobile app is required by the client, it’s time for sketching the plan. Project managers, developers and designers put forth their viewpoint and strategy.

The main aim of sketching the plan of entire development cycle is to deliver a bug free app to client as per the given timeline. When all stakeholders involved in the project are called during the ‘sketching of idea’ phase, most possibilities, exceptions and challenges are discussed.

Formulating Strategy

At this stage, project managers develop a strategy specifically for a particular project. This strategy is nothing but the basic framework and alignment of resources to work in an integrated manner for maximum utilization of time.  

Time frame for implementing individual aspects of project is fixed as per the approach. In short, a successful strategy is devices for integrated and coordinated workflow of operations.

Building Prototypes

Wireframes and prototypes are mock-up of real product to be released into the market. Prototypes help in knowing the look and feel of app before the actual development. These models are shared with clients so that they can review it at an early stage if development and cross verify whether professionals are going on the right path or not.

Building prototypes is the best and most practical method to ensure that client, developers and designers are on the same platform.

Designing & Developing

Design and development team start the actual work on the project. Though the ground work before the actual stage is time consuming, it results in speedy and optimized work from resources. With proper execution of above two steps, there is minimal wastage of resources and efforts.

When developers and designers have a clear cut idea of what is expected from them, they can work in more organized way.

User Experience (UX) Testing

Once the mobile app is developed, now is the time for testing. Checking for possible bugs or errors, navigation flow and user experience is a part of testing process. Test the mobile app from the point of view of a first time user. Is it simple to understand and is the navigation of pages logical from the point of view of non tech savvy user? Positive answers to these questions mean your app is ready to be deployed to the App Store.


Now is the time to launch the app into the market. In case of Google Play Store, one can expect to receive approval faster. However, it is better to keep some buffer time when trying to launch on Apple App Store.

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Mobile app development is no doubt a challenging project, but with strategically planning of project manager and proper execution by team, it is possible to ensure timely delivery of high quality app. Hidden Brains UK is one of the leading mobile app development companies helping entrepreneurs from diverse industries such as retail, real estate, ecommerce, banking, finance, education and Healthcare to explore this platform and reap its benefits.

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