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AngularJS Vs NodeJs : Know The Differences

  • By Hidden Brains
  • February 8, 2022

Differences Between NodeJS and AngularJS

There is a rapid proliferation of the Internet and mobile applications in our daily lives. Innovative and secure solutions have increased exponentially, boosting the demand for robust and high-performance web applications. To meet the latest market demand, incorporate different technological advancements, and ensure timely delivery, several tools and technologies are launched.

Since the Internet and mobile usage keeps rising, there is a corresponding increase in the demand for more applications. This higher demand has, in turn, spawned a host of tools and resources dedicated to web application development.

And while it’s always great to have choices, the sheer volume is daunting. Which one of the many frameworks, utilities, and platforms is best for you?

Angular and Node.js have gained immense popularity, and developers must choose among them. Angular is an open-source Javascript framework, and Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment for running JavaScript applications outside the browser.

This blog discusses NodeJS and AngularJS concepts in a detailed manner bringing out the significant differences between NodeJS and AngularJS technologies before starting the upcoming project.

What is Angularjs?

Known as the superheroic JavaScript MVW framework. It is a popular open source-based front-end framework used to build single-page applications and dynamic solutions. Angularjs development services primary goal is to simplify the development process.

  • Full-featured JavaScript framework
  • Supports MVC based architecture and data binding structure
  • Written in: JavaScript and launched under MIT License
  • Offers a rich library of different Javascript frameworks modules that simplify the web development process
  • Inbuilt testing feature Karma

Google no longer updates AngularJS to fix security, browser compatibility, or jQuery issues.

Know About Node.js

Node.js is an open-source backend JavaScript runtime environment that runs on the V8 engine and executes JavaScript code outside a web browser.

  • Supports cross-platform development.
  • Written in: C, C++, and JavaScrip
  • Supports operating systems such as z/OS, Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows, SmartOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, IBM AIXt
  • Ensures developers to develop scalable servers
  • Offers advanced unit testing
  • Supports scripting languages like Ruby, CoffeeScript, and TypeScript
  • Inbuilt features that help to leverage the benefits of the API integration services
  • Node.JS development services offer rapid deployment and allow frequent updations

The above-mentioned information provides the background of both Nodejs and Angularjs technologies. Furthermore, let’s discuss the significant differences that will help developers choose the right one per the project requirements.

What Are the Differences Between NodeJS and AngularJS?

On the basis of Angularjs Nodejs
Core Structure Angularjs is a structured framework that helps to build dynamic web applications. Node.js is a cross platform, backend Javascript runtime environment framework that is based on Google’s V8 and allows developers to execute JavaScript code outside a web browser.
Supports Programing Language Angularjs supports CoffeeScript, TypeScript, and Dart. Node.js supports Ruby, CoffeeScript,and TypeScript.
Paradigm Support Supports object-oriented, functional, and event-driven programming paradigms. Supports object-oriented, functional, event-driven, concurrency-oriented, and sub/pub programming paradigms.
Pattern Based on the model-view-controller design pattern  that allows to divide the development process into three different parts Based on a single thread that refers to web requests and processes that run on the same thread.
Data Interaction Supports two way data binding but this technology doesn’t provide support for database query writing features Supports Javascript generated database query
Installation With Angularjs developers don’t require to install the software or anything on systems. Like any other Javascript file developers only need to embed Angularjs files Node.js allows developers to write codes in Javascript file but also requires a runtime environment such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. Developers need to install the Node.js software in the system to create the runtime environment.
Support Projects Angularjs supports large projects and helps to build interactive web applications Majorly developers prefer Node.js for small development projects
Framework Angular.js is itself a web development framework. Developers have extensive support of the Node.js frameworks that include Sails.js, Partial.js, and Express.js.
Learning Aspect Angularjs developers require in-depth understanding of prototyping, scope, and other Javascript related aspects. Developers have to invest a huge amount of time with full concentration. With node.js developers only have to focus on Javascript for client as well as server, by focusing on one language the learning process becomes far easier and faster. Moreover, it helps to save a huge amount of time and efforts of the development team.

Strong reasons why developers should consider Angularjs?

  • Angularjs supports easy HTML codes and modules to streamline the web development infrastructure. Hence, developers don’t have to develop and learn as Angularjs supports basic HTML and provides several directives.
  • With Angularjs, developers can deliver highly responsive solutions based on dynamic structure.
  • Angularjs offers several built-in features such as directives, automatic data binding, and filters that make the development process more accessible and smooth.
  • Supports object-oriented, functional, and event-driven programming paradigms
  • Angularjs is considered one of the most suitable technologies for SPAs and client-side web applications.
  • Due to open source technology, Angularjs is supported by a huge community.
  • Angularjs has strong support from Google as well as Microsoft
  • Supports different cross platform development tools for different development services.
  • Helps to improve application performance and speed that turns the solutions more reliable and functional.

Strong reasons why developers should consider Node.js?

  • Nodejs supports unit testing processes that offer advanced testing ways to deliver successful solutions in the market.
  • Due to incorporating non-blocking I/O operations, node.js is a high-performance tool.
  • Supports scripting languages like Ruby, CoffeeScript, and TypeScript
  • Developers can utilize Node.js technology for horizontal or vertical scaling.
  • Provide support by providing massive support for the Node.js development free tools
  • Nodejs is the ideal framework as it delivers the best microservices architecture that helps streamline the development process and the speed and performance of the different solutions.


Both Nodejs and Angularjs are the most popular and preferred technologies. It offers different functionalities that help streamline the development process and boost the developer’s productivity. To leverage the advanced benefits of both technologies, the developers need to know the background and the significant differences between Nodejs and Angularjs that helps to choose the right one for the project.


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