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Advantages of Building iOS Application for your Business

  • By Hidden Brains
  • September 20, 2021

iphone app development company

The reach of iOS apps continues to increase at an exponential pace. Every year iOS app development figures show a continuous increase in the popularity and penetration of iPhone apps. The popularity of iPhone apps makes it important to partner with an iPhone app development company or hire an iPhone app developer to transform your app idea into reality.

iPhone apps continue to provide market visibility, profitability, and exceedingly loyal customer, making it a win-win situation when combined with low iPhone app development time to market, high-quality standards and affordable maintenance. This makes the ios app development very beneficial for businesses. In addition, companies can rely on Apple’s track record of creating a prominent place in the competitive app market.

Key iOS App Download Statistics

Global app downloads by quarter (Sensor Tower), billions


Google Play Store iOS App Store Overall
Q1 2015 10.4 5.4 15.8
Q2 2015 11.3 5.2 16.5
Q3 2015 10.2 5.5 15.7
Q4 2015 10.5 5.9 16.4
Q1 2016 11.1 6.1 17.2
Q2 2016 12.6 6.3 18.9
Q3 2016 14 6.6 20.6
Q4 2016 15.2 6.5 21.7
Q1 2017 16.7 6.9 23.6
Q2 2017 16.1 6.5 22.6
Q3 2017 17.1 7.3 24.4
Q4 2017 17.4 7.1 24.5
Q1 2018 17.4 7.7 25.1
Q2 2018 18.6 7.2 25.8
Q3 2018 19.4 7.6 27
Q4 2018 20.1 7.2 27.3
Q1 2019 20.7 7.4 28.1
Q2 2019 21.3 7.4 28.7
Q3 2019 21.6 8 29.6
Q4 2019 20.9 7.8 28.7
Q1 2020 24.3 9.3 33.6
Q2 2020 28.7 9.1 37.8


Let us look at reasons to opt for iOS app development services and how the advantages of iPad app development help your business grow.

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Benefits of iPhone App Development

High Revenue Potential

iPhone applications have a high level of ROI compared to Android applications. This fact continues to attract developers to iOS App development to a huge extent. Furthermore, Apple has a staunch follower base of users with a relatively higher spending power on in-app purchases than Android apps. Apples come with the impeccable trust and goodwill for iPhone apps that help garner a large and loyal consumer base.

Security of Enterprise Data

Considered among the most advanced mobile operating system, iOS/iPhone app puts security into the core of its platforms that address the requirements of businesses. Every iOS app leverages device features along with hardware, software, and services seamlessly blending together to provide maximum security against hacking and malware and prevent duplication of data.

Stringent App Store Approval for high quality

iOS App Store has strict guidelines. Every iPhone app has to pass through high-quality procedures before going live in the App Store. iPhone app provides a high standard of performance.

How iOS App Development is Helping Small Businesses

Businesses of all scales and sizes have recognized the advantages of mobile apps for business. Small businesses have greatly benefitted from building a thriving business and delivering a great experience to their target audience using Apple devices.

Secure Payment Methods

Localized storefronts and secure payment processing methods mean developers can focus on their apps and their customers. At the same time, the App Store facilitates secure, cross border transactions — including support for 40 languages, encompassing 200 local payment methods, and 45 local currencies.

Apps for all business needs

Brands of different scales and geographic reach have recognized the advantages of having ios apps for business. Today’s savvy customers have the highest standards for user expectations in terms of services, responsiveness, and ability of businesses to respond to user needs. All these provisions come with iPhone app development for business. Mobile applications are the best way to meet consumers need and stay connected 24*7.

Custom iPhone apps can suit all business objectives. While iPhone app development costs might be higher than other options available, iPhone apps are lucrative for businesses due to market penetration and better-paying clients with a spending capacity.

Established Customer Base

The established user base is one of the key advantages of iOS application development. Apple is a big pioneer in technology and applications and offers a legendary user base providing access to niche clients that vouch for Apple’s quality and performance. It is said that a smartphone user experiences iOS, they hardly switch to a different OS.

Low Fragmentation and Ease of Testing

Apple ecosystem is not fragmented as Android system. With fewer devices and relatively fewer system upgrades, Android apps need rigorous testing for seamless functioning on all devices. iPhone apps need to meet the latest guidelines and requirements of iOS versions, reducing testing time and time to market for testing time for iOS apps.

High Market Penetration

Apple has a strong presence in several developed nations such as the US and UK. This makes it lucrative for businesses to target audiences in business markets such as US, UK and Europe and penetrate these markets. Apple’s high-quality standards pave the way for the success of your iOS apps.

Less Development Time

When it comes to how long it takes to build a mobile app, iOS apps take nearly relatively lesser time than Android apps of the exact specifications. This is due to the fragmentation problem of Android devices for different screen sizes, resolutions and OS versions. This process makes Android development much longer.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

1. What are the pros of iPhone over Android?

There are several advantages for mobile app development stages such as higher app revenue, quick development time, lack of fragmentation and loyal customers, enterprise-level security measures, and much more.

2. What is the cost to build iOS App Development?

Cost of iOS app development depends on app complexity and features, as well as the experience level of iOS developers.

3. Is Android or iOS better?

iOS is a better option over Android when it comes to mobile application development because:-

  • Formidable option in developed countries, like the USA and UK.
  • Apps developed on the iOS platform meet the highest level of quality, innovation and security .
  • The platform provides revenue opportunities when compared to Android.
  • It requires less time and cost to develop an iPhone app compared to an Android application.


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