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Software Quality Factors that Affect Software Development

  • By Hidden Brains
  • February 5, 2020

software quality factors, define software quality

The software has turned as an asset across the Industries. An integration of enriched feature-based software drives businesses to the next level. It helps to streamline the operational process and enable entities to handle several challenges relating to product quality and efficiency.

However, according to Statista’s IT Market Model Survey, the revenue of the global software market amounted to 456 billion U.S. dollars. It leads to the high demand for software development services as it helps increase sales and customer engagement.

To meet with the competitive business requirements, many software quality improvements have been observed in the software development process. Developers have opted for the standard and latest technologies such as tools and object-oriented development to enhance the quality of software.

Along with this, software engineers have to manage the software development process which is based on quality assurance, quality planning, and quality control.

In this blog, we are listing some factors such as security, performance, and many more that affect the quality of software.

Must-Known Software Quality Factors that Affect Software 


The software should be designed in such a way that it should be highly functioning in all situations. It supports various load sizes on all platforms. Effective software helps to increase productivity


For businesses, data is the key to success. It is a major concern of the enterprises, which leads to the foremost demand of highly secured software. For the work process, organizations have to provide remote access to the employees but on another hand, the foremost step is to secure their data in every possible manner they can. There are many official laws and policies to secure the business information, but to be on a safer side customers prefer to opt for highly secured and authorized software with data encryption.

It is essential for software developers to design software that is secure from network attacks and based on authorization and authentication techniques and if any case, software gets crash, so the users can easily get the backup.

Compatible with Platform

To leverage the benefits of quality software, it is essential that the software should be enabled to run on all the platforms including Android, iOS, Mac, and web. Software is used by the number of people and it is difficult that all of them have the same Operating system, even users have to work remotely. To overcome this challenge. Software developers have to design a software or coding process in such a way that it can be operated on all the platforms.


Before launching the software in the market, software developers should opt for the quality testing process. In the effective testing procedure, source code should be checked with various techniques. The testing process can be performed by multiple techniques such as patterns low coupling, and interfaces,

Software developers should check it once with multiple platforms and should test with modern technologies. Along with this, they should always have an eye on software that how it is manageable and able to meet with the requirements for which it is designed.


The software should be based on a user-friendly feature. Users should be able to easily use it, without any hurdle. They should not require any specific technical skills. The usage should be based on human Computer Interaction methods, through which functionality can be easily understood.

Flexible – Easily Modified

As the tech world is rapidly moving ahead and new technologies are introduced with advanced and upgraded features. Meanwhile, developing the software, builders should create in such a way that in future it can be easily modified by add, edit or remove based components. Developers should turn the development method into a flexible process, that it should not take a long term to modify the functionalities of it.

Integrated with Modern features

Quality software is a combination of modern features. Presently, the software development process has turned into the advanced process as many technologies have introduced in the market, which helps to increase user experience and offer a unique approach to the businesses.

Presently, technologies like the Internet of Things and Blockchain are in trend. Developers should be designed the software in such a way that it should be based on modern trends and able to meet with the competitive market requirements.

Software developers – Lack of knowledge

To develop software, a developer should have in-depth knowledge about the software development process including essential features, functionalities, tools, and frameworks. Software developers should be well versed in the market and technological trends, which helps them to meet with the software business requirements. If a software developer will have a lack of knowledge, then the software will not able to build on the latest model and soon it would require an updation.

Interactive UX

Interactive UX helps to increase the customer’s satisfaction and engage users for a long time which leads to high productivity. A software developer should focus on easy to use design and design should be engaging based on modern features. UX plays an essential role in software and most of the developers use to avoid to focus on it.

Latest Trends

Developers should focus on the latest trends. To improve software quality, there are several technologies are constantly introduced in the market. Presently, the dominant technologies are the Internet of things, and blockchain. In the future, technology like iBeacon will dominate the industry, a developer should have an ability to match the steps with the latest trends and integrate the modern features in the software.


The quality software should be based on highly functional features. It should respond instantly, only integrating the trend with modern features is not sufficient. Functionalities should respond immediately, without any delays.

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These are the major factors on which software developers should focus on it. However, these above-listed factors seem very common but they affect the quality of software and its productivity in the market. Web Developers should focus on these aspects to stay ahead in the market. Improvements on these factors are the key to success.

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