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m-Commerce: A New Paradigm for Businesses

  • By Hidden Brains
  • July 28, 2017

m-commerce meaning & concept

Technology is advancing at lightning speed and businesses are always in an endeavor to cope up with the recent changes as early as possible. The fierce competition in every industry has compelled entrepreneurs to adapt new technology and offer customers with renewed experience at the earliest. Such successful attempt helps business in getting a competitive edge over others.

Not much after the arrival of online buying and selling of products in form of ecommerce business, the future of traditional shops seemed dark. Till people were comfortable and enjoying the perks of ecommerce, mobile commerce (also known as m-Commerce) made an entry into the market.

But how important is m-Commerce and what is its impact on business? As per a report from Latitude, 61% of people have positive opinion about a brand that offers good mobile experience. This statement speaks about significance of m-Commerce with respect to garnering audience attention.

m-Commerce or Mobile Commerce: The Changing Landscape

If we look back, the consumer behavior pattern has changed drastically in the last few years. Usage of internet to carry out online transactions for banking, booking tickets and shopping became quite popular. In the meantime, mobile phones took over the digital world with its high-end features, functionalities and high-utility apps.

The craze for smartphones and mobile apps is growing since then. Mobile app development companies flourished to meet the growing demands of customers. Entrepreneurs see ‘mobile commerce or m-Commerce’ as a new platform to grow their business.

From nurturing a brand to increasing its visibility among target base, m-Commerce has huge potential for growth. Commercial transactions such as buying and selling of products on mobile or any other wireless network devices falls under m-Commerce.

m-Commerce: A Step Ahead of Ecommerce

m-Commerce concept is developed taking into consideration the limitations of ecommerce. This theory gives more flexibility to users in terms of portability and internet connection. For example, ecommerce websites need internet connectivity to be accessed on desktop. When the same business is shifted to m-Commerce platform, it can be accessed anytime, anywhere through mobile device using the internet of its telecommunications provider.

Mobile phones are quite handy, easily accessible and always available with users. This is why businesses prefer m-Commerce to expand its reach over audience. In short, the portability feature of m-Commerce gives it a broader outlook.

Characteristics of m-Commerce

Let’s know what makes m-Commerce a preferred business choice by understanding its unique characteristics:

Comfort & Round the Clock Availability

m-Commerce avenues are accessible through smartphones and have 100% uptime. It is more convenient for users to access your products no matter whether they are on-the-go or while they sit lazily on the couch.

m-Commerce does not demand you to access products through desktops at office or home. Such comfort and convenience is impressive to a user and it results in change of preference from ecommerce to m-Commerce.

Minimum Requirements.

m-Commerce means making your business available to audience on their handheld devices. This means that just one inventory, that is mobile phone, is required for users to reach out to your business stabled as m-Commerce.

Even lack of electricity or external internet connection cannot stop you from accessing mobile business. Such flexibility offered by m-Commerce is unmatched!

Ubiquity: Beyond Geographical Boundaries

Mobile presence of business ensures its ubiquity. M-Commerce concept took a grip owing to its ubiquity element that breaks all geographical barriers. This makes it possible for businesses to target worldwide audience without any restrictions of time and place.

Wrapping it up…

m-Commerce is open for a range of industries including but not limited to ecommerce, retail, real estate, advertising, entertainment, banking and finance. Mobile digital wallets have almost replaces hard money because of its ease of use, flexibility and advanced security.

In the light of m-Commerce, transferring money and receiving payments is now possible with few clicks on mobile phone screen. Shopping has become convenient and easier than ever! Shopping from mobile device accounted for more than $1 billion worth products. Customer service is another sector that is greatly influenced with the perks of m-Commerce.

Are you wondering how to implement m-Commerce for your business? Hidden Brains is the right company to approach. It houses a pool of experienced mobile professionals that suggest innovate ways to excel your business with the best utilization of mobile technology. Join hands with Hidden Brains to open your eyes to unexplored opportunities!

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