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Build a Live Streaming Application: Step by Step Guide

  • By Hidden Brains
  • April 7, 2021

Live Streaming Application

Live streaming app has experienced exponential growth. There are several new live streaming apps coming up for Android and iOS with each passing day, making it easy to connect with the target audience. It is important to partner with an Android app development company or iOS development company to launch a robust and secure application.

The short-form video is more geared toward mobile-first approach making it one of the most effective ways for brands and businesses to start sharing content.

What is a live streaming app?

Live streaming is a live broadcast of all actions occurring on a computer connecting thousands of users to watch video in real-time across different geographies.

Live Streaming App : Statistics

If you are planning to launch a live streaming app, here are the steps to follow before launching a live streaming app.

Technical Functionalities Needed for Live Streaming Application

Media Storage: Cloud storage platforms for the much required scalability to store the Media data.

Content Delivery Network (CDN): Highly-distributed platform of servers to minimize delays in loading web page content for users based on geographical locations.

User Interface: Provide high-resolution rate of streaming content across the platform regardless of the size of the device.

Video Player: Live streaming video players on any platform and browser to enhance the quality of a user’s viewing experience.

Streaming Media System: Real-time data compression technology to deliver broadcast-quality live streaming to any sized audience on any device.

Search Functionality: Search, explore and stream your content live, as well as the option to explore events from broadcasters worldwide.

Steps to Develop Live Streaming Application

  • Create mockups and wireframes to envision your app functionality
  • Write technical and functional specifications
  • Design the UI/UX
  • Hire expert iOS & Android app developers
  • Develop an MVP
  • Develop backend and API for your app
  • Develop the frontend or add functions to an existing app
  • Merge the backend and frontend
  • Conduct QA & Testing
  • Release the application

Essential Elements of Live Streaming Application Development

Intuitive UI: Ensure that information is easy to find among your subscribers find it easy to use.

Scalability: Always keep future scalability in mind with cloud services that will help you meet an overwhelming increase in users without any glitches. Flexibility to handle live streaming as well as video on demand.

Compatibility with different screens: Live streaming app should offer seamless compatibility with smartphones as well as wall-size LED screens equally well.

Offline Video Download: Users should be able to download videos for offline viewing.

02 02 Steps to Build a Live Streaming Application

Advanced Features of a Live Streaming App

Behaviour Tracking: Intelligent mechanism and algorithm to track the pattern of the user and its interest to the user to get more views from the users.

In-app Video Storage: Option for users to download live content to their devices and watch/rewatch it later.

Role-based Dashboards: The dashboard provides critical support in building different marketing strategies, providing admin an insight into the real-time statistics of user behaviour. It can be monitored through the app.

Analytics: The option to track live-streamed video in relation to the viewership and behaviour with tracking tools and analytic dashboards.


It is important to hire a dedicated team for your project. After all, a live streaming platform is a fairly large and complex project, requiring extensive work and a dedicated team of developers. It is important to understand business needs and develop a custom platform in partnership with a mobile app development company.

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