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Infographic: Quick Guide to Mobile App Development Process

  • By Hidden Brains
  • April 6, 2021

Guide to mobile app development

Mobile app development industry is undergoing changes at an astronomic pace. The changes are due to proliferation of smart devices, advancements in iOS and Android OS, increasing bandwidth & connectivity speed, as well as the ability to develop mobile applications for multiple platforms. In such a scenario it is best to work with an iPhone app development company or agency specializing in Android to leverage latest technologies.

For instance, mobile apps functioning seamlessly on desktops. However, this infographic blog helps understand the mobile app development process, evaluates the pros and cons of different platforms, steps in mobile application development and emerging technologies that will shape the future of the industry. This quick guide to mobile app development will help understand the process to get started.

Whether it is iPhone app development or Android development, mobile app development encompasses several factors such as considering the target audience, screen sizes, hardware requirements and much more.

Mobile App Development: Different Approaches

There are several approaches to mobile application development such as building native apps, Cross-Platform Native Mobile Applications, Hybrid Mobile Applications, as well as Progressive Web Applications. Each approach comes with its pros and cons, irrespective of the project size. It is important to make decisions based on technical resources, budget and analysis based on the target audience.

Once you are ready to take a plunge into the programming and the development phase, it is important to hire an expert mobile app developer or partner with a mobile app development agency. Upon understanding of the key processes and steps in the mobile app development process, you’ll be equipped to develop an app with the function and features required for a successful app.

01 Mobile App Development Industry Outlook Process

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