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Automate Your Life With Siri Shortcuts on Your iPhone

  • By Hidden Brains
  • November 28, 2019

Siri Shortcuts

We probably spend a huge amount of time on iPhone or iPad running one task after another across a variety of apps, be it third-party or pre-installed. What if there was a way to automate most of the tasks that you do on your iOS device? That would sure save a significant amount of time for you to perform other important tasks that need your attention.Not only that, you can even combine most of those tasks into one single action.

With iOS 12 or later, Siri Shortcuts let you quickly do everyday tasks, and with the apps, you use the most — all with just a tap or by asking Siri.

In the Shortcuts app in iOS 13, there is a new Automation tab where you can configure shortcuts that automatically run based on a wide variety of trigger components.

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Presently, you will find that a certain number of automation actions require sending a notification when the trigger is activated, and that alert contains the option to run the shortcut. On the other hand, certain actions include a toggle that determines whether the automation runs automatically in the background, or if you’d prefer an alert instead.

Let’s dive into some of the most amazing Siri shortcuts that will help automate your digital life

For when you are traveling or want to set a shortcut for a specific event or you want to tweak the settings of your mobile, ios shortcuts have you covered.

  1. When you arrive: Run automation when arriving at a particular location, either at any time or within a specific time range. For example, you can set a shortcut to turn your phone into loud mode once you’re home.
    For when you leave: Run automation when leaving a particular location, either at any time or within a specific time range.
  2. Before I Leave: Based on when Shortcuts predicts you will leave for either home or work, trigger automation either at the predicted time, or 5, 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes beforehand.
  3. CarPlay: Connecting to or disconnecting from CarPlay can activate automation.
  4. Time of Day: You can set up an automation that runs at the exact time you choose, down to the minute. There’s also an option for sunrise or sunset. And in all these cases, automation can be configured to run only on the days you choose.
  5. Alarm: Trigger automation when a particular alarm goes off, or when an alarm is snoozed, or stopped.
  6. Apple Watch Workout: Configure the start or end of a certain workout type to trigger automation
  7. Airplane Mode: When enabled or disabled.
  8. Wi-Fi: When connecting to a specific network.
  9. Bluetooth: When connecting to a specific device.
  10. Do Not Disturb: When enabled or disabled.
  11. Low Power Mode: When enabled or disabled.
  12. NFC: Triggered when tapping a specific NFC tag you pre-configure.
  13. Open App: Triggered when you open a particular app.

Here are few Siri shortcuts out of more than 150 iOS Siri shortcuts compiled by Matthew Cassinelli on his website. This will give you an insight into the amazing power that you have in your hands.

Siri Shortcuts Out of More Than 150 Shortcuts

Siri Shortcuts 1: Remote control

Description: Using the new Apple TV remote actions, this controls my Living Room TV – wake, play/pause, show remote, open app, and sleep.

link of Siri Shortcut: Remote control

Siri Shortcuts 2: Daily Events for Next Month

Description: Creates 31 consecutive events, starting with today. Starts with a prompt for the event name, then stores today’s date as the main variable uses Repeat set to 31 loops, then saves an event using the Date variable, adds one day to the variable, and starts another loop using that newly-incremented variable.

link of Siri Shortcut: Daily Events for Next Month

Siri Shortcuts 3: Track My Time

Description: Fires off a series of manual timers set for each of my corresponding projects set up in Timery, depending on which one I chose.

link of Siri Shortcut: Track My Time

Siri Shortcuts 4: Estimate Time to Next Meeting

Description: Looks at the next event, uses “Get Travel Time” for the location, then display the information. Plus, it sets a reminder 5 minutes before you have to leave, so you can get out to the car and leave on time.

link of Siri Shortcut: Estimate Time to Next Meeting

Siri Shortcuts 5: View Custom Date Time Formats

Description: Looks at the next event, uses “Get Travel Time” for the location, then display the information. Plus, it sets a reminder 5 minutes before you have to leave, so you can get out to the car and leave on time.

link of Siri Shortcut: View Custom Date Time Formats

Siri Shortcuts 6: Schedule Lunch

Description: Prompts for the time when I’m planning on having lunch, then adds an event for it in my calendar. Includes an alert 15 minutes before in case I need to prep anything.

link of Siri Shortcut: Schedule Lunch

Siri Shortcuts 7: Stop Tracking

Description: Stops the current time entry in Timery so that I’m not tracking time when I’m actually done working.

link of Siri Shortcut: Stop Tracking

Siri Shortcuts 8: Move Calendars

Description: Transfers events for the next day from one calendar to another. From a list of pre-filled calendars, lets you choose which calendar to move *from*, then which to move *to*, then iterates through all the events and adds them. Due to activity limitations, does not include any type of repeats, event attendees, or altering times.

link of Siri Shortcut: Move Calendars

Siri Shortcuts 9: Open Reminders List

Description: Lets you choose from your Reminders list groups, then pick one List and open it. Think of it as a quick launcher into a specific reminders list.

link of Siri Shortcut: Move Calendars

Siri Shortcuts 10: Reminders Dingus

Description: Multi-tool that lets me set a couple of common short-term reminders that I need to set but don’t want to fiddle around with each time – also has a tool for splitting a list of text into individual reminders.

link of Siri Shortcut: Reminders Dingus

Siri Shortcuts 11: Evening Routine

Description: Takes a pre-filled checklist of evening routine tasks and adds it as a single task in Things, set for this evening at 9 PM. Then, opens into the Today list with the Personal tag so I can find just this task.

link of Siri Shortcut: Evening Routine

Siri Shortcuts 12: Game Time

Description: Turns off my Wi-Fi, then turns off Do Not Disturb for an hour too, then sets a specific Home scene that lights up behind my TV.

link of Siri Shortcut: Game Time

Siri Shortcuts 13: Find & Replace on Clipboard

Description: After grabbing the current clipboard, showing a prompt for the text you want to replace and the text you want to replace it with. Once you fill it out, hit Done and the new text with replacements will be copied to your clipboard.

link of Siri Shortcut: Find & Replace on Clipboard

Siri Shortcuts 14: Dictate & Share

Description: This allows you to dictate text into your phone until you tap it to stop, then shows the Share sheet so you can send your text somewhere else.

link of Siri Shortcut: Dictate & Share

Siri Shortcuts 15: Symbols

Description: Contains a dictionary of names and symbols that, when passed into Choose From List, becomes selectable – for whichever option is chosen, the corresponding symbol will be passed out and copied to the clipboard.

link of Siri Shortcut: Symbols

Siri Shortcuts 16: Weekly Notes

Description: Creates a note for the current calendar week. Also checks if one exists before creating it, to avoid duplicates.

link of Siri Shortcut: Weekly Notes

Siri Shortcuts 17: Dictate to French

Description: For real-time translation, this lets you speak into your device and have the device speak back the results. Also includes a prompt in case you didn’t hear the result.

link of Siri Shortcut: Dictate to French

Siri Shortcuts 18: Grab Sentence Case Title

Description: Grabs just the title from a Markdown-formatted blog post and changes it to sentence case, removing any lines after it as well as the initial #

link of Siri Shortcut: Grab Sentence Case Title

Siri Shortcuts 19: Define word

Description: Look up a definition for a word, then save the word to a note. Add the words to the note over time, then use the share sheet “Define” to act on them or use Shortcuts to send them here again.

link of Siri Shortcut: Define word

Siri Shortcuts 20: Make Rich Text

Description: Looks for text formatted as Markdown coming from the clipboard or share sheet and converts it into Rich Text, then copies it to the clipboard.

link of Siri Shortcut: Make Rich Text

Siri Shortcuts 21: Extract Link & Share

Description: Looks for URLs in the inputted content—if there’s more than one, it asks you to choose from them—then shows the Share sheet to send the link into another app.

link of Siri Shortcut: Extract Link & Share

Siri Shortcuts 22: Save to Notes Folder

Description: Presents options for top-level folders, then sub-folders to choose from. Takes input from Share sheet or clipboard, otherwise prompts to enter body text.

link of Siri Shortcut: Save to Notes Folder

Siri Shortcuts 23: View Clipboard

Description: Quick way to view what you’ve copied before you paste it. Works well with Universal Clipboard from a Mac too.

link of Siri Shortcut: View Clipboard

Siri Shortcuts 24: Share Clipboard

Description: Shows the Share sheet for whatever’s currently copied to the clipboard. Useful for acting on text or a file without actually manually finding the app to share and inserting it by hand.

link of Siri Shortcut: Share Clipboard

Siri Shortcuts 25: Speak

Description: Simply speaks what’s on your clipboard. Works well as a demo.

link of Siri Shortcut: Speak

Siri Shortcuts 26: Split Text List Into Lines

Description: Splits a written list of comma/space-separated items into a sentence-cased list.

artist, price, currency code, formatted price, release date, category, description, the overall rating, the total number of ratings, the current rating, the number of ratings for this version, the version, the date it was last updated, the latest release notes, the content rating, the minimum OS version, whether it’s a universal app, the supported devices, supported languages, screenshot URLs, iPad screenshot URLs, download size, store ID, store URL, artwork, artwork URL, name, & more

link of Siri Shortcut: Split Text List Into Lines

Siri Shortcuts 27: Mark up PDF

Description: Takes a PDF shared from the input, opens Markup, saves the result, then opens GoodNotes and Ulysses.

link of Siri Shortcut: Mark up PDF

Siri Shortcuts 28: Translate Input

Description: Takes text from the Share sheet or clipboard and translates it—to English by default—before copying it to the clipboard again. Then, it’s displayed as a result, or spoken out loud when run from Siri.

link of Siri Shortcut: Translate Input

Siri Shortcuts 29: Check Spelling

Description: Takes text passed as input from the share sheet or clipboard and corrects the spelling, displaying the results before showing a share sheet.

link of Siri Shortcut: Check Spelling

Siri Shortcuts 30: Add Clipboard to Last Note

Description: Takes text passed as input from the share sheet or clipboard and corrects the spelling, displaying the results before showing a share sheet.

link of Siri Shortcut: Add Clipboard to Last Note


Considering the all-new updates and features that are rolled out with each new version of iOS every year, the excitement and zest of potential business owners who want to penetrate the market can hardly be put into words. As an iOS app development company, we understand and help procreate and maintain the excitement from both the ends, from the business point of view as well from the customers’ point of view.

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